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Published: Sunday, Jan. 24 2010 12:32 a.m. MST

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Liz - you may or may not read this, but I want you to know my heart and prayers are with you, and with the rest of the wonderful volunteers there in Haiti. So many feel they want to help and don't know what they can do... your story is inspiring. What an example you are to me and so many people of rising above your trials and seeing beyond yourself. Thank you for what you are doing. Love you.

LaNae Poulter

Liz has not only lost herself through service, but more importantly she has found herself through love. Liz, if you read these comments, please know that you inspired me with your depth of understanding in the days following 9/11 and your desires to honor Brady's dream of becoming a teacher. Now you through the way you handle your life have become the teacher; you exemplify charity through not only words but your great acts of service. My cousin sent emailed me the link to the story with the subject line "you know this great lady." How true is the attribute; how honored I am to know you, your family, and your hearts. May God bless those who suffer and those who succor.


A true example of someone who through her own devastation took the hand of God to press forward and bless the lives of others. I echo the comment that your husband must be so proud of you :) Thank you for the uplifting story.


Dear Liz,
What a precious individual you are to forget yourself and think of others. And what a valuable resource you must be for others who are suffering and need such care as only you can provide.
What a great example you are to all. May you be continually blessed by your good works.
I love the Humanitarian work and have been involved in many projects in Relief Society for the LDS Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City. Since I am unable to go abroad to help, it's one way I can help and I love it.
Thanks for inspiring so many to want to be and do better.

To: Anonymous 12:39

You wrote "who really cares if she is LDS or not. This kind of reporting is just a tad over the top. What does anybodies religion have to do with this? Nothing except to this news paper. Can you stop already and just focus on the people and thier stories and leave religion out of it. Please?"
I'm sorry, but you read this wonderful article and this is what you came away with? This was hardly a story about the LDS Church.

She was with a group that was sent by the LDS Church, is that somehow a bad thing? I'm pretty sure there are several stories floating around talking about groups sent by the Catholics and Baptists. It's a fact, not indoctrination.

Oh yes, she went on an LDS mission... well, it is a story about her giving of herself and serving others now isn't it. Her mission doesn't count?

And she works for the LDS Church's Humanitarian Services. Would you have been bothered if she worked for the Red Cross? Why so touchy?

This was a wonderful story... even if she is one of them there pesky Mormons...

Re: Joy

"...for the LDS Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City."

I echo Joy. I don't live in Utah (or anywhere they have Deseret Industries that have the "Service rooms" added on for people to help with Humanitarian projects") but twice on trips to SLC I went and volunteered at the main Humanitarian Aid headquarters off of Redwood Rd.

I promise if you go in the spirit of helping you will have a totally AWESOME time.

And go (and take your family) to one of the tours there given by the Temple Square sister missionaries. Whether you are LDS or not, the tour and volunteering there will truly make your day.

We can't all go to Haiti or Africa or a million other places to help--but you can help there and what you do there will eventually get to all those places.


To anonymous who commented earlier. First, learn how to spell if you are going to publicly criticize. Secondly, it doesn't matter if she is LDS or not but you need to recognize the good the church does for everybody around the world. They are usually one of the first to respond to a disaster and give and give, then give some more. The church does not care what religion or where the people are from. They are dedicated to serving others and that is what our church is all about!


Best way to quash inane comments from folks like annonymous is just to ignore them. Basically, their goal seems to be to sidetrack positive discussions and to turn them into finger-pointing and recriminations.


To 12:29 being LDS is part of who she is. Without it she may have acted differently. Nice article.


I remember your story, when you carried the Olympic torch and was touched to see how President Bush treated you during such a hard time. I was just crying hearing what you had gone through. Now to see how you are using your life to serve others in their time of need is wonderful. Hearts that have been broken can help to heal others. Thank you for the love you have for others. You inspire me.


Way to go liz, your being led by your late husband Brady, in all you do.... the 1st ressurections just around the corner...keep the faith, were proud of your selfless example...with love, Toyann and Mark Newell {your 1st cousins.}

A Superstar!

Way to go Liz! Thanks for the great example!

Awesome article!


Shane Walker

Knew your husband in high school/college through a mutual group of friends. He was and is a great man. Never had the privilege of knowing you, but I've come to see that the two of you are truly a match made in, and definitely for Heaven. What great examples you both are to all of us. Thanks for being so Christ-like in all you do. Hope you get a chance to read these comments and know how you both have touched our lives.

Sherry and Brent

We knew and loved your husband, Brady and his amazing family. We will never forget Brady at the basketball games always coming in as the "Ever Ready Bunny." He was such a loving and giving young men and never stopped being happy and sharing that happiness with others. Now he is watching you carry on in the same path he would have traveled, always sharing your love, giving of your talents as a nurse and just being there in Haiti will be a comfort and strength to all.
Thank you, Liz for your Christ-like example!

Steven and Amy

We were hoping to somehow see what you are doing in Haiti. What a wonderful article. We wish you added strength and health as you help the suffering people of Haiti. We are proud of you!


There's no better way to honor Brady. Proud of you, Liz.


Liz, you are inspiring! Thanks for your example and service!


You are inspiring Liz! This story was very touching. Good luck with all you do.




why does she remarry?

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