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Published: Sunday, Jan. 24 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Susan, RN

THANK YOU, LIZ! You are truly a mother in zion. That is a beautiful story. It filled my heart to overflowing!

Bro. David Bate

What a wonderful, spiritual example of love in action. God does send angels even in this present day, and those angels are people like you. May God continue to bless ALL those whose unselfish efforts are saving so many lives in this tremendous natural disaster.

a mother's heart

"But I'd like to think that maybe if I were a mother who passed away, that someone would take care of my child, and I was grateful I could do that."

What a story.

Blessings to you Liz. May you keep going in your care of these poor children with your true 'mother's heart.'


Liz, thank you for sharing your experience and being such a wonderful example of the Savior's love.

Bob Moxley ...Calgary

May God bless your efforts to help these people at a time of great need. I praise you for your nursing studies that brought you to Haiti. Because of your training, you are doing service in which I can not do. My thoughts and prayers will be for you and with you in the many stressful months ahead.
As your brother in the Gospel I want to tell you that I am very proud of you.


There is a difference in caring and mothering. A mother is concerned not only for their child's physical well being but also for their emotional and spiritual well being. You may have thought you were only doing a nurses job; but you were not, you were mothering and I am sure that this little boys mother appreciates you stepping in when she could not.



I had heard you were over there. I have thought of you often and the service and skills you have been able to render to the people of Haiti. May you be blessed as you continue to serve your fellow man and the Lord.

Claudia desde Uruguay

Gracias por compartir esta experiencia, me hacen saber que Dios esta escuchando mis oraciones, pues ruego por todos los que estn brindando ayuda para que sepan como rescatarlos tanto fisica como espiritualmente. Oro por los mas vulnerables, los nios, y pienso en todos aquellos que han quedado solos, en aquellas madres que han perdido sus hijos, en los padres que no volveran. Ruego al Padre que alivie sus sufrimientos y que los protejan. Gracias por el servicio que estan brindando, no desmayen y sepan que hay mucha gente orando por todos ustedes, todos los que no podemos ayudar directamente pero que al saber de estos ejemplos de servicio sentimos aliviado nuestro corazon. Sigan compartiendo estas historias, ayudemos a levantar este pueblo. Se que Dios tiene un proposito para cada uno de nosotros, talves este sea el momento de que esta nacion empieze a brillar.

God bless all

that are there helping. Please keep the victims and helpers in your prayers and give as much to the effort as you can.

Happy in Honolulu

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Countries will send aid but it takes an individual to offer love, a caring heart and the human touch. Liz, may you continue to be blessed throughout your life. You are a hero!!


Thank you, Liz, for what you're doing, and thanks Deseret News for publishing what she wrote in her own words. More and more like this! I want to be a better person for having read it.

Matt and Mindy

It is wonderful to see what you are going. It is humbling and a blessing to know you and to see what you have accomplished all these years. Keep up the work and setting the example that inspires us all. I know that there are those here and elsewhere that are proud of you. Take care of yourself and those that need it most. Matt and Mindy


I knew the moment I met Liz so many years ago that she was exceptional. You are all right to be grateful for who she is and what she does.
She is everything that you see in these articles. And she has been this way all of her life, not just when the cameras are rolling.
My heart is with you, my friend.


Thank you Liz and all the medical team for all you are doing. I wish I could be there to help.

I'm sure the Swiss will do a great job. I would love to hear the outcome of this little boy. I hope someone goes back and reports on how he is doing.

Shauna Morris

Thank you, Liz, for your willingness to serve. It takes a special person such as you to be able to care for those people in Haiti. My prayers are with you and all those other special people serving those in need in Haiti.

Mike James

I know that the actions of Mrs.Howell come from a beautiful place of compassion, empathy in suffering both physical and emotional wounds. Her heart has enlarged to a size that encompasses the small island of Haiti. I believe that such acts of love never go unnoticed, just as I know that there is not even one bruise that is unseen or one yelp unheard.

Hollie Pincombe Lamb

Liz knowing you all my life I know what a special person you are. You have overcome a lot of personal tragedy and are still giving to others. If motherhood doesn't come your way I hope you know how much you made that one little boy feel loved and I am sure countless others feel loved in a time that they needed it the most and that is what counts. I am very pround to say I know that amazing women and look up to that little girl chasing butterflies in the outfield with the most amazing smile..


Hollie Pincombe Lamb

Terri Pincombe McClellan

Liz, I can only echo the same words everyone else has said about you and your willingness to be a servant to those who need you and your spirit. The first thing I thought of was that this was a long way from our town and summertime butterflies. Your smile and blue eyes still shine in my heart!


Liz, your love and light will be remembered by all those you come in contact with. I know that Heavely Father loves you and you reflect this in your work. Thank you for listening to your heart.

Barbara Pincombe

Barbara PIncombe

Liz, Your love and light will be remembered long after you leave Haiti. Thank you for listening to Heavenly Father and to follow you heart. You are a special spirit, know that you are loved.

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