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Published: Saturday, Jan. 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Texas Cougar

That's cool on a few levels.

First, that he was offered this job.

Second, that he turned it down to stay with a MWC team.

and Third, that the best coach-to-coach rivalry (fox sports listed it as such) of the past decade will stay intact.

Smart Move

Whittingham is better suited to Utah, and he pretty much has a job for life.

At Tennessee he'd be on the hot seat the minute he lost to Urban Meyer.


As a BYU fan, I am glad that Whittingham turned down the job. He's a great coach and I think he is good for Utah's program. A stronger Utah means a stronger MWC, which gives the conference the much needed respect it is lacking. Thanks Kyle for hanging around. See you in November!

Welcome back Kyle

Utah really dodged a bullet, but Kyle is a family man and didn't want to be jerking his kids from high school to high school.

Whittingham has a lifetime job at Utah, if he wants it.

Living in the fishbowl that is the SEC, Kyle may not have been given a chance to resurrect a Tennessee program that will be in shambles next year and may have only lasted a couple of years.

Besides, Kyle is probably too ethical to survive the recruiting battles that go on down south.

Ute Fan

This is great news for Ute Fans. Whittingham is a stud and he's definitely got his head on straight. He's about more than just the money.

Great News for Cougar Fans

This is great news for BYU fans. Wittingham is average at best and had he gone Utah might have attracted someone as good as Urban Meyer. We're all safe for now. Utah thinks they have a great coach so they're happy, BYU will keep beating Utah so they're happy. You see, we can all be happy.


As a Cougar fan I congratulate Coach W on being qualified to receive such an offer. It speaks well of both his own character the quality of coaches in our conference.

I'm glad he's staying.

Tennessee mess

How many coaches have turned down Tennessee. Let's see; Gruden (former NFL), Muschamp (Texas), Cutcliffe (Duke), Calhoun (Air Force), Whittingham (Utah) and god only know who else. Must be a real "Dream Job" - way to go Volunteer nation.


I'm a big fan of Whittingham. My memory keeps taking me back to the 2007 season and the posts on these Deseret News articles. Back then, there were a ton of posts from Ute fans slamming Whittingham and calling for him to be fired. Those people were (and I expect still are) idiots, and I'm sure they'll resurface at some point in the future when things aren't going the greatest. I am constantly amazed at the fickle nature of many (most?) sports fans.


Good for you Coach. Loved you at the Y love you at the U. To all Y and U fans glad someone can stand up for what is right. None better than Kyle & Bronco. I am a fan of both but a little bluer than Red in Nov.

He does not need that headache. What a mess most other programs are in and the stress. Here there is some but we will just have great teams that the rest of the nation ignor until we play an Alabama or Oklahoma. Then the Red and Blue come out.

Congrats Coach. Money is not everything.

Die Hard Ute

If Whittingham was such a crappy coach why would he take Utah to a 13-0 season and a Sugar Bowl win...? Being the only undefeated team in the nation. When was the last time Bronco did that well with BYU? Oh yeah, he hasnt...


RE: Great News for Cougar Fans.

If only an average coach gets a team to an undefeated season, BCS game and #2 ranking, what do you call a coach who doesn't get to that level?

re: Great News for Cougar Fans

BCS Trips and Wins

Kyle - 1
Bronco/Gary/Lavell - 0

Nuff Said.


Coach Whit is a humble family man. Utah is a great place for him. As for any slams by YBU fans, well the humility that Coach Whit carries in his pinkey finger is more than Bronco has ever displayed in his entire body. Rather than accepting the fact that YBU was beaten badly by TCU, coach Bronco blammed it on execution...whereas Coach Whit stated they were beaten by a better team. YBU fans, that is what is called humility. Try it for once you might enjoy it as come this November the U will be serving a large slice of humble pie to you...


Let's see, if I were earning $1.2 million and I was offered $2.4 million, would I take it in a heartbeat? Hard to say, since when you're talking seven figure incomes, it doesn't even register with me. But I know people want to be "respected" and keep up with their peers as much as they can, so with Kyle there must have been overriding personal, and I hope loyalty, concerns. Besides, really, what can you do with $2.4 that you can't do with $1.2?

re: Die Hard Ute

Honestly, calm down. He's getting compliments here from BYU fans. Stay off the steroids, homie. lol.....

Nuff Said

BYU 26 Utah 23

Nuff Said

Re Danburtreynolds

I know, I know....a Donko!! What do I win?

To: re:Great News for Cougar Fan

Are you really that mentally incapacitated?

Kyle may have a BCS win but don't forget . . .

Lavell Edwards - BYU 1984 National Champions

BYU won in November too. Don't forget that either, and three out of the last four.

National Championships

and Heisman Trophies won

The epitome of excellence in college football.

Utah 0

Final Word!

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