Comments about ‘Sundance Film Festival has brought many stars to Utah over the years’

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Published: Monday, Jan. 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Redford is the man! Makes me proud to be a Utahn--a true artist and talent.


Maybe all the Stars coming to Sundance Film Festival could go to Haiti instead. Maybe they could walk from the airport to the city. Maybe that way, the crush of Hollywood star worshipers who would be following them could clear a path for water, food and medical teams to get through.




I thought Utah was being boycott because of Prop 18? Where is their conviction?


The Sundance Film Festival is nice, but not a significant "star" event. Celebrities look at Utah more as a novelty rather than a great destination...

Re: Star Struck

Way to try to big note yourself while at the same time you little note the state. How would you know how celebrities view Utah?


A lot of celebrities have homes in Park City.


An indy film festival sounds great, but it turns out there is a reason most of these guys are independents and don't have studio contracts: all but 2 or 3 of the films are unwatchable. They really stink. It's putting a camera in the hands of recent film school graduates with no real world experience, skewed values, limited perspective and no stories to tell.


Gotta love their environmental hypocrisy. Their "big" homes and flying in their jets waste and pollute more resources than their measly efforts in driving their "green" hybrids.

yes sir..A lot who Live there

Or those that are some way Affiliated...


I find many if not most “stars” (horrible choice of adjectives) pathetic and would not spend .10 cents to support their craft. Stay home! Could careless also for Sundance Film Festival.

who cares what is said..

Utah is some others Favorite Place to LIVE


do we want celebrities to come here? This is a conservative state. Celebrities are liberal, why not go to liberal states? We certainly dont share the same sentiments. I, find it strange that liberals seem to frequent conservative states while pressing their liberals views upon us. I am completely fine with segregating liberals and conservatives alike. Pile the liberals all in California, they can have that state, and us conservatives stay here in Utah. agree?

re: Maybe @ 6:05

Maybe YOU should be in Haiti lending a hand of sort instead of making a fool of yourself trying to sound like your idol, Rush Limbaugh on these blogs.

"America Utah Love it or Leave .

Utah America has so much Talent!

geeezzDoesnt ever Go to shows

Or have any fun in thier
lives instead of hiding in a cave..


Is there anyone who really cares if a bunch of spoiled ego freaks come to Utah and pretend they are real! Redford is the biggest hypocrite and joke of them all. I can't believe that with all that is going on in the world right now, that the media would give this bunch time or space at all.

your comments are Boring..

Just stay hiding in a Cave Dont burn your Tongue

Who Cares?

Stars? Real stars are real people who do real good. These are a bunch inflated egos. Yes, bring your money and improve our economy, but please do not elevate yourselves above those who do real good in the world.

If you want to applaud someone, give a hand to all of the volunteers who are in Haiti helping.

Either way dont like the place

Stay home & Dont Go
to any of the programs or shows That Utah Offers..

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