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Published: Thursday, Jan. 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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What a surprise. People would prefer to keep getting their full share of bennies from the government and are willing to tax ANYBODY OTHER THAN THEMSELVES to make it happen.

But they are fooling themselves if they persist in this benighted belief, since all those other people will simply pass the increased costs along to the ultimate consumer and add a little something extra for the additional trouble they've had to go to.

Also, are these extra taxes going to go back down once the crisis is over and the tax base recovers? Of course not. Every penny will be squandered in future good times and the crisis that comes after this crisis will force the average citizen to undergo yet another round of involuntary extraction of their funds one way or the other.

Say no to higher taxes on anybody now. Or say yes to higher taxes only on government employees and legislators. That should put an end to the whole dishonest scheme.

LIes and Deceit.

There should be a law that any results of a poll cannot be published if the poll question are not published along with the results. This would clear the air somewhat at how deceitful these polls are being used.

There is no way anyone in their right mind would favor any higher taxes for a government that has become so inept and irresponsible. There is no way the working americans favor taking pay cuts, job loss, and forced debt and agree to paying more taxes too. This poll must have targeted the welfare and professional government dependents. Polls can be done by the demographics they choose to get the results they want and are meaningless as fact or truth. Polls are not random or accurate, they reflect the demographics and population preplanned and are nothing more than lies. And believe me, Utah has demographic maps for every conceivable poll by religion, citizenship, race, income, jobs, education level, political agenda, etc, so they are anything but random.

Tighten Belts

Utah has a slight advantage in its total tax structure relative to other states. This is partially offset by Utah's distance from major population centers, cold winters/hot summers and lack of diversity. To preserve Utah's competitiveness, local governments should tighten belts further before hiking taxes. We need to retain our economic edge more than ever in this economic environment.


My vote is for cuts. When times are tough, government needs to learn to deal with it just like we do. If we expand or maintain govt. when times are tough, govt will grow even more when times are good. Big govt. is bad govt.


It is time for a pay cut for all state workers. They need to feel the effects of the downturn like everybody else. When you figure in benefits and retirement plans into compensation, government workers make much more than private workers.


53% of the poll responders do not pay state income taxes. Ask those who pay taxes and the results will be much different.


They didn't ask me. More taxes means less freedom, period. One day we will learn the virtues of a smaller government. Until then, hang on, its going to be a bumpy ride.

Tax Increases

If we are going to increase taxes let's do it on everything, including gas and especially food. We don't all drive, but we all eat so it's a burden on all. Personally I would prefer budget cuts. In our own families we just have to cut our overhead if we are in a budget crunch. I think the govt. should do the same.


Shows that the radical right is not really all that preferred in Utah. Get past the intimidation by conservatives, and Utahns are actually more moderate and pragmatic.

As long as it's someone else

People that aren't going to pay the tax should not be allowed to vote on a measure they will receive a benefit for. "Hey free stuff, that sounds great! Where do I sign?" Politicians obviously know this and make promises to their constiuents using someone elses dime.


Let's see, the polls showing Americans don't want Obamacare are accurate and Dems are arrogant for not listening to the people....but this poll is a lie or who cares we're not raising taxes anyway.

Better Education

Utah already lags terribly in per pupil spending -- and believe me, it shows. We moved from out of state recently and the schools here are a good grade level (and sometimes two in math) behind the curriculum of other states. I for one would be happy to pay more in taxes to increase the quality of public education in Utah. Both the teachers and students deserve better!


"Waddoups said Utahns can expect more budget cuts no matter what happens with tax increases. He said those cuts could include closing a college campus, shutting down a prison and eliminating some support services for the state's needy."

What?! Raise taxes on my food if it means keeping criminals in prison.

Nice poll

I'm sure the question was: "would you rather tax cigarettes or cut school lunch for disadvantaged children?" Totally agree with "Lies and Deceit". Disappointed the Deseret News would try to push an agenda of higher taxes and bigger government. How about some transparency in your story?


Respondents favor raising taxes on coal and oil but, not food. They don't seem to comprehend that raising energy costs will increase the cost of food.


Increase the health insurance premiums that State employees pay. As a State employee I am embarassed by how low my premiums are for my family in contrast to the private sector and the benefits are outstanding. I know it's politically incorrect to say this and I will be viewed as a traitor by my fellow State employees, but at least in my line of work, I don't make significantly less then I would in the private sector and I have worked in both. I love the 4 10 hour days and the great benefits but I would rather pay more than potentially lose my job.


Where did they conduct this poll? In the Avenues where all the liberals and progressive myopics live?


Most who favor increased taxes surely understand the taxes likely will not fall on them. Selfish behavior.


We have lived through decades of tax cuts without seeing any benefit as far as our deficit decreasing, in fact it is the opposite, our deficit has grown.

Since we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch we have to continue in our house of smoke and mirrors or else face the music.

There is talk of smaller and leaner government. Won't happen, in fact it is like the deficit shrinking with tax cuts.

When the economy was booming was the social security system broke, I venture to say it was. Now the economy is flat is the ss system broke? It is again or rather still.

No matter how painful we are going to have to bite the bullet and pay more taxes. It stinks, economically it bites.

I am looking for one honest politician anywhere to say "we are going to have to be fiscally responsible and increase taxes" or a leader who will say we have to tighten the purse strings til it hurts.

Til then we are broke.

Countries who pay higher taxes are happier.

Google it.


I'll gladly pay more taxes if they will go to schools and police/fire.

Also our freeways are in pretty good shape right now. We don't need to be rebuilding the whole stretch of i-15 in Utah Co. It is fine for a few more years then we can tackle it when the economy improves.

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