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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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yew Lost Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boylen: If you're not playing hurt you're not playing hard enough.

O really, Ask Fredette=49 points At AZ!!!

Dear About to be Former Coach, BYU is going to kill yew

Thank You

At least we have gymnastics to fall back on


Last I checked, this article is about gymnastics, but reading does not seem to be the forte of "Aztecs the BYU fan"

Re: Aztecs

A BYU fan is the first commenter on an article about Utah gymnastics and he's dropping....basketball smack?

Little Brother Syndrome is alive and well in Provo this morning, I see....

RE: Re: Aztecs

Sounds like YOU are suffering from the little brother syndrome.

9-9 vs. 18-1. Yeah, right. And you think the Utes can talk basketball smack?

What a pathetic showing in the Huntsman Center.

Please keep Boylen. This is great.


Nobody's debating that BYU is better at basketball...clearly they are. What I'm wondering is why you're running BYU basketball smack on a Utah gymnastics article?

Like I said, Little Brother Syndrome in full effect....

RE: Huh?

Maybe the Utes Men's Basketball team should scrimage the women's gymnastics team.

They might have a chance.

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