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Published: Friday, Jan. 22 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Ghandi


Why ask gay people to remain celibate till they die and not straight people?

Give it up

The people of California voted FOR Prop 8. It is the law, the people have spoken. Marriage is only between a man and a woman. Homosexuals chose who they have sex with. Homosexuality is perverted. They need to wise up and realize that. It's not some little game they are playing where they can chose to do any weird and perverted thing they want. Sounds like one lone homosexual writing all the pro-homo comments on here. Get a life. No one wants you trying to convince them that homosexuality is acceptable. It's not and it's not going to be.


I understand that some may think that "what happens behind bedroom doors" is nobody's business. Such reasoning is myopic, however. There are few decisions I make that do not effect others.

A Father's Perspective

I had my suspicions when he was three and knew by the time he was ten that my son was gay. He didn't acknowledge it until he was 17, but trust me when I say that this was not a choice. The pain and ridicule he experienced was profound. He dated girls, "tried" his best to be straight, but the reality is he was born gay and I've accepted that and love him all the same. We're your neighbors, your friends...please learn from us and trust us on this perspective. And please, love and support our gay children so that they can be happy members of Utah society.


Have you noticed a grand commission? In the talk radio Fox News culture high school drop outs metamorphize into self proclaimed experts on everything. To become a doctor you need to have gone to a university then a medical school. You are required to pass a test to become a professional engineer. Too be a expert in the culture of talk radio and Fox News lacking qualifications is no barrier to you.

Not one expert has ever explained why someone would choose to become a homosexual. If being gay is a choose it logically followers that their a perceived benefit must be attach as a motivation to make that choice.

Lets see the reason and the benefits that you experts see that would make being gay seem more beneficial than to be a heterosexual?

I will be waiting for your answers.

Involuntary H8er

Loss of temper is mostly not a choice, so why do we punish murder?

Drug addiction is mostly not a choice, so why do we punish drug dealers?

Inappropriate sexual attraction to children is not a choice, so why do we prosecute child molestors?

There are a lot of non-choices in life when it comes to a person's desires, but the same cannot be said of one's actions. What this article calls "social stigmas" most of us call morals. Do I really hate gays for not wanting the government to condone their immoral relationship with the benefits of marriage? I don't know, do you hate drug abusers if you support stricter penalties for drug dealers? Do you hate a criminal if you hold them accountable for their crimes? I don't. I think the laws are there to prevent drug use and crimes and to help drug abusers and other criminals recognize the err of their ways and go on to lead a constructive meaningful life. I feel no different about same gender relationships regardless of whether same gender attraction is a choice or not.


metamoracoug, what happens behind gay's closed doors does NOT directly affect you. And by the way gay sex is not illegal. Denying marriage for all will not make gay people go away. 3-7% of all the people around you are gay. That's a larger world population than there are Mormons. You may not like it, but get used to it. It’s not going to change anytime soon — like ever.


There's nothing normal or natural about gay sex. It's a perversion of nature, whether you believe in a god or not. Is homosexuality a choice? I doubt that most gays chose to be that way, but I think circumstances of upbringing can affect a persons attitude about sex. Many of the gays I've known have had some dysfunction in their youth, such as physical, mental or sexual abuse. Sexual promiscuity or addiction to pornography at a young age can adversely effect normal sexual appetites. I believe in a perfect God and I don't believe that he placed some of us here on earth with same-sex attraction.


@2:35 Nobody will answer your rational question, because no prop 8 supporter could or would even think about the notion of choosing to be scorned, beaten, and left alone as a freak.
No, they would rather just follow mindless dogma and quote ancient scripture to make their choice of judging another human.
So God-like are these people.

re -- Give it up | 2:12 p.m

["The people of California voted FOR Prop 8. It is the law, the people have spoken."]

dude, you crack me up. and the websites and fliers that said
"the gay agenda includes legalizing sex with kids" and
"homosexuals were 12 times more likely than heterosexuals to molest children"
"If sexual orientation is characterized as a civil right, so would pedophilia, polygamy and incest"

were all legitimate concerns, right?

if you zealots want to have a vote and not use stupid scare tactics, you would lose by a LOT. The problem is that religious people are VERY gullible and so they will believe anything you tell them. I mean, it's obvious, isn't it?

if only we could find a group of religious people that didn't believe everything they are told.... but then they probably wouldn't be so religious because to be THAT religious means you accepted everything they told you, without question.

["Homosexuality is perverted."]

i guess you're right, if you got your morals from an old book, and still live in the 1800s. but here in the 20th century we understand everyone is equal. (I said 20th since 21st would freak you out.)


GregL, what you believe has no affect on what is reality. What is you definition of natural? Found in nature? There goes your justification for discrimination. Homosexuality has always existed — IN NATURE. You can believe what you want, but homosexuality is not illegal in this country. Quit promoting opinion as fact.


Murder, Drug use, child abuse, tell me, when has the gay community advocated these?

They have not.

This is about marriage. Not a side issue like a comparison. Only straight people make that claim.

Marriage to one person, for life. To be monogomys and to put one above all others. If this is bad, then why to straight people do it? And if they are 'better' at it, why do half of straight marriages end in divorce?

I care what you believe in. You can believe and think what you like. When you start to dictate my own actions without willing to do so yourself, you are a hypocrite.

Being gay is not a choice. Being unreasonable and unwilling to listen is.


'The people of California voted FOR Prop 8.'

And yet gay marriage was legal before Prop 8, correct?

'It is the law, the people have spoken.'

Slavery was also a law in America supported by the people. Should we compare the two?


Taking a line from PFLAG here... (Parents of Lesbian and Gays)

'Someone you know and love is gay.'


Homosexuality is un-natural. What is the purpose. Two men are not "sexually compatible" with one another. If you argue that they are, then I guess we are all "sexually compatible" with any number of species and objects as well. I don't want homosexuals to be persecuted, but I don't condone or agree with it either. Marriage is between a man and a woman'


I have at least 2 cousins who are gay. I don't care what they are. They're my cousins and love them.
I live in California. How many more times is this Prop 8 going to be in the voters faces? Majority of California says we don't agree on same sex marriage at least twice through election. So, how about the minority of gays and lesbians just accept that?
Recently, in a nearby city, the majority of Christians gave in to an atheist's request to ban all Christmas decorations in public buildings. The lawmakers like puppy dogs easily gave in. What is the message here?
The bottom line, how about the G&Ls get married in states that allow same sex marriage? Start there, but don't drag the entire state of CA into submitting to the same sex marriage, because it isn't accepted yet by majority of Californians. And, it isn't globally accepted yet by the people of the PLANET EARTH. Be grown up about it and deal with it.


Involuntary H8er | 2:35 p.m. Jan. 22, 2010
Loss of temper is mostly not a choice, so why do we punish murder?

Drug addiction is mostly not a choice, so why do we punish drug dealers?

Inappropriate sexual attraction to children is not a choice, so why do we prosecute child molestors?


Could it be that all of these have a victim? It is so simple really. Who is the victim in a homosexual relationship?


Who would ever choose to be ostracized by their community and even family? Few if any would. Attraction is a visceral urge that cannot be denied. Since a young age, I looked at women and their physical features and had something inside of me that said yummy! Gay men and gay women feel the same thing when they look at members of their own gender. Attraction is not something you decide upon. People are born gay or straight — they may have curiosity or societal pressure that leads them to experiment with playing for other team — but they cannot deny what they are. This is not a choice. The religious right has funded studies hoping to prove that this is a choice and no scientific study has been able to reach that conclusion.


My deeply religious, Southern Baptist grandmother used to tell me, “we are all God’s children”. I believe this whole-heartedly. We have had homosexual people and animals for millions of years. If you believe God made all of us, you are conceding that God makes homosexuals.

I don’t understand those of you who so passionately fight against gay rights and support things like counseling them into being straight. What is your problem? Two men kissing in California don’t affect you in any way. You are just so arrogant that you want to control their behavior and save them from themselves. Yes, Leviticus tells us that laying with another man as if with a woman is an abomination. But the Old Testament also tells us not to eat shellfish and to execute adulterers — how many of you are skipping the crabs at the buffet and shooting you neighbor for cheating on his wife?

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