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Water, food are the top needs; churches being used for shelter

Published: Friday, Jan. 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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It's nice to hear that the Church was ready to go. And what a blessing that the church has supplies close to the disaster.

Haiti releif

There are several Christian groups that have a active prescence in Haiti, The Salvation Army and The Cross international,along with the donations of Mormons and Muslim charities, the response should be great. The Salvation Army has a history of working with Muslims,I don't know about any history with Mormons.

John Pack Lambert

Hopefully this aid can get to those who need it in a timely fashion. With buildings crashed and roads destroyed, and people trapped inside buildings even getting aid to people will at times prove difficult.


It's a blessing that there were no missionaries in danger or injured. The building standards of LDS chaples is a God sent for these poor people. How wonderful it is to see the world work together and help this country and their people.


I love how prepared the LDS church is for disasters and how it doesn't seem to matter whether or not the people they help are members of their church or not. I have been to their humanitarian aid center and they tirelessly work to prepare for disasters such as this one I wondered if all the work was worth it but at moments like this you know it is


Its phenomenal That all missionaries were protected and that even the meeting house were spared. It does show the the lord protect his faithful saints and also afirm the truthful and sacredness of the restoration.


What do they need, ?& What can we do?


right because god cares more about Mormon missionaries then the Haitian people. I realize that is not what you mean but please be more careful what you say

Bill Bertelsen

Way to go "Church of Jeses Christ of Latter Day Saints" commonly known as the "Mormon Church" . I am so proud to be a member of this Christian church. Also of the human race of good people who step up to the responsability to help in any way they can when a disaster happens.
Loveing one another and looking out for the poor and needy, injured and destitute, in so many ways is the way of Jesus Christ. May God bless all involved.I hope that this tragity can bring peace to all the world and put a smile on the face of GOD.

A in LA

@DENIS AND WENDY, Perhaps your time would be better spent in actually DOING something to help out rather than writing lame, pathetic comments like these....and yes, I HAVE made a donation. Have you?


A in LA, I'm glad you made your donations. I have donated all my life to the LDS Church Welfare fund through my Fast Offerings. I have added extra when asked (Katrina, etc). I'm glad that these donations that I have made all through my life are being used to help these people. So don't act so self righteous because you donated once.

To hear the Missionaries are fine, and the church buildings are fine is also good. That gives the Church places to help not only the members, but everyone else who comes for help.

For: Wendy

No, there are no strings attached to the aid provided by the LDS Church, unlike many government programs. I sincerely hope you never have to endure a natural disaster of this magnitude. It's hard to be sarcastic when you are relying on the kindness of others.

To: Wendy

I'm gald they removed your post.


What a blessing it is to have these resources available.

A in LA: Don't be so judgemental...Those on this board heralding the fact that the missionaries are safe and the meeting houses were spared are grateful that it means that there are more hands to help, and places to organize, administer, minister, and store. No, God doesn't love any one child more than another, but it is possible that through the misfortune of natural disaster or calamity, he provides a way for His children to be taken care of by their brother/sister.

Mike: Like you I have tried throughout my life to observe an honest fast and donate a generous fast offering. The past 10 years of so I have been in a position to donate 10 times what I had the first 10 years of my marriage. Hundreds of millions of dollars are collected annually through the LDS Church for these such purposes. Shame on the naysayers, and shame on the criticizers...this is the Lord's way.

What a great blessing to have so many groups working together. SalvationArmy, Muslim relief, RedCross, LDSHumanitarianAid, and other religious groups...this is the Lord's Way!


Christian,Pastors,lay people and workers have been involved with the people of Haiti for a couple hunderd years. The aid from The Mormons and Muslims is wonderful. Medical supplies have always been a problem.

A in LA

MIKE -You have no idea how many times or the amounts I hae donated "all my life". I am a member of the Church and have donated faithfully through them and others "all my life". I did not wait to be "asked" for extra donations during Katrina before I donated. Pehaps you are just a bit self righteous yourself...what's that about a beam in our own eye.....

To: Mike and A

Guys, knock of the arguing and snide comments, this is not about you and what you have and haven't done. You ought to know better as Church members to recognize that this is a time for us to come together especially if we have the financial resources to help out in the dreadful situation. Keep it to a higher level, and think about the people in need. As an LDS Church member I find arguing among ourselves in a public forum distasteful and unnecessary.

H in Boise

I would appreciate an explanation from the censor as to why my previous submittal was not posted. I was attempting to let all know that there are those who will troll (i.e. those who misrepresent themselves by posting comments with the intent to shed a bad light on the Church or its members). I was trying to help others to not attribute such posts as being representative of the general membership of the Church, or the Church itself. It is frustrating that those who submit comments to incite get posted, but not posts from someone trying to call them out.

John Pack Lambert

To the 7:41 commentor,
Since ALL LDS missionaries in Haiti are Haitians, you are creating a false diachotomy in your comment.
Beyound this, what Denis was saying is that it is good for people that the LDS Chapels are well built and were not destroyed. Did you even read the article? There are 500-600 people sheldtered in the chapels, and it appears they belong to many religions.
With so many other buildings falling, it is good to have some that are in good shape.
I am sure there are other well built buildings that stood. However, for the 500-600 people mentioned above, they only care that the building they are in is a safe place during the aftershocks.
Helping people is not a zero sum game.

John Pack Lambert

To MikeC,
Your issue is actually not with AinLA but with the commetor under the name @Denis. AinLA was not responding to Denis, but to @Denis.
I think it might help if we rethought the tone of our comments. I am glad that the DN moderators have removed some of the most inflamatory ones. Since I did not actually read Wendy's comment, I am only guessing about its content, but I think if it was still present AinLA's point would be more clear and his tone would be even less surprising.
It is truly a difficult thing, and I fail as much if not more than most people, but we need to try to not let others hatred rub onto us.
A soft answer turneth away wrath.

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