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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Does the Eagle forum just hang out during legislative sessions so they can comment stupidly on every piece of legislation that is going through the pipeline?


Reality should be that ANY person could show up at a polling place and vote in ANY election without having to register or anything, and simply show a drivers license to do so. Unfortunately, the powers that be are horrified at that idea, because the masses just might all show up and vote and they couldn't control the vote any longer. o they will continue to put as many obstacles and barriers in place as possible to ensure a minimum of people vote (while publicly making much ado about how few seem to) to ensure they can retain control of the country. Voting is a farce, and if anyone thinks they have any power by voting, or that we the people is little more than words, I have some beach front property in Arizona to show you. We are just sheep to clip regularly, and toss a bone to on occasion, but we control nothing...

RE: Anonymous

Yep, they are right there next to the ACLU, gay rights advocates, and environmentalists on the front lawn of the Capital building. If we get rid of the Eagle Forum, does that mean we can get rid of all the other trash that lobbies the legislature?

Eagle Forum

Dear Anonymous:

If you'd ever spent any time up at the Capitol during a legislative session, you'd know for sure that the Eagle Forum ladies do indeed "just hang out" there and make dumb comments. Gayle Ruzika (and her endless knitting projects) are a permanent fixture in the legislative hearing rooms.

I've seen this before...

Across the nation liberals promote this type of law because they know it opens up the door for illegal votes. This is a very old tactic. They use the elderly or others as shields for their motives.

Their next step is to allow any votes if the voter shows up with a utility bill with their name on it. Then they make judge officals determine if the vote is valid after the fact. That burden is too great and thousands of illegal votes are cast.

Once again progressive means deceptive.

The local senior center...

could step in and help everyone in that community get a State-issued ID card. What would happen if some law enforcer was to stop grandma or grandpa and require proof of who they are, and they are unable to do so?

It is not an inconvenience to show an ID, proving that you are who you say you are, when you have the privilege to go and cast a vote.

The only people that are complaining about having to show an ID, are the ones that try to game the system.

The Rock

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal has reported the congress is planning to introduce something known as Universal Voter Registration. This would require the states to register everyone who appears on any list controlled by the state.
Welfare Lists
Drivers license Lists
Property tax lists
Prisoner Lists

If you own 3 homes and have a drivers license and have 3 cars registered with the state, you would be registered to vote 7 times.
This would come out just before the elections so there would not be time to purge the duplicates. These lists also include illegal aliens.

ACORN's mode of operation is to dump thousands of registration forms on the government too close to the election to eliminate illegal voters.

This is just more of the same. When Democrats can't win an election they change the rules.
I live in Seattle. We got saddled with a lousy governor who has driven us billions into debt by increasing state spending by 17% a year in the good years.

Enact Stringent Penalties

There is no excuse for citizens not to have a valid picture ID. If the ACLU is so concerned about the few that for some reason have been "missed", then it should expend some of its resources to rectify the situation. In reality, this is a "red-herring". There is far more evidence of non-citizens and fraudulent voting, than there is of seniors who can't present a legitimate photo ID.

If a non-citizen votes, it should result in immediate deportation and prohibition from ever entering this country again.


Doesn't the GOP rule up there? If they want to make a law they will do it with or without objection. That is the way they roll.

Maybe the U.S. Government

should look into issuing photo ID's to all LEGAL citizens, no matter their age. Anyone who wants one could get one. It might even be a good idea for children in the event they become lost - a photo ID to renew every year and to use as identification. Yes.


Enact...2:15-"There is no excuse for citizens not to have a valid picture ID."

Spoken like an upper-class citizen "blessed" with a tin ear.

A couple of excuses:



Enact-"If a non-citizen votes, ..."

This just doesn't happen.

Retail voter fraud is a sucker's game, anyway; I recall reading there've been about 40 allegations of such in the last several decades.

Just as employee theft causes a lot more "shrinkage" than light-fingered shoppers, in voting it's the "inside jobs" that we need to worry about.

Like the entire precincts that voted for LBJ, showing up to vote in the order they were entered in the registration book.

Like the Repbulican mafia of Clay County, Kentucky, who fixed elections for decades without any recourse to fraudulent voters.

Like the easily-hacked voting machines that have no audit trail (used to great effect by the Clay County gang, and also a staple in the recent Massachusetts vote-- where exit polls were suspiciously off in many locations).


With all the fraud being perpetrated by citizens and representatives of the goverment it seems we almost need to have some form of photo ID. Let alone the occasional undocumented alien who thinks he should vote.


It seems quite ridiculous to me to show ID to my 4 neighbors who are manning the polling location when I've known all of them for almost 20 years.

I think the current law is pretty stupid.

If we are worried about illegals voting here, perhaps we should be more worried about illegals BEING here.


Even if you don't drive you can get a passport.


But what about the people who come vote in your precinct whom the election officials may not recognize? What then?

Boogey Man

Geez, just what I wanted another right wing conspiracy to get all worked up about. All the illegals are waiting in line to vote in Utah. Sorry, they're to busy working overtime at McDonalds and Daybreak to vote. Or, maybe the republicans just don't want minorities to vote at all.

To Ron

By just letting anyone who shows up vote is an invitation to let people vote multiple times. What is to stop you from going from polling place to polling place and casting multiple votes? Utah currently has a form of same day voter registration which allows your vote to count if you are registered anywhere in the State and can show you live within a given precinct.


We moved & this last year to vote I had to get my valid forms of ID to prove I was legal to vote, no problem.

Even though the lady doing the re-register had been my neighbor for over 10 years, she still had me drive home & get the valid forms of ID.

To have a legal election, it must be voting by the Citizens of the US ... The Constitution, Amendment 14, Section 1, also Amendment 15, etc.

There is only one way to let you vote, PROVE THAT YOU ARE A LEGAL CITIZEN OF THE USA.


I wish the Eagle Forum would just leave. They are the most obnoxious-in-your-face-special interest-lobby group in the entire state.


With the four hour lines at the DMV, it is very difficult for an elderly person to get an ID. The legislature needs to fix the problem that they created. They need to take responsibility. I sometimes think that the some republicans would rather disenfranchise numerous legitimate elderly voters just to stop a few illegal votes. I worry more about computer programmers rigging a vote than I do about illegal immigrants.

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