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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Saving a Childs life, brings Joy

Thankyou St.George Pilot for being a person that understands helping a Broken down frail dying person.
Most of All you sure made thier Day with "GoodIntentions" to some one whos in pain not enough food and water they have no place to go..

As youre making a Differnce to try to Help those Haiti Island people..

I'm all for stealing!!

Jeremy is my Hero and my Kindred Spirit.

He is doing what I have been wishing for days that someone would do--and what I would do if I had a helicopter:

"[Jeremy] would do anything to stanch the pain he sees coursing all around him, and the daily stabs of suffering he sees is like torture. So when it comes to bringing food to starving children, he'll steal it from the growing mountain of untouched aid at the airport and helicopter it to their door."

You are one of the Jean val Jean's of Haiti!!

Your so-called 'stealing' is surely heaven blessed. We are praying for you.

thanks for this story

Thanks to Amy of Des News for this story.

And THANKS to this guy with a brain and heart and the gumption to go with it. Blessings to him.

I love this guy.

Jeremy's comments are the most human and sacred I think I've read in this entire week. And his true charity the most touching.You hang in there.


Instead of trying to evacuate the island and taking children from their family and parents, why doesn't he fly in some needed supplies instead? I'm sure the children would rather be with family than in a strange and scary country.

It seems selfish to think he is doing anyone any good by kidnapping these children out of the arms of family. This is going a little too far in trying to help the people of Haiti. His sympathetic motives and gesture will do more harm than good for these children and their families.

Re: why

Read the story. These are orphans that are in the process of being adopted. The families waiting for these children are going to praise this man for years.

Re: to WHY?

Ok. I am a personal friend of jeremy. He has the biggest heart I have ever encountered. He would do anything for anyone. He does not have a selfish bone in his body and if you actually read the article it says he is bringing food to them also. He is not doing any harm by getting children homes and making sure they are safe and not going to die! Also orphans don't have parents he isn't just taking kids that have parents. Really you are very judgemental on someone you don't even know. why don't you try helping even if you are not rich instead of tearing someone elses efforts down!


This man is AMAZING! These kids are Orphans...they dont have families!!! They are in danger....this man is doing more than all of us! GOD BLESS HIM!

Warren Pugh

Anyone else opposed to bureaucracy and in favor of hard work? I'd like to meet you.


Please do not adopt these children and turn them into copies of yourselves!

They are the future of Haiti and the Haitian culture!

If you want to help, help them rebuild their society and culture, but do not take them over and make them into YOU! That is not love, that is a pernicious form of selfishness!

Wihy? Didn't you read

He IS flying in food for pete's sake. Read the article. There is nothing "selfish" in what he is doing shame on you for even saying that.

What "arms of the family" do you know about? These children are ORPHANS translation: they have no "arms of family" already. All he's doing is trying to get them to safety. There was a 6.1 aftershock today. How much more can be done for these children there in safety?

Please. Have a heart.


re: please

Do you want them to stay there being THEMselves and die or to survive?



Maybe their parents should take responsibility in raising their children so the Haitian culture can survive. If they won't do it, those children can find loving homes here and the parents who love them can raise them however they please. If their parents are giving them up, they are giving up the right to have their children carry on the Haitian culture.

Clint Christopher Beck

Haiti and the world need clones of Jeremy Johnson and all those selfless doctors, pilots, and rescue workers who have put their lives, time, and personal finances before everything to help our fellow brothers and sisters of Haiti. I know Jeremy and can say this is only 1 of 1000 plus selfless acts he has pursued!


I am not sure what permission they are waiting on, but I know a call to the governors office asking them to cut through the red tape can never hurt. Call 801-538-1000


i hope the governor of utah can cut through the red tape to let the kids come to utah so they can get healthy and have a better place to sleep and be love in this time of hardship.


I hope that someday I can help people like that. We need more people like that! (and less of the kind we have in washington)


Risking your life for the saftey of others is the ultimate sacrifice. Jeremy thank you for your example, I hope this kind of Charity spreads to the hearts of all those who hear about this story and beyond. I love people like you!


One big problem with just delivering aid to the children, is the adult population will do anything to them to get that food. The best solution for and orphan is to have them evacuated safely to a secure area asap. Thanks Jeremy and others for all you do.


Go Jeremy Go! What a selfless, caring, wonderful person you are to try and help God's suffering children. You are amazing. Thank you for all you are trying to do to alleviate the suffering and starvation. You are TREMENDOUS!

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