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Published: Monday, Jan. 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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To 'Adoption'. Where on earth do you get your information??? And He isn't adopting, if you know how to read correctly. What he meant was that he was going to 'adopt' the orphanage, not a child! To 'Wow', quit it with the cynicism. There are many people who realize that non-LDS people are kind and generous. Your religion has nothing to do with it, it is your attitude and your choices. So, you are in fact quite the oxymoron yourself. To those of you who are still worried about the 'paperwork' to be done. The country is in shambles, and the lives of children are at risk. The important thing is to get them out, and placed with foster parents and then work on getting them placed permanently. My husband and I are confirmed for a flight to Haiti to help with the crisis and are ALSO working on paperwork to foster/adopt a child. Lets all just use our energy to be a force for good, and not for judgement, cycicism or "I told you so". Good luck to Lauren, and all those children, and adults who are suffering.


I guess this is one way to increase the diversity of Utah.


"He is obviously not LDS. If you are LDS and single you cannot adopt. You can even get excommunicated for it."

You might want to read the article again. It states several times that he is married.


While it is true that adoption by singles is frowned upon by the Church and may, in many circumstances lead to discipline, the Church is becoming more tolerant.


Obviously some of you did not read the entire story, It indicated that he borrowed a cell phone to call his wife. This leads me to believe that he is married. However, what difference does it make if a person is single or married. These children need parents. Should it matter if they are single? I think not as long as they can give these children warm loving homes. Who cares what the Bishop says.

DEAR HUH? and Bishop

I have a wonderful friend, she is lds, SINGLE, and has adopted 2 yes 2 girls from China!!!! I met her 2 years ago while we both were participating in the Hill Cumorah Pageant, in Palmyra, NY.

These 2 girls were both orphans, both of them have no idea who their birth parents are; they were left on the street as newborns!

So let's talk about which situation either the church OR anyone would rather these girls to be in... The chances of them being adopted by LDS families and sealed was slim to none! My friend has given these girls a loving home, and they have been taught the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

As for possible discipline for a single person adopting.... I can't swallow that AT ALL! In fact, that infuriates me!

If we lived in a perfect world then sure singles wouldn't need to adopt there would be families waiting for EVERY orphan out there!!! In fact, if we lived in a perfect world there WOULD BE NO ORPHANS RIGHT?????

@DEAR HUH? and Bishop | 5:28 p.m

It is, and will always be the Church's position that children should be brought up in a two parent household whenever possible. That also included adoptions.


As I read this story I got both good and bad feelings.
Good because its always great to see a child happy.
Bad because I heard that according to international law when theres a catastrophe in a country adoptions are put on pause. And as its known in Haiti all the offices have been destroyed and most officials have died. So how could you start adoption papers (even if helped by someone) This could lead to bad people getting this children.
They dont know the age of this little girl, so how can they be sure if she doesnt have a relative still living.
Im in favor of making the adoptive process less expensive and faster, but in a serious way.
You can help this orphans by making sure theyre given food, medical treatment, etc. Take them with a tourist visa to the US for a couple of months until they can be relocated in Haiti. But no weird adoptions processes.

Brother Chuck Schroeder

In case you missed it, with these feels good stories - sounds good stories - this just in - Three aid groups called for an immediate halt to any new adoptions of Haitian children after last week's earthquake. Save the Children, World Vision and a unit of the British Red Cross said the focus first must be on tracing any family members that children may still have and reuniting them. Any hasty new adoptions would risk permanently breaking up families, causing long-term damage to already vulnerable children, and could distract from aid efforts in Haiti, the agencies said in a joint statement. Stories of Haitian orphanages struggling after the quake and the plight of the children there also has led many to ask about adopting children. Save the Children Chief Executive Jasmine Whitbread said the vast majority of children on their own in Haiti are not orphans, but were simply separated from their families in the chaos. Taking children out of the country would permanently separate thousands of children from their families. a separation that would compound the acute trauma they are already suffering and inflict long-term damage on their chances of recovery.

How adoption works

There is quite a bit of paperwork that must be done in the US before even heading to Haiti or any other foreign country. For those who are unaware here is the basic run down.
1st you must choose a country (each country has different requirement)
Then you find a home study agency they thoroughly check you out background checks (notice more then one) financial checks,reference checks, parenting evaluations and much more. (this typically takes 3-4 months)
So as you can see like Bills mom said this is the beginning of a very long process.
Then you chose a placement agency (which could be the same as home study agency)
Then you get cleared through UCSIS (US fed Goverment) More fingerprints and background checks.
Then you must meet all the requirements and do the paperwork to send to the overseas goverment
Once all that is done then you are matched with a child
do more paperwork
go through court in the country
go through the US embassy to make sure your not trafficking children
Then you can bring your child home

To Wow!

Stop being so nasty. They were pointing out that non-Mormons and MOrmons are working together. Otherwise everyone would assume he was Mormon, since he hosted the LDS team.
I doubt your so-called charity extends that far. Drop the not-so-civil religious war and quit looking for slights where none exist.


Taking the children out of country temporarily for safety purposes is fine. Getting away from the disaster area is a necessity to it's being rebuilt and people to live in relative peace and calm. Haiti is a small country when you look at a map.

Adopting is different from taking them out of country, temporarily displacing them for safety purposes. How would this family feel about adopting her and having to return the child to a relative or parent a year or two down the line when they are finally reconnected officially. And to return her to those conditions. Seems cruel for everybody. The missing time the bio parents had not knowing, the child going from one home to another and being returned to vastly different environment, the adoptive parents who no longer are the parents.

BTW before singles rush to apply to adopt from China they stopped accepting single applicants in 2007. There aren't a lot of choices for singles.

Agencies aren't accepting new clients for Haiti program because there is no infrastructure to fascilitate new adoptions now. With the mass graves how can officials be sure who is dead and who is alive?


I am totally fascinated by people comments!I have been following this tragedy though the LDS because I can expect stories like this one, not every thing is glum and dumb.yes my heart goes out to these people, I lived 31 years in a Latin American Country and I know first hand what these children so though. Adults can bounce back but a child is totally defenseless. So if it takes a tragedy like this for these children to have a decent home and caring families then so be it. God bless all that take the steps to help these children.I wish I had the means to do this myself, but my prayer are for those that have the means and the stamina to do so.

Anon 808

Than k You Scott Taylor. You will be a legand among them, when they read you storyies.

Although she is far younger then me. My wife and I are somewhat older.

I have been wondering what I could do for these people.

I can adopt one or two. My Son's Girlfriends Mother is from Trinadad, I can talk her into doing the same. I have a Sister In Law in Ogden, Her and her Husband are young and full of game, they would enjoy another child, I will have my wife talk to her.

I have a Stepdaughter in Seattle, she has two almost grown Black Daughters and a late life White Son and another on the way. She is an Accountant and works from Home. I will talk to her.

Get the idea, get on board if you can and quickly.

I could take shr/him/them to my Ward and No One would Stare or Grab their kids away. They would hug them, welcome them and see if we needed any cloths.

If we died before they where grown, my kids would finish the job for us.

This I can do and I will start tommorow.


Bishop: LDS Social Services will only allow Adoption to Married, Two Parent Homes, Active In The Church with a Current Temple Recommend.

There are also other requirements. Age among them.

In the case of Single Parent Adoption in most States it is Legal.

The Church is required to obey State and Federal Laws. State and Federal Laws Trump Religion and Culture.

The is about the Religious Bloodline and the Priesthood. The rules are to protect the Adults and the Kids.

I think the word Tolerant is Wrong. I think the Word Accepting fits better.

In a culture where the Goal is Family and Temple Marriage I can see where Single Adoption could cause a ripple among some people.

In some places the Box is very small, where I live not so much. We had the natural Father of an Adopted Child show up at our Ward last Sunday. We shock hands and Hugged and welcomed him. So didn’t the Adoptive Family, who are my closest friends in the Ward.

I have always suggested that they move out of the general area but they have chosen to stay.

Sometimes you just buy the BVD's and live with it.


I think anyone who LDS who needs a child should be able to have one of these wonderful kids. If we have enough of them in the church they will not feel alone. The more the better.


I have stayed on this Board on this Topic because the Mods, keep the hate out.

I live in a land where people do not see Color and Race as much as elsewhere.

In part because of Scott, I have done a complete 180 on this subject. I have had to rethink it and put it to Prayer. I did not think that this Adoption thing was a very good idea.

I still hold the same reservations as I did before. Fact is Fact, Life is life. What has changed is attitude and the ending words So What!

Get as many kids out, as young as you can as fast you can, then let God sort it out.

I have No Problem with most of the People of Haiti, my issues are with the Government Of Haiti. I have the same issues with the Government of the D.R.

If you build Shacks along Major Fault Lines when the Earth Moves Stuff will fall down it is as simple as that. When that happens people die.

If I was stuck in Haiti and I could get my child out, I would be dead.

We are saving, not stealing the Children.

To "K"

Totally appreciate your sentiments, and for the general population of children, I whole heartedly agree. However, this article was written with incorrect information which was corrected here in the comments section by Billy's Mom (and she actually is Billy's Mom) Lauren was found in the streets by the pastor who runs the orphanage many many months (I think she said 2 years, but am not sure and for some reason I cannot toggle between here and her comment)before the earthquake. In her time at the orphanage no one has come looking for her or to visit her.
I really think the so-called reporter for this story did the Betz's a disservice by not asking more questions and giving more details as to the full situation of both Lauren and the orphanage she lives in. I'm all for LDS centered good news, but when there is more thought put into identifying who is and is not LDS in the story, than into the complexities of a not-so-simple situation, its disappointing.


It wont hurt Utah to populate this state with Haitians. Utah has good resources here to educate all the Haitian children.

Anon 808

Thank you Tina, and so will I, Sunday will no longher look as much like the whitest day of the week. One of many reasons I stay in the Islands.

Also some of the Princess will look like Tiana (Princess and the Frog).

In a few years you could also do a remake of Guess who is Coming To Dinner.

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