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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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"There is only one way to let you vote, PROVE THAT YOU ARE A LEGAL CITIZEN OF THE USA."

Which you do when you *register* to vote. The law (which passed last year) requires you to bring your ID when you actually vote. If you have provided sufficient proof of your citizenship when you registered to vote, why should it necessary to bring a photo ID when you vote?

Studies have shown that there is no evidence of illegal immigrants attempting to vote in any substantial amount, so this law is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Utah is already among the lowest states for voter turnout; we don't need to be making it more difficult to vote.


When I worked for the health department and the motor voter program allowed people to register to vote at any clinic, they only filled out the form and signed it and mailed it in. There was no proof offered that they were citizens. We need a way to verify that people are citizens or they should not be allowed to vote. Period.


Since there are those (Acorn, etc.) who would fraudently register voters, we need some way to protect the system. One thing that should be done would be to make it a serious crime to be involved in any way with voter fraud. One penalites should include heavy fines and never, ever being able to vote again. Our forefathers fought died for our right to vote. To in any way undermine this sacred right is deplorable.


My Elderly mother has no driver's license and has no other government issued picture ID. She is to old to travel so why have a passport. She has been a registered voter for over sixty years though. She lives in an extended care facility and is very "with it" politically. She couldn't vote last year because she had no picture ID nor a utility bill with her address on it. She needs this bill so she can vote again. She is NOT the illegal person the eagle forum seems to think she could be. Give her and many others in her situation a break eaglets.


If you are voting, and you doubt a persons legal status, you can "challenge" their vote (just state to the judges that you are challenging their vote), requiring further proof, or clarification from the recorders office. Most people are not aware this exists for citizens.


Those cards have Social Security numbers on them. A dropped card and another problem. Idenity theft. Real dumb idea. State ID cards are available to all and more secure. One illegal voting is one too many if it can be stopped. We show ID for everything else in life. They have yet to bring forth 1 person who can not get id who wants to vote.

No excuse!


If my mother couldn't vote because she didn't have a picture ID, then I would help her get one. If anybody wants to vote, they should be willing to invest the time to meet the requirements. I don't buy the argument that retired seniors don't have the "time" to get a legitimate ID. Further, if time and the cost is truely a problem, then those who are concerned should establish a non-profit foundation to help these potentially disenfranchized citizens.

Also, I don't accept the premise that there isn't fraudulent voting taking place. Nobody is doing a thorough verification on who is voting and who may have illegally registered. Why it would be illegal, I can write down any name on a voter registration, register in multiple jurisdictions and vote multiple times and it would be unlikely any body would discover the fraud. Further, many elections have been decided by only a few votes.

It is interesting that one person has already tried to blame the results of the Massachusetts election on voter fraud. I guess it's only fraud when a Republican and/or conservative unexpectedly wins....


Iveseenthis..1:52-"... liberals promote this type of law because they know it opens up the door for illegal votes."

Let's see.

Making it more difficult to vote opens up the doors for illegals.


Up is down.

Black is white.

Slavery is freedom.

What color is the sky on your planet?


TheRock2:08-"John Fund of the Wall Street Journal has reported ..."

Did a Google News search with author: John Fund and source: WSJ.

Seven hits.

None of them said what you said.

If this isn't an "urban legend" citation, please give substantiation.



3:51-"Even if you don't drive you can get a passport."

$96 direct costs. Minimum.

Time off from work (unpaid if you're hourly) to run down the documentation necessary to apply for a passport.

Among the possible complications:

When Granddad needed a passport, it turned out the l'il central Utah town where he was born had no record of his birth. He had to run down a passel of "good men and true" who'd certify they'd known him since childhood.

Big hassle, eventually resolved.

When I needed a passport, good ol' Utah couldn't find my birth certificate, either. They finally ran it down-- filed under the wrong date, mother's name spelled wrong, dad's data missing, etc., etc.

All in all, just 'nuther "Poll Taxy" effort to keep them durn unwashed poor and elderly in their place.


Jess8:22-"Since there are those (Acorn, etc.) who would fraudently register voters, ..."

Thoroughly investigated. Forty-some ACORN investigations, thirty-some closed, the rest pending.

Upshot: No evidence ACORN tries to fraudulently register voters.


(They did get dinged in Nevada 'cos their vote-gitters weren't unpaid).


Noexcuse9:55-"If anybody wants to vote, they should be willing to invest the time to meet the requirements."

Spoken like a charter member of the patent-leather-shoe country-club set.

Below a certain income threshold, you've gotta choose:

Invest yer time putting bread on the table, or invest it jumping through hoops so you can vote.

Of course, that's just the dilemma The Powers intended to create.

"Let them eat cake!"

Re.: Red @ (Many Times)

So from reading your posts I conclude that all people, old & young, male & female, bond & free, should never have anything that would be in their way to cast a vote ... they should be able to walk in, pull the lever, no questions asked!

Of course we could make it easier, lets go door to door & fill out the ballot for them ... no that would interfere with their lives ... why don't we just make a family 'Royalty' & never bother with that pesky & annoying voting thing again.

By the way, I did look-up some of the ACORN voter fraud cases, ... yeah, they are still investigating a bunch of them & ACORN is dirty as sin ... Would you hire a contractor with as much fraud as them? ... Be honest!

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