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Published: Friday, Jan. 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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todd from santa ana

You guys can rip me apart and it is easy too after "you win" most of the Sloan ites....Most of the OConnor SUpporters-only go on here to say "i told you so" or "sloan is great we told you so because we win a couple of suprising results"

What is the "body of the work over a season" remember last year? The first half of this season?

I will say it again: You could give Jerry "the greatest roster" and he still would not win an NBA title...He has "to prove" it to me.

I am on here good and bad. I even have the class to praise Sloan and O Connor when deserved as I have proven for the last year.

Further, we will see about Gaines. If anyone tell me O Connor sent off Maynor because "not including salary dump, he already knew Gaines could be nba player"?

That is a reach....

Can we not be happy about Gaines and hope he contributes to us when called upon?

I do support our team. Still this team is 1 major deal away from being #2 in the West.

That is where I have problems withg GM


seems to do well against the best of breed. The tougher the competition the better he plays. He is probably a born competitor that loves his game. this makes the game extrtemely interesting for me. He is no slacker. He will give the Jazz fans something interesting to watch.


Game winning shots...1, miles game winning shots...0,that`s gotta be eatin at you,eh miles?


You can stay on the CJ bandwagon for as long as you want,just realize it`s not going anywhere because as you stated yourself he is lazy,out of shape,winded all the time,and worst of all he`s a ballhog,who is not all that good a shooter and not a team player,notice on the replays when Gaines hit the game-winner and was mobbed,CJ was no where to be found

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