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Published: Monday, Jan. 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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What a sweet story. I wish this new all the love they deserve and hope for a speedy home coming.


This was the most touching story I have ever read. What a wonderful beginning for a sweet little girl. I'm sure she will be home with her new family where she can finally get proper care and food. What a sweet blessing for this wonderful couple who waited so long to find their little girl.

got a question

Such a wonderful story--
but I have to ask-where in the world are they in the picture where they are playing with the little toy kitchen set?
It looks like someplace not to be found in Haiti ever.

Thanks Scott for another great story.


I am humbled by the generosity of these people, and awed by those who are so willing to share their means to rebuild a devastated orphanage. The world needs more people like the ones in this story.


I certainly do not understand how "Distasteful Kidnapping" can be so negative to such a heartwarming story???? Some people are not happy unless they are putting someone else down. I would love to have a couple of these orphaned children myself to care for and put through school. How do you know that he will not teach his adopted daughter about her country?? This is beautiful and I hope that more children will be taken in. With the numbers so staggering, there will probably be many orphans in Haiti who will live in an orphanage until they are adults, if they are lucky. I've seen so many pictures of children wandering the streets with little clothing on and it just breaks my heart. Congratulations to Bill Betz and his wife and new little girl!


Kidnapping? Are you crazy? This child's family is dead. How could you possibly think this is anything but a wonderful thing this person is doing? And what home do you think this little girl should be returned to?

Your attitude is nothing short of astounding to me.

To Distasteful kidnapping

Did you read the article? The girl's parents died in the earthquake. Would you rather her grow up in a Haitian orphanage? She will be loved in her new family, and given opportunities she never would have had in Haiti. It is not criminal to want to give someone a better life. It is compassion.

Re: Distasteful kidnapping

"...with no intent to return them to their homes." What homes? These are children with no home, no parents, no family other than the orphanage, no hope. What a distorted, negative view on life you have. What about considering compassion and providing a home and hope to those that have neither?


what else is distasteful is the cost for adoption, people that collect the monies or the governments that collect the revenue are doing nothing but human trafficking.

This is a a great story, in the way that this girl has no living family & now she will have a couple that really wants to take care of her.


This is a powerful story, but the comment about distateful kidnapping is clearly misguided. Anyone who takes a malnourished, orphaned child into their home is not kidnapping. What is the alternative? Keep the child in an impoverished orphanage without access to food, healthcare, education, etc. They will make a wonderful family--shame on anyone for judging this couple's desire to provide love and care.


To "Distasteful kidnappig":

Would you rather this child (and other children like her) continue to live as orphans for the rest of their lives, malnourished and with little hope for a bright future. Your condemnation of this scenerio is mindboggling!


I don't know. The phrase that is most troubling to me is "her parents said to have died". I think that we need to tread lightly here. As one who has lived in Haiti, I can attest that there are plenty of children who have been in orphanages for years who are adoption candidates. To push forward with the adoption of a child on the premise that her parents may have died in this recent disaster is inappropriate in my opinion. While this may be a touching story to some, an exhaustive effort ought to be mounted to find her parents, grandparents or other relatives before taking this sweet little girl away. No matter how worthy & deserving these prospective parents appear to be, there is vast potential for impropriety here.

@ "Kidnapping" and "Question"

@"Distasteful Kidnapping"

And what, exactly, do you think will happen to those children who are NOT adopted from Haiti during this crisis? Even before the earthquake, the Haitian adoption agencies were not exactly functioning smoothly. In the aftermath of the earthquake, those agencies will be too swamped to provide adequate services, and children like Lauren will probably starve unless someone adopts them quickly. This is not the time to fuss about rules; little kids' lives are at stake.

@got a question:
The article says that the rescue volunteers are living in a "sprawling compound" owned by a construction magnate. Maybe he and his wife have a toy kitchen set. In Haiti.

to Distateful

The only distasteful story here is your comment.

Obviously you know nothing about Haiti. You know nothing of the disease. You know nothing of the contempt the government has for the orphaned children which is exactly what happen with Lauren if she is left there. They are left to die in the streets, to drink from ditches along side of animals and animal droppings. They are left to starve. They are ignored.

No Distasteful, the people who go to Haiti to help have kind gentle souls. I hope many children come home with them to find warm homes with food, education, and most of all love.

So, Distasteful, you go ahead and sit there on your computer and do all the judging you want but when you get ready for the day, stand in front of your mirror and ask yourself, what have you done to help the Haitian people today and long term.


Kidnapping.. are you sick and crazy? so.... let's leave these little children there in a country torn apart, very little food,(of which is being brought in), a lack of potable water, etc etc... to NEVER have a loving family and home life.

This beautiful child deserves a home, with parents who will nurture, teach and guide through lifes trials; she will surely face.

Did you read how most of the children in this orphanage were brought there?

I for one think this is a WONDERFUL STORY and made me weep to think this little one has a future!

Thanks for an article filled with HOPE in this seemingly HOPELESS situation there for the people of Haiti.

May God bless you and your efforts. All who are there giving aid to those who are suffering!


in regard to "distasteful kidnapping" - wow, what a sad person. There is only love to be seen in this story. To think it better for this little girl to live in a makeshift home with no food or clothes, illness that comes from such - I'm just not sure what a person like that could be thinking. I'm so glad she found a family that wants to bring her into their home and raise her and give her a life. I hope they don't suffer through too many of the hardships that adoptive parents go through in a situation like that.

To distatestful

Obviously you have never felt the pain of not being able to have a child. You must have some pain in your life for something. What a wonderful guesture to give a girl a better life. She will be surrounded by people who truly love and appreciate her.

omi won kenobi

Obviously "Distasteful" is just a young inexperienced kid. He/she does not understand the horrors of this world. I am a grandma of 60, and would take a child in a heartbeat. Where do I sign up? I hope that there are many thousands more of families like the Betz's who will take in the orphaned children of Haiti and give them a chance at life. I went to the LDS webpage and they have a donation site. I felt it was the one safe place to give money to help Haiti.


best of luck to the young couple and God Bless...

Wonderful story

Time for me to change my attitude of Brandt Andersen (formed after his terrible Michael Jordan PR stunt recently). Good for him for giving aid and helping out.

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