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Published: Thursday, Jan. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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thanks for nothing

thanks for standing up for local control Chaffetz. Oh wait, that right your not, I forget repubs only want local control when it fits their agenda. sorry my bad.


Your job is to represent the values and the people of Utah, not D.C. Get your self righteous views out of their lives!


Chaffetz is right that this is symbolic. It symbolizes his continuing ignorance.


I see your attitude torward taking away the rights of others has no local boundries


DC is not a state. He does have jurisdiction.


Let's just mind our own business, shall we?

The Rock

To Deb:

Everyone has the same right to marry. What you want is the right to change the definition of words at will.

Gay activists will do anything and go to any length to get what they want, and I don't believe they want marriage. They want respect.

Legalizing murder does not make being a hit man an honorable profession.

Hey Jason!

Quit your posturing and worry about your own constituents!


I think people with this type of predjudice and hatred should be voted out of office asap.

Hey Jason

I am introducing a bill that will strip the rights of Mormons to get married to non-mormons. Because "its the right thing to do" based on my own belief system, you should sponser it in Congress.

Please Jason, get out of the limelight. You may try to pass any law you want as long as I get to vote on your marriage.

to Hey Jason | 2:54 p.m

Garner the support, and you'll get your voice. But you won't be able to. Too bad.


rights rights rights...you guys can do whatever you want however you want whenever you want. why do you have to make the word marriage a part of your gender-nebulas, family-nebulas confusing, pain causing lifestyle.

he's making quite a statement that in all reality does represent how most people in utah/the country feel. once again whenever its put to a vote it wins. its only the volvo drivin courts that feel that the people are stupid and have to fix it.

How bout we change the meaning of global warming or climate control to mean "burn more stuff" what if we ran off to court to have that changed so that the whole world started burning stuff. Definitions are important to you too. You've changed the definition of girl to mean boy boy to mean girl family to mean non-family BACK OFF I don't care if you have the same rights as hetro-marrages do, i just don't want what you do to be confused with what we do. Or to have the same title. come up with a different name than marriage and you'll have my vote. compromise for once

The Will of the People

The Majority of the people who live in D.C. oppose gay marriage. Rep Jason Chaffetz is doing the right thing as the ranking republican in charge of D.C. As discussed in the article, there are currently other attempts by the people to overrule this ordiance. This is just another case of liberal representives (D.C. city council) not properly representing their constituents. As we have seen nation wide, no gay rights marriage law has passed state wide by popular vote. The same would be true in D.C.


So, because gay marriage should not affect Jason Chaffetz's marriage, he is against it?

Isn't that like saying straight marriage will affect a gay person?

Thanks for nothing Jason. Your shining examples of accomplishing nothing are being noted.


Is Chaffetz the rep of DC or Utah?

blast 1331

My question is, why does he care about the laws are passed elsewhere? Truthfully, I don't think he would be very supportive if another (non-Utah) representative tried to overturn a Utah law, just my opinion.


Diva! Get DOWN from that lime light!

Utah Native

This is what Utahns want! We want to be known as a people that will stand up for the right thing. More power to Jason Chaffetz .


The majority in DC do not oppose Gay Marriage... There is A HUGE gay population on DC... Keep your ignorance in Utah!

Local Govt is More Accountable

The democratically elected representatives of Washington DC's residents, the City Council, passed this ordinance 11 to 2 after all manner of public hearings and public input.

Now Jason Chaffetz comes along as the Congressional overlord just to mark his territory for the Utah convention? There's a reason a freshman congressman with no prior experience can be the ranking Republican on the DC sub-committee, because no else wants it.

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