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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Is this really over the line or do we need to get thicker skin? I'd rather not have my beliefs attacked in such a way but I still understand that I can walk away. However, this does kind of feel like a double standard.


BYU is not going to be offended by these actions any more than I would if some kid yelled at me "that 2010 tundra truck of yours is a stupid truck." I know better!


Sometimes the best revenge against childish and insulting taunts, is winning the game.

I bet those Sand Diego State fans weren't cheering after BYU beat their team.


We all know and see the double standard toward mormons. Too bad they get away with it over and over.


Enough said.


For once I hope a Rock article gets picked up by the wires...

The "Missionary" costumes... funny and appropriate.

The chants of "You're still Mormon..." uncalled for and completely out of line.

But, welcome to sports where we seems to get the worst out of everyone.


I don't mind one bit if someone chants: "You're still a Mormon." My response to that is... yup, last time I checked. And I like it that way which is why I chose to follow the religion.

I wish people all over the world would just settle down and realize that you don't have to up and start a holy war over silly things that people do without thinking.

If they ever attempt to take away my freedom to live my religion, (or anyone else's right to live theirs for that matter) that is where they've crossed a line that is worth getting upset about.

SDSU's punishment

Like John Rocker, the San Diego State student body should undergo sensitive training. But, on the bright side, I learned that San Diego State has a basketball team. And now they're back to being completely irrelevant.

Get out of MWC

The missionary thing, if not coupled with the rest of the anti-mormon antics, could slip by as kind of funny. But why did the TV coverage keep going back to this group of fans? Does anyone really think that the TV guys don't understand the anti-mormon sentiment towards BYU? The MWC turns a blind eye to this and really has no interest in stopping it at all. Talk to players and coaches of the other BYU sports and the stories are the same, even worse. The MWC conference does not like or respect BYU in spite of their carrying the water for the conference in most sports. Let's get out of the MWC. If we are going to take all the abuse, at least let's do it in the PAC 10 or independently where we will get more money and better media coverage.

I trust Coach Rose was sincere in his post-game comments about the great fans and environment in San Diego. And I accept the SDSU AD's perception that it only represents a small number of their fans. But how about an apology from the production crew at The Mtn?


Great Post it is amazing that BYU fan's and Mormons put up with this. It builds anti Mormon sentiment, and makes it that much harder for our young missionaries to gain any respect. If we would stand up, and all complain SDSU would stop this type of bigotry. It seems so innocent and good fun for some, but it goes so much deeper.


Ty from San Diego

I consider myself a thick-skinned Latter-day Saint. I live and work in San Diego and have attended several BYU/SDSU basketball games. This is no new occurrence: the SDSU frat-boys don the missionary gear every year. I always have a good chuckle as it seems the most obese and poorly groomed kids, who obviously haven't seen more cardio than the trek from their dad's Camaro to the order table at In-n-Out, are the ones wearing the bike helmets. Ridiculing of "The Mormons" has gotten way out of hand, however. My gripe is with the students wearing derogatory shirts referring to the church as a cult and other classless and profane paraphernalia. I, personally, have no problem with the missionary attire-anything that can get those boys in a suit and tie can't be that bad-eh? I do draw the line with the profane and derogatory statements about my faith.


Is all that needs to be said!!!!! Next -- I believe that would be NM. Go Cougs!!

Agreed but not in this case

I totally agree with this but I think this example isnt too bad. I didnt see it but it sounds funny even though i also recently returned from a mission, but there certainly are times when it goes way over the line. And some of the worst is on message boards like this where writers cannot be disciplined for what they say and they dont have to actually stand up for it.

Seth Davis is in the wrong

Not for what he wrote, but ranking BYU No. 23 this week--dropping them six spots from where he had them this week. If anything, BYU fans should be upset at the Aztecs for being so horrible that a win over San Diego State is considered a reason to be dropped six spots in the poll by an AP voter.

I laughed

I can laugh at the "missionaries," but yes I do have a problem with the hypocrite Mormon bashers. If byu fans ever dressed up like nuns and priests if Notre Dame came to down, can you imagine the uproar from the entire nation. For some reason it wouldnt be ok then, but now it is....?


The SDSU missionary taunt is done year after year...not very original but still unkind.


utwingnut, the lack of civility alone is one thing, but these guys took it to a VERY unfriendly family level. I'm no BYU fan, but I am LDS, and behavior at a BASKETBALL game that revolves around insulting someone's religion is flat out sick and improper.

I am never taking my kids to a sporting event because adults don't know how to act like adults at these things.

RE: utwingnut

"kind of feel like a double standard"? This is absolutely a double standard. People get away with religious bigotry and intolerance directed at the Mormon faith regularly, and no one seems to notice or care. To the contrary, it seems to be encouraged.

This post

ought to bring out the bitter mormon haters in full force.


Rock is right on in this case. If they dressed up in traditional Jewish attire and yelled things about those of the Jewish faith they would have instantly been reprimanded and removed with the University's apologies. If they had been totting crosses and dressing like priests and nuns when the University of Notre Dame was in town, likewise, they would have been dealt with appropriately.

Some how bigotry doesn't apply when its the Mormons, because silently a lot of people agreed with how they were treating the religion of their opponent; its just freedom of speech.

Not that I'm surprised though; find me any other religious group that has been more reviled against than the good people of the LDS church.

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