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Published: Friday, Jan. 22 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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To "Anonymous | 12:50 p.m. "

Anonymous | 12:50 p.m.

Gays can't live in Utah???

What the heck are you talking about?

Gene Therapy

Science does not pick sides in political debates. The technology for preventing genes from manifesting is developing rapidly now. If this technology can eliminate obesity it will probably also be able to "cure" children who cannot easily produce grandchildren. How popular would that vaccine be?

@Want to fix this mess?

This is probably one of the best solutions I have seen from either side. I agree. Thank you.


I just don't get the relevence here. I agree that quoting the bible is hypocritical because no one is perfectly obeying all the laws in the bible, let people be gay, no problem with that. But if you want marriage on the grounds of it being natural and not a choice, you better be ok with plural, petifilic and incestual marriage, who can use the same arguement based on the grounds of their relationships being extremely prevelent in the animal kingdom. I don't think any of these natural urges can be classified as a choice for many people out there. Not that I place gays in the same catagory as incestuals and petifiles, I'm just saying that I need a much more convincing arguement before I vote for gay marriage.


TO --- Want to fix this mess? | 4:40 p.m.

["This is how you do it. Get the Government out of the marriage business. From now on they no longer are allowed to issue Marriage Certificates. Instead if anyone wants to have LEGAL recognition of their relationship, they would have to get a Civil Union (gay or straight. Doesn't matter"]

no - here's how you do it. Get churches out of the marriage business. from now on they are not allowed to issue marriage certificates. (oh - wait - they can't do it now...)

anyone that wants a ceremony in church, go ahead. do your thing!! just don't call it marriage. have a nice "religious union" at your church. just stop calling it marriage. the states issue marriage licenses, not churches. marriage is NOT a religious institution, it is a civil matter. you want your god to bless it, go for it.


JM | 4:45 p.m,

Propaganda? Pot, have you met kettle?


Well, I'm 27, married with two kids, LDS and live in UT, and I honestly don't really care if people who are gay want to get married. I say let 'em. I don't agree with it, but then again, I don't agree with a lot of things in this world, but they will still happen.
What I think is sad, is how much hate exists in most of the comments on here (on both sides of the fence). In my experience, hate usually drives two sides further apart and escalates the situation.


Marriage is about creating a family by bringing together a man and a woman. Two guys or two gals hanging out is not the creation of a family. I really believe that civil unions is the way to go here. It gives same sex friends (or anybody else) the opportunity to enjoy every tax and estate planning benefit that married couples enjoy. Let's legalize civil unions and be done with it.

to --- Scott | 4:41 p.m

["At the same time we can try to help maintain the definition of marriage in a manner that we believe is defined by God without trying to undermine the other rights that 'government' has tied to marriage."]

God did not define marriage. if you mean because it is in the bible, marriage was around a LONG time before the bible. Man defined marriage. first as a legal contract between parents for the marriage of their children, often to join different tribes.

the meaning of "marriage" has changed a number of times over the course of history.

what makes you think it shouldn't change again? and what makes you think you know what God wants?


re - We all have a choice | 5:04 p.m

what does having a choice have to do with it? marriage is a civil contract between two consenting adults. it's NOT about sex or kids.

so... why do you care if two people get married?

re -- JM | 4:45 p.m

["Pagan and other activists have called for an end to morality. They seem to feel it is outdated, and that your children should be raised in a society without it. They also continue to post misinformation and propaganda."]

hahaha. JM, you crack me up. Your living under the assumption that acting on being gay, or just doing gay things, is immoral. THATS YOUR PROBLEM. yes, you heard it in church and bible study and probably a bunch of other places. your parents always said it was wrong and nasty and immoral.

but it isn't. it's perfectly natural. it happens CONSISTENTLY in 3%-4% of the ENTIRE ANIMAL KINGDOM.

it doesn't threaten the extinction of the human race, as you have proported. and it doesn't even matter if it is a choice or not. there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.

if no one had ever told you anything about it, the MOST ou would say is that they obviously cannot bear children that way, which is simply an observation, not a condemnation. Other than that, you would think it was perfectly normal. and you would be right!!

remove your stigma glasses and clear your mind, JM

to -- JM | 5:09 p.m

["but those who promote gayness, mainstream, or seek legal enforcement of the lifestyle through marriage, etc, are responsible for many tears"]

being gay needs to be mainstream, JM. that is the ONLY way the "it is an abomination" view will ever go away.

blacks were considered an abomination to the LDS church back in the day. we are ALL glad that isn't the case today. and in 50 years, the same wil be said of gays.

sorry to ruin your day, but the reason gays want to marry is so that being gay will be socially acceptable, not "an abomination". because it is a totally normal phenomenon.

to - JM | 5:21 p.m

["There is conclusive evidence that most gays are not genetically forced into gayness"]

so what? nothing wrong with being gay. why are you so intent in proving it is a choice? it's irrelevant. if there's nothing wrong with it, and it harms no one, then let them marry.

besides, you can quote all the studies you want. none of them matter. because the fact is, no one would want purposely take all the ridicule given to gays. no studies required. simple common sense will answer your question, JM.

try some common sense.

to -- Phil | 5:50 p.m

["I get really sick of hearing Gay individuals trying to say they don't have a choice."]

doesn't matter if it is a choice or not, Phil. what's the difference?

you think it's bad and wrong. you learned that in school and bible study. what if no one had ever told you that? would you still think the same way?

gay marriage hurts no one. why do you people even care? (and i'm not gay - i'm 52 yr old white guy - and I think you all are ridiculous.)


"I have pointed out several times that these statements, by the AAP, Times, etc, are probably propaganda, and that many professionals, members of the APA, AAP, do not agree with these statements, and know that studies have been manipulated. "

No, you haven't pointed out anything, you have just said this without providing any reference or proof, and no, saying that your brother is a MD and that he agrees with you and so do your buddies is not proof.


to everybody here who is NOT GAY. When did you make the choice to not be gay. You prlly never chose to not be gay. Same thing with gay people they prolly didnt choose to be gay. Did you choose to be straight? no it was natural right? so prolly somebody didnt choose to be gay either.


@metamoracoug | 2:12 p.m. Jan. 22, 2010

"I understand that some may think that "what happens behind bedroom doors" is nobody's business. Such reasoning is myopic, however. There are few decisions I make that do not effect others."

It IS nobody's business. But it also does not define someone. Does it define you? It doesn't define me. And it does not define this issue regardless that most every opponent views this issue through that lens.

There are few decisions you make that don't affect others? Like who you married, I'm assuming? Guess what? It affected me and all the people in my life ZERO %. Not one single iota.

Less government is better

Why should government tell us what is and what is not appropriate marriage? Government should have no say. No law should treat married, unmarried, homosexual, polygamist, or whomever, any differently.


@Gene Therapy | 5:06 p.m. Jan. 22, 2010

"As a former scientist I can tell you that scientists usually find the results they are looking for. . ."

I love it when people come on here and say "I am a scientist" (or former, too funny.) So, uh, what kinda scientist, oh excuse me, former scientist were you?

You would think that people, I mean, excuse me, that scientists would understand how generic a term scientist is.

So what kinda scientist were you?

You know, if you really were a scientist (whatever that means) it is understandable that you are a former with your strange idea of how science works.


Just wikipedia "gay gene" and see where that takes you. In only a few minutes you will find several studies that show that homosexuality is due at least mostly due to genetics and prenatal conditions.

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