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Published: Thursday, Jan. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I live in Arizona. I believe that a true conservative does not meddle in the private lives of other people. Mr. Chaffetz is not a true conservative. Perhaps the citizens of Washington, D.C. should be allowed to vote on the validity of Mr. Chaffetz's marriage.

get a clue ... liberal jerks

This has nothing to do with local control. D.C. not being a state is governed by congress according to the constitution.

Raymond Burgoon-Clark

@ Homophobic Mormons:

How many wives did YOUR great-great grandfathers have?

Just Wondering

What is this guy so afraid of?

@Pagan 4:17

Yes, Pagan, the voters elected them. And I'll bet that being city councilmen, that less than 20% of the voters even voted. That very few people were considering gay marriage issues when they voted. That half of the people who did vote didn't even pay attention to who they were voting for, and voted more based on either "he's been doing ok, I guess, let's keep things the same" or "throw the bums out and elect the other guy".

But now that there's a reason to pay attention, the next election will hinge on how they voted. And being that a large percentage of D.C. residents are African American (54% according to U.S. Census), and African Americans are usually socially conservative about marriage - whatever they think about other Democrat issues (see California Prop. 8 where 70% of African Americans voted in favor), it's highly likely that the next election is going to see some turnover. Especially if they also get to vote themselves on the issue.


yes thank you for opening your mouth and proving you are one try rereading the post you may ind people are claiming this should be a local issue decided by the counsel and not congress. Maybe before going off on your little holier then thou diatribe you should try to understand the arguments being presented


What happens in other states and in DC can and does affect Utah. Therefore I support any effort to defeat gay marriage in any venue. I have no issue with the personal choices made by individuals as long as they do not expect me to support them in choices I beleive are wrong and immoral. I have the right to fight for laws which protect marriage between a man and a woman. Thank you Rep. Chaffetz for doing the right thing.

Chaffetz is right

1. The US Constitution says that Congress is in control of D.C.

2. Rep. Chaffetz is doing his job. He is on the committee, and the “ranking” GOP on it.

3. Are you afraid that Congress or D.C. will overturn the D.C. council vote? They may or may not, but they should vote.

4. A large part of the population of D.C. belong to “black” Christian churches and are hopping made about the D.C. Council’s action.

5. “All hell is going to break loose,” warned Barry, the former D.C. mayor, after the council voted 12-to-1 Tuesday to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. “We may have a civil war. The black community is just adamant against this.”


Chaffetz....at it again! Grandstanding like heck. This is like his resolution on illegal immigration. It does nothing and really says nothing of note. Yet he rolls it out right before re-election and groups like the Eagle Forum have pittled like a little puppy over it. I swear, the right wing will buy anything if it includes a few key words. And I mean anything!

Right on Chaffetz

Let the freak show of hate comments begin. It's truly amazing to see the comments on isues like this from the boistrous "minority"


I am married to a man One of the many that married in california in the time that we could. , we have children and grandchildren. None of the kid or grandkids are confused, and they are doing very well, as a parent I think we did a good job, we have no divorce in the family, or addiction problems, problems with the law. No children out of wedlock. I seriously wonder how many people out screaming about the definition of marriage can say the same about their families? The word does matter to both sides but what is really important is what you do with it. My wonderful husband and I have done a good job. So why shouldn't we have the same legal rights and societal respect that other get? One other thing I pay about 6 thousand dollars a year more in taxes because we can file our federal taxes together, seem hardly fair.


'But now that there's a reason to pay attention...' - 6:44 p.m.

If you do not pay attention when you vote it is no wonder that Utah is being lead by the party of 'No!' or the GOP for so long.

With the $700 million dollar shortfall of Utah's budget combined with the 3,000 tons of radioactive depleted uranium, you must be very proud.

And I'm glad that you implied that the people of DC are ignorant in their voting. Because your not, right?

The ONLY reason people call for a vote by the peole in gay rights is because many use scare tactics or outright hatred to get that popular vote a certian way.

Want to prove me wrong? Let's see how many times I can count the word 'pedophile' in the Prop 8 case to support traditional marriage.

This is just more of the same.

As such more and more people will be aware of the hatred that motivates a rep from Utah to meddle in the affairs of DC. Regardless of legalities, many would argue this promotes 'local goverment' correct?


Chaffez, stop your GRANDSTANDING and start working on some of the problems that need to be handle. Leave the gay people alone and TSA you are a joke to me frist trying tosell out the safety of this country on the airlines and now this.


Pagan, whether or not I pay attention when I vote is besides the point - and by the way I do. When information is scarce about candidates for lesser positions like school board or city council, I've been known to find their phone numbers and call the candidates up. And they are always so surprised and willing to talk - cause I may be one of a handful - or the first to do so! Most people pay attention to the big races, then when they get there on election day, see the rest of them and vote like I said - either keep the incumbent or throw the bums out on all the little races.

And no, it's not fear on gay marriage. It's respect for traditional marriage, strong beliefs about morality, and a desire to keep things they way they have been in every society around the world for all of recorded history. It's only in the last decade or so that gay marriage has been legal anywhere.

The people of D.C. are mad now - their city council did what they wanted whether or not the people wanted it.

Chaffetz is a ...


@ @Pagan

@Pagan | 10:42 a.m. Jan. 28, 2010

I agree!

I think Chavez's proposal to let DC residents vote on this issue has merit.


In my earlier post I meant to say that we can't file our taxes together.
Repeal DOMA I could use the cash.

To: Phillip

"we have children and grandchildren"

How did you manage that in your "marriage". Must have had the assistance of a member of the opposite sex at one point. I was not aware gay couples could reproduce. Will you demanding that right next?


It sounds like a lot of gay activist are against letting the people vote on it. Yes, I know they voted in the representatives that passed it, but that still isn't the voice of the people. I say let DC vote. If there is a big gay community there to pass it...then great. But if it gets turned down then there will be a big stink.

I think you guys are scared that it wouldn't pass if the people voted on it with a ballot. I think traditional marriage would win again.


Chaffetz hasn't accomplished nothing, he did do something, he talked to TMZ. Bravo.

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