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Published: Friday, Jan. 22 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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So, a person cannot 'choose' being gay, but people still ask them to 'control' those urges?

Lets be real. Many ask people to not have sexual relations until marriage. Many of those reasons are sound. Less sexually transmited disease, less unwanted pregancies, etc.

And then some work to deny marriage to gay people.

So, that would be to 'control' (or not have any) sexual relationships till when?

The end of your life?

I don't know many heterosexuals (over 50) that do that.

Why ask the gay community to do it?


Just let them marry. We have better things to do.


This wont stop until the gay community can marry. I say let them.


So, during the civil rights era, the argument was made that one cannot condone a person of color for...being a person of color, right?
But we can do that to gay people?

How does that make sense?


'Being gay is not a choice.'

So, why punish them for it?

Less and less reason to hate out there.

to still...

Hate and intolerance are sins too. How about controlling yourself?


The bible makes many things very clear. Do you want to accept all of them, such as it being a sin to marry someone who is divorced? You can't pick and choose.

Re: Yes

I'm sure you, like all those who believe that being gay is a choice, control your urges, that why you're probably obese, out of shape and borderline diabetic. Why is it so easy to point fingers when a good look in the mirror would be much more appropriate.


Who cares if it's a choice or not.

It's no ones business but theirs. Worry about yourselves and don't worry whats going on in other people's bedrooms.

For those who start quoting the bible keep this in mind. I don't believe in your bible or your god. Your rules don't apply to me.


This is such a non-issue...America is weary of this topic...Move on the Majority have spoken....Gays can always choose to live in Europe or Iran...but in Utah? Gay Marriage is never going to happen!


I'd wondered why all the headlines about this trial were anti-Prop 8, and thinking there was some bias goingon, but now I see the prosecution has been conducting its side of the trial. Hopefully there will be balancing headlines as the defense presents its case.

The tradition of marriage

has developed for many reasons; perhaps the most important of which is to sustain long-term relationships that are likely to lead to the creation of children. We should think hard about our priorities before we broaden the definition to include other sorts of relationships. Is it more important to comfort a segment of society that feels rejected or to continue to do what we can to encourage healthy parental situations.


Identical twins are not fully "identical." So, it is possible for "identical twins" to not both be gay and the gay one is still "born that way." It's a question of gene expression. Not all twins share "handedness," either. Only about 60% of twins are both left-handed and it's around the same percentage for homosexuality in twins.

They have identical genes, but not all genes are expressed. We have one set of genes and a backup set of genes (except the Y chromosome in males does not have a backup). If one bit of DNA is damaged, the backup is used, which may have a mutation from the other DNA it is backing up.

Let's say one twin's first bit of DNA could be expressed fine, but the other twin's first bit of DNA somehow becomes damaged, so the body goes to the backup set of DNA, which has the variation or mutation and that gets expressed, which causes him to have some slight variation from his identical twin, such as being left-handed when his twin is right-handed. So, in short, "identical" twins are never fully identical.


Wow, so many people here who aren’t personally affected by the Gay issue think they have it figured out. Just because you explain a theory or quote another person who hasn’t a clue how it is to be gay, or read some dogmatic passage from a centuries old book doesn’t make you correct.

To really understand what’s its like, talk to people who fight discrimination every day. People who were afraid of being found out every day of their lives and exiled from their families. Get to know your neighbors who are gay. Ask them over for dinner or go to a movie together. Get to know someone other than middle class white uber religious people…and “I have a gay nephew in Idaho so I know” doesn’t count.

You don’t have to agree or like what someone else does, but get to know us. There have always been gay people. There WILL always be gay people. We won’t ever go away.


The pro-gay-marriage movement is a pro-marriage movement. It is being championed by and for gay people who WANT to get married, who WANT to be in committed relationships, and WANT to be in permanent, monogamous, disciplined relationships.

The anti-gay-marriage crowd are against gays getting married, or at least they are against gays marrying consenting adults with whom they are sexually compatible.


"God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!!! I'm not a hater but the facts are the facts."

Facts? Facts?! Uh, you realize that God did not create Adam and Eve, right? That's a fairy tale, you know, just like the tooth fairy.

Do all conservatives and religious people live in a fantasy world?


"Adam and Steve"? Gosh, that sure original. It's so funny also.
What brilliant republican minds we have among us.
Ah, the true Christian values of Jesus.
Aint it wonderfull?


Who cares if it's a choice or not.

Spoken like someone who has never been fired for who they date...
instead of what they do.


'The bible makes many things very clear.' - 12:14 p.m.

Dean, many also consider the book a work of fiction.

Have you read the good works of Harry Potter?

Continue to have your faith. Your morals are not in question. But do not be under the assumption that your morals can dicatate another person's life.


What no Adam & Steve?

I don’t know about your God, but over the hill from the garden of Eden, God did create Adam & Steve in the valley of Fabulousity. He also created Eve & Inez on the mountain of Machismo. I think you're missing some of the chapters in the old book of yours.

Don’t worry so much about something that has no direct effect on you or your life.

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