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Published: Saturday, Jan. 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sweet Win, now hopefully it can be backed up with a win against the Bucks!

ed greene

thats what the utah jazz is all About, giving the unknown player a shot at glory, and the jazz has been and still is the only team in the nba that teaches honor and character, which is all but gone anywhere.

Nice shot, Mr. Korver

Much has been said about Gaine's winning shot, but let's give credit to the extremely difficult shot Korver nailed over the backboard to set that up!

re: Nice Shot

I agree! That was missed by many and made the electrifying shot by Gaines possible.

Also, kudos to KOC and Sloan for making the call to get this kid...


great win & unbelievable shots by Gaines & Korver but we shouldn't have even been in that situation if Sloan could make a few adjustments. He was willing to just sit back & watch James torch us down the stretch & not double him. Also Mo was taking our point guards to school on the defensive end. How about a pick on the ball or screen roll to help our points out a little.


Loved that game...however, I predict a let down tonight

Nevada fan

I have been hard on this guy (korver) great game and heart, and I apologize to all his fans. I am not completely sold on him, but if he keeps it up I am in. great game and hustle Korver.


JB too bad you are not a familiar with the NBA. Perhaps your rosy idea of stopping LeBron in the fourth is something you should share with the other teams in the league. Charles Barkley is also out to lunch as he played for years and he said that LeBron is unstoppable in the 4th qtr. Not sure about your statement of making a few adjustments and overcoming James.

Mr. Anonymous you are predicting a let down. Is that because you cannot live in the moment? The Jazz just came back on the team with the best record in the east and they did it with style with all people contributing, some outstanding and you predict a let down. How about a predicting a loss in the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs.

The Jazz just enjoyed one of the best wins of the past 3 seasons and it should be enjoyed up til the tip off of their next game. Change your name to Eyore or chicken little.

todd from santa ana

Brandon Jennings will be worth the price of admission and Andrew returns to Utah. Looking forward with eager anticipation of a fun night of NBA and high entertainment, for those of you going have a great time....

todd to doug

Doug, I respect people that have good logical takes, and that is why I miss Magnus even though like you he "was a Sloanaholic"

You are not a veteran of these boards. You can say what you want. However, this defending of everything the Jazz do, everything Jerry, Kevin do it is with such vigor, I cannot help but wonder is there something in this for you?

Sorry, that is my opinion. It does not mean one has to be always negative. I have been fair. I said O COnnor does a great job with "undrafted players". Heck, i even thought the 3 guys we cut that played In England were not bums either.


You have some good points. Mo Williams is just better and more experienced than either of the Jazz combo guards. Sloan did put Price in and that helped.

Double teaming James would have left others open for 3s and cuts to the basket. About the only way to stop James was to foul him before he could shoot. That has it's own set of risks.

Invisible Man

The JAZZ will have a great game tonight and roll to an easy victory, thats the way Basketball works the Bucks are missing their top scoreer in Redd and they will play good in the first half down by 8 or 10, then the energy of the Jazz fans will wear them down. Thats the way it will happen they will ride the win the other night, I predict a 27 point victory.

well it could happen that way?

And on stopping Lebron James in the 4th he does it all the time its not a Jazz thing, well when he traveled to hit that step back three pointer after he missed his free throw, yea that giant step back without dribbling well that was a travel and that is one thing that makes him good is only a few players are allowed to do that and not get it called.

The Jazz do have heart!

Who says the Jazz don't have heart? There was plenty of heart Thursday night. What a show. The team did not give up. Everyone of them hung in there to the end. Nice to see Korver get some respect. He was awesome. Also fun to see the new kid realize his dream. Here's hoping they can keep up their energy over the next few games. Keep it going guys!

Super Game

Great feat for the new kid! Terrific game for the guy with a gimpy leg too! He plays like crazy even when his shots don't go in the hole. Korver brings it off the bench! He plays smart ball! A great game overall for everyone! Way to go Jazz!

Re: Doug

I'am predicting a loss in the 1st round of the playoffs like always unless Sloan starts using the bigs now to get them ready. When you go to the playoffs you better go big or stay home. Especially if you piddle around during the season trying to make small ball work and go in as the 8th seed against a taller longer Lakers team. By the way the Lakers brought in Kareem to tudor Bynum the last few years and Phil Jackson saw the importance of giving Bynum playing time to bring him along. 10-20 minutes a night. Fes's rooky year he out played Bynum when we beat the Lakers. ( Fes got a chance to play only because of injuries.)


John Wicks

Game should not have come down to last shot if the Jazz could make their free throws. James gets away with playing football on the court. It's a disgrace to the league. Tonight the Jazz blow out the Bucks.

Way to go Korver

Can't wait to see Korver's game when his knee heals all the way! He brings it with every ounce of strength he has. Korver is a hustle player. He knows how to pass the ball! He gives it all he's got when he's on the floor! He is a great leader! The fans love him and ticket sales should improve now that he's playing more!

Jazz Cop

So, the jazz had a magical moment, does that suddenly make them a "good" team? The fans will get carried away believing that, but the players and coaches should know better. You can't overlook how much we've struggled. The magic moment is a good sign, but its not a cure for the reasons that the jazz aren't better than they really are. I don't think there's many people in the orginization who will want to push that magical moment further, measures can be taken, but if history is any indication, we'll see the jazz relapse tonight, they're going to come out like they're too good to have to get up for a game against milwaukee at home, and then after the jazz embarass themselves, i'll humiliate the players even more by pointing out everything they did that was wrong. even doug might say something negative about sloan, so you know, miracles happen everyday, nothing to get excited about.


Hey Jazz Cop... I dont know if you realized but they are on a 3 game winning streak? Its not just that magical moment they are riding on! Sure they were down! The Lakers lost 3 of 4... are they all the sudden a bad team? They have their problems but they arent a bad team.. they were in a slump.. they have worked hard to get out of it and are playing good basketball!


I hope you keep posting. Although I wish Fes would get to play and I think AK was treated badly a few years ago, I could be called a Sloanaholic. The constant negative stuff on this board gets a little tedious. We know a number of writers want Sloan fired.....and some of us disagree. Your comments have added some balance.

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