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Rookie buries buzzer-beater to propel Jazz past Cavaliers

Published: Friday, Jan. 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I've been to hundreds of Jazz games and that was the best finish ever!!! I've never seen the place go that nuts!! Gaines!!


The team still has a lot to improve, but that was a terrific game. We got to see an awesome performance by The King and Gaines' three at the end was a perfect ending to the journeyman guard. Great game.


3..2..1..ball goes up....buzzer....nothing but net!!! What a way to show you deserve more than a 10 day contract! Way to go Gaines!

Awesome Game

This win took every wing on the team and all of the PGs. Each made their own contribution on offense and defense. Look at the box score and the efficiency is in the wings/backup PGs. They also played very good defense late with a lot of steals and stops.

James was impossible to stop late without AK.

Great win. Great shots by Gaines and Korver. CJ and Mathews also had 3s.

Gaines will only get better as he learns the offense. He can shoot, play D, has size and can go to the hole. He does a decent job of running the offense with little experience.

I am not missing Maynor tonight.


By far the best game of the season! Williams and AK get injured, Boozer fouls out and Gaines, who is on a new 10 day contract hits the game winner! Amazing! Keep it up Jazz! Exclamation Point!


Sloan was gutsy to throw Gaines back in at the end.
Even though Gaines led the surge in the fourth, that's great coaching to put your best shooters out there, even if you're not sure how they'll perform.

That said, what a shot by Gaines!
Pretty sure Maynor wouldn't have hit that shot!!!

Congrats Jazz (now we need to make a trade so we can have some momentum that will last. Tyrus Thomas for Boozer? Sounds like a deal to me. We just need to do something)!


Way to go gaines! Thanks to tnt I got to see you play. The way you ran the team was a huge catalyst for the team turning the corner on cleveland and taking the lead. Huge last shot too! Maybe the jazz have too gems as rookies.

Its hard to get too excited about this team though. There are a lot of players I don't like
1)boozer. His antics last year rubbed me wrong and he needs to go. His fist pumping after everything is annoying. Seriously, wehy doesn't he dunk? He missed two layups he could have jammed and missed a dunk too. He's so weak inside. Please go away boozer. I know the frontrunners like you again but you are a bum

Cj---is there a shot he doesn't like? Only good play I saw was the pass to mathews on the corner. Even his "big" dunk was selfish.

stayed up

late game. but it was one of those you had to be there to see it because I can't explain it..

Jazz did great except for the injuried list grew wiht dwill and AK? not surprising. b ball is all about the wrists and knees,..
Good job diata good jog jazzz

Johnny Allred

What a game!! This one has to go down as one of the most exciting finishes we've ever seen. Let's start working on a Sundiata statute....

Woo Whoo!!

Great great game! Let's just enjoy this one!



Brewer...dang would be nice if he could shoot!
Ak...I like him overall but his prformance to contract value ruins it overall

I've loved this team for a long time so I feel bummed out that the only two players I would want from this team are two undrafted rookie


great clutch shooting, and while I realize it is actually the first time Gaines has ever done something like this on national television against King James but please for the sake of all of us long time Jazz fans, don't go jumping on the scorers table like you've never made that shot before....we don't need you acting like a receiver on a 6 yard catch on second and 1 pointing out the fact that he just did his job and caught the ball. Nice shot, get it signed by the team, but stay off the table.

Matt Tanner

Amazing shot from gaines. Jazz have not had a shot like that since the stockton shot



great game

Too many people left early and missed the miracle. Best game of the season

Serves them right

I was at the game, I saw a few Cavs fans leaving with 5 minutes left when the Jazz were up by about 12.
I then saw Jazz fans leaving when the Cavs were up 6 with 1 minute left.
Greatest game I've been too.
Glad I didn't leave early.


I plead with you Jazz, keep the Greenies!! We win in them!!! Talk about one of the most fantastic/frustrating games, I thought we had it then we lost it then WOW, that is all I can say!
I just want everyone to know I figured out the cure for the Jazz, where the Green jerseys and play on national tv all the time and we will always win! Haha, unlikely but it would be awesome!!!
Wow I'm still in awe, my brother and I woke up everyone in the house haha!!!!!


Who cares if he jumped on the table?? The kid just made the shot of his life!

As much as I hope he ends up having a great career in the NBA (with the Jazz or elsewhere) he may end up not playing another game after this season. If I were him, I'd have done the same thing, plus take my shirt off and/or autograph a Jazz dancer's chest. It's sports! Celebrate a little!

Re: plyxply

Be quiet!!!

You're not the one making a game winning three pointer. Until you do, don't tell him what he can and can't do.

97-96 GreatGame Jazzz~

right on CARLOS and
All those from r UtJazz
winning team!!!!!!!

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