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Published: Monday, Jan. 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Texas Ute

Nice Job Coach Whit . . . welcome men, to the two-time BCS busin', Alabama whoopin', Utah Utes!

Big Ute Fan

Two more solid commitments. Well done, Coach Whittingham and staff! We don't get a lot of fanfare with our recruits, but Coach Whitt has a way of quietly going about winning.

Salt Lake Cougar

Good job yewts! I hope that are decent players.. you're going to need them to stay competitive over the next few years. We wouldn't want to see your football program take a nosedive like your basketball program has done.


Maybe the Utes should get Whit to coach the men's basketball team also! lol

nose dive?

Your Right a 9-8 utah team that has a very tough schedule so far is in a nose dive. We are expected to be a 25-30 win team each yr. BYU's nose dive was when they were winning 1-10 games a yr in the 90's

Thanks cougars!



Coach Whit goes about quietly winning, except for when he is not so quietly crying after losing to BYU 3 out of the past 4 years. We all know that is the only game that either school cares about! Go Cougars!

Nose Dive - UNLV

You really think BYU will defeat the Rebels in Vegas? I've got the Rebel's and 10 points


True statement. The Utes fall back on their BCS this and BCS that, but the bottom line, and we ALL know it, is that the only game BYU or the U cares about is their matchup. And, Coach Whit has lost 3 out of the last 4 years. Those are the facts. And, you can say what you want about Max Hall saying what he did after the game, but it never really got in the paper how unclassy the behavior of some of the family members of a certain U coach during and after the game was. The media has a funny way of skewing facts and behaviors.


I was told that the two QBs, this year for Utah were a gift from GOD. With a true freshman and a good sophmore, as indicated this past year, where are the new ones going to line up? I have the same question for BYU. The upcoming year is going is be fun to watch, with both teams, soph-freshman qbs, against a few real good teams just frosting at the mouth to get the Utah teams. GO-----.


No more smack talk about short corners, huh guys? Keep in mind that outside of McKay Jacobson, BYU's recievers will AVERAGE about 6-4 for the next three or four years.

Be as fast as you'd like. It won't matter when we throw it over your heads.


The only thing I need to know when the recruiters come knocking is who has integrity and who will be honest with me about my options, who won't bad mouth another school to make themselves look better, and who won't lie to me and lead me along for months into thinking they are interested in me when they really aren't. BYU falls under the first statement and the U takes the grand prize for the rest. Utah might have the "big" wins but they don't have the respect of a lot of kids they have exploited over the years. Say what you want about BYU, but they have integrity and a coach that isn't a sell out.


Right on. It's happened many times and that's one of the big difference between these programs.

Need to set example

BYU fans, including myself, need to start setting the example of what BYU football stands for like good sportsmanship and class. It's tough when we try and Utah fans knock us for it, but it's the standard we've set and we need to try harder at living it.

re: @recruiting | 12:51 p.m.

"Right on. It's happened many times and that's one of the big difference between these programs."

OK zoobies, your calling into question the Utes recruiting "integrity" but you give ZERO specific expamples? I'm very interested in hearing your specific concerns? Looking forward to your responses

Crickets Crickets Crickets


The only way as a Ute fan I would be up for a rivalry game is when the Utes are on their way to another BCS bowl. But if its just bragging rights for the state of Utah? BYU can have it cuz I don't really care! Losing to BYU won't hurt my feelings, because I don't really care about the whole rivalry thing. It would be Boise St, the only two teams out of non-BCS conferences to go to the BCS twice and win twice. That is where the competition is and that would hurt my feelings more than anything else. BSU has a good program going in Idaho.

Re: recruiting

Speak for yourself BYU fans. Your coach and football program has no integrity coming from a Mormon (religious) school. Heck, your right up there with Notre Dame. Coach Whitt does = honest with all recruits, and if you go to Utah, you will compete for the starting job, nothing is a given. BYU on the other hand uses psychological ploys to get recruits to BYU, "We are a national championship contending school and will get there with you!" Hold up, your last championship is the reason why you or any other school outside the BCS hasn't been to a NCG. I think Coach Mendenhall and the university failed to mention that to their recruits. Thanks a lot BYU, for nothing!

Cougars with some sass today

Who has "little brother syndrome" again? Cougars don't care about their "little brother" up north at all, do they?


Oh, and I love the guy that wrote the "recruiting" post above, waited 7 minutes and then proceeded to write his own "@recruiting" response.

Now back to the article, good luck to the two young men coming to Utah. Hope it works out well for you and the team.

RE:Woody | 12:41 p.m.

"I was told that the two QBs, this year for Utah were a gift from GOD. With a true freshman and a good sophmore, as indicated this past year, where are the new ones going to line up?"

Ok "Woody", I guessing your new to football and Utes football specifically. I think the"sophmore" you speak of is Terrance Cains who will be a JC senior next year. As far as the new talent identified as QB's? well, it's not the positon they will play with the Utes. Brian Blechan 3 star (5.8) will probably play LB.

Whit has a knack at findings talent (typically the best players are at QB) and making them stars at other positions.

Glad I could help.

Man in the Mirror

It is true that BYU is the "national champion" snicker snicker, in the last 20 years to have NEVER gone to a BCS bowl.

I think that says everthing you need to know about their "national championship"


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