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Published: Monday, Jan. 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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the judge

I know the Jazz have been inconsistency in the past, but the last games they have been playing amazing! Ak as starter has giving him as a player a new light, Boozer who is not my favorite, is playing great, even okur, his offensive may not be the best right now, but his presence disturb defenses plus his defense has been more agressive.

A trade will disrupt that new found chemistry, I think we must stick with what we have for the rest of the season, the Jazz has the potential to beat anybody as they have shown against strong teams, they can be a surprise.

I think the X factor is AK, if he is happy he perform, he is NOW a starter, I think that makes a big difference in his playing, He does not have to score all the time, he just have to play strong, he will have big scoring days, but he can be more than that, if AK is strong, the Jazz have a chance of surprising many..

One more thing, the past does not equal the future..think about it


Even if we don't trade this season, the jazz are still not going to win it all. Granted the team has been playing better the last 7 games but, it's still a team that can't beat the lakers in a series. The most we can hope for is a western conference appearance, and even that's seems like wishful thinking. So, if we're not going to win it all, trade now and strengthen the team for next season. We need a better overall team in utah, and until we have it, we're always just a playoff team, and never a championship team.

AFan to Doug

That trade doesn't work either. Paul is a base year player which makes it hard for the Jazz to trade him to another team over the cap. Packaging Memo with either CJ or Korver works but why would Minnesota want to make that trade? Do the Jazz want to make that trade? Memo is pretty popular, even having a bad year. A Boozer/Jefferson swap also works but do the Jazz really want another large contract and for four more years to boot?

Re trade

why would Minnesota take Miles? Korver and Millsap yes because they are good players,but Miles?


I`d trade Memo and CJ,but once again,why would Minny want Miles?

Jazz Cop

Yeah, @#3 its way too early to forecast where the jazz will end up, if you say #8 spot, and just leave it at that with out some kind of argument, or #3-whatever, and just leave it out there for every one to see, you're either going to get people riled up or get them on your side, but with out any kind of argument? i'd like to know what your basis is for that forecast, if you have no basis-why do you post about it? Only you can know how big an dummy you r, but if your right, i'd like to know why? please, explain.


Trade Okur
Trade Sloan
trade miles
trade AK (Horrid defender)
trade half of the jazz fans to Denver.

Start Mathews
Give Fes his 10 min


lucky to make the play offs this year.
If so against lakers as #8 or Nuggests #7. For those of you who are slow, that means jazz have no chance.

Dont get we wrong. If this was the first time the jazz were going to the play offs in a while I would be excited. But this is nothing new.

GROUNDHOG DAY in jazz land.


Love how Mathews is being aggressive and taking the ball to the hole.
CJ is looking terrible.
If CJ can't get himself to play more aggressive, we need to trade him.

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