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Published: Friday, Jan. 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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todd from santa ana

Gaines unbelievable heart, you are the kind of young man that will being pride back to these colors

Bless you son

Sundy Gaines to the Rescue !

An unlikely hero in Jazz victory against Cleveland Lebrons er, cavaliers.
What a rollercoaster it was !


What a way to end the game! Played pretty decent throughout - but to make the game winning 3 pointer while on a 10 day contract?! Incredible!

Thank you O'Connor

Gaines was the savior tonight!!!!! I was unsure of this guy when Kevin brought him in but he just secured his place in Jazz lore and he needs to stay until the end of the season. SWEET GAME

Sundy Gaines and K. Korver

Wont it for the Jazz.
Kyle with an unbelievable shot behind the board to bring the Jazz within 2 and Sundy's winning 3!

Glad to see Sundy beat LeBron
This kid is a keeper for the rest of the season.


what a game tonight. best one i have seen in a lot of years. i was a nervous wreck when gains made that killer shot. I could not believe my eyes when it dropped in. it was great!


To everyone who cried bloody murder when the Jazz traded Mayor: You may now proceed to insert your foot into your mouth. Thank you.


stay off the table, now we can say please act like you've done it before. Nice shot by the way, gnite.

todd to attention

separate issues, what a silly statement


Hey "plyxply", we need a little more of that emotion from our players. I want to see some heart and desire. Yata was just overcome with the emotion that he finally made it in the NBA.


Now O'conner doesn't seem like quite the idiot you all said he was. I've said all along that KOC knew what he was doing.. happy that Gaines proved it during the game!


Holy Man

Sunday-aught-a-Gain you some extra blessings if you do the right things to keep it holy!


On National TV? Too bad nobody saw it in most markets due to the late start time.

Hold your horses

One clutch shot does not make Gaines a good player. Unfortunately, that's historically been the attitude of Jazz ownership and fans. That's the reasoning that got us 12 years of Greg Ostertag.

There's a reason Gaines was in the d-league....he's not good enough to play in the NBA. And that didn't change just because he hit a timely three.


yata made a bigger shot last night than any of our starter have made all season.

Against a team with the most wins in the league?

National TV?

A rookie?

His first made NBA 3pt shot?

He did great and as far as I'm concerned he deserved the scorers table with as big as shot as this franchise has seen in several years.

re: attention

You have to be sentimental with Todd. His ego is smarting about now since he undoubtedly was criticizing O'Conner about the Maynor trade and every other fantasy trade that O'Conner can't make (neither can any GM but that seems beside the point).

Now Sundiata hits Todd between the eyes and makes O'Conners signing look brilliant.

It must really stink to be Todd.

He complains about everything and everyone and then day after day the RESULTS and FACTS discredit everything he says.

hold your horses

He has been a consistent player who takes care of the ball and consistently makes the mid range jumper. He has done everything expected with his opportunities.

re: plyxply

Why don't you just go back and stay a cheerleader for your Alta Hawks.


Funny how two "nobodies" are key (and underpaid) Jazz players this year (Matthews and Gaines). By year's end, the Jazz should be in pretty good shape for a deep playoff run, sans key injuries then.

Recent wins over really good teams shows that the Jazz can compete at a high level. They just now need to do it consistently, and on the road.

Being the ONLY NBA team with wins over the Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, and San Antonio Spurs is very interesting. Shows potential.


Gaines should have earned a contract for the rest of the season with that shot. But it's his solid play since he's been here that is showing his worth. The kid's got talent.

And hold your horses, if you can't recognize talent when it's playing in front of you, you need to take your words some place else. This guy can play, and the Jazz's scouting department saw it too.

Re: Rackman

I expected this kind of response from Jazz fans. You guys have been conditioned well by your ownership.

I recognize talent just fine, thanks, and Gaines doesn't have it. Actually, let me clarify - he has talent compared to the other stiffs that make up the piddling, middle-of-the-road Jazz, but not compared to the rest of the NBA.

I hope you're right - I really do - but I think you're looking at Ostertag part 2 here.

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