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Published: Saturday, Jan. 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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andrei is one of my favorite all time players, and has gotten a very bad rap from many Jazz fans.

Andrei could be a better swimg player, passer, defender than Scottie Pippen on the right team, who would use a point forward. His psyche was understandably hurt, when the Jazz turned over the offense to DWill, who shut him out of the offense his first few yrs.

Why did he break down in the Rockets series? DWill, Boozer, Brewer refused to pass him the ball on many occasions even when wide open. It does seem whatever rift was going on behind the scenes is over.

I personally hope he finishes his career with the Jazz, but dont expect it. I will guess the summer of 2011 will see him move to Jersey, or to w West Coast team.

Yes..he is gettign alot of money, but the Jazz were happy to sign him to a long term contract and did so on the strength of his previous yrs play. It is not his fault the offense does not always use him correctly.


james at 9:03 is right..!!!

AK got the big contract because Sloan didn't have player for 'his' form of play. When AK was the go to guy, even when the Jazz lost they were fun to watch. Then came Boozer and DWill. I like Dwill but you can see him shut AK out of the offense. And Sloan, he doesn't really know how to properly use AK and we can see Sloan's confusion.

If AK goes somewhere else and they use him correctly, I think he will be a consistent all star.


Could anyone imagine what kind of player AK would have been if the Jazz ran as many isolation plays for AK as other teams run for forwards Durrant, James, Melo. What a shame.

The Fact is that play develop depending on how their coaches use them. If OKC decided that Durrant should be just a shooter he (which they did the first year) he would never have developed into the player he is today.

AK should be catching the ball at the top of the key 10 times a games to either get a pick (to draw out the other players big man) and drive to the basket. Or run an isolation play. He would have been unstoppable


I was a huge basketball fan growing up, played in HS, etc. For one reason or another I stopped watching. Then came Kirilenko (in fantasy basketball). I thought he was amazing. I've never seen a player like this! He would just destroy any teams best swingman. When he first came in the league he would consistently hold players like Paul Pierce, Vince Carter, Kobe, Reggie Miller, Tracy Mcgrady, even Allen Iverson to 4-17 shooting nights. I thought he was destined to be the MVP of the NBA.

I'm not even a Jazz fan, but AK is my favorite player...and the cool part is it isn't just about him. When AK is real good, the Jazz are real good and it looks like this team is going to make some noise! I'm jumping on the bandwagon early!

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