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Published: Friday, Jan. 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Jeff is a stud. What a great example.

Brother Chuck Schroeder

President Bush was blamed, right here in the US, when the people suffered, after a Hurricane, the people were NOT HELPED OUT, no food, water, or anything could get through, it was about the inability to get supplies to the people, and the inaccessible roads. It rotted for OVER a year, some 250 miles away, from where the people were at, then all went to a landfill. MY gut feeling is the same will happen here and what little gets there, will be stolden and get sold on their blackmarket their. Some may make it through, it's been over 24 hours now, with NOTHING at all, I feel riots will soon break out, looting, and a host of other social ill's to. None of these comments are found to be abusive, offensive, off-topic, misrepresentative, more than 200 words, just the truth. It's human nature. Those people make less then $2 a day and the rest make $1 a day, they won't wait long to drink fresh water and eat some food. Plus they need medical help as well. All we can say is "GOD SPEED", hope they get something soon.


to awesomeron: maybe those males who are standing around are in shock because half their family is buried under the rubble of their house. Or perhaps they've had nothing to eat or drink in 48 hours.

To september gardener: I'm praying for them too, but I also made a donation to the American Red Cross, because if anyone can get the needed supplies through to the people who need it, the Red cross will.

John Pack Lambert

This is quite sad. I hope people are able to get aid in, and those who want to help are able to do so.
I am glad to hear of many people who are alive. I am even hoping that the dire predictions of the death rate will prove to be over the top.


I am just sending up prayers. It makes you cry thinking of how immense this tragedy is. I can tell so many people are working so hard to help out any way they can.
The stress from something like this exausts people and they cannot think straight. Then the lack of food and water really compounds it. I also hope the huge predictions of the death rate is not as big.


The first action is to rescue the trapped. With aftershocks no aid can't get in right away. And there are millions effected. It will take time.

HolyCow! 2010 7.0 QUAKE

I dont believe thiers
much left on thier Island.What a sad year to start with
Mother Nature can be pure or give some more
Hell in a Bucket.Mass wake of all the lifeless Bacteria//health risk.

Much Money poured into this small region Bless you All there and those.
From All Over the World to Help this Fragile Islands of the carribbean)))))

A question

I understand the US embassy was not damaged. I guess it was built to US standards. How come the UN and our own Utah based group did not demand heir flimsy buildings be built to better standards. This is not the firt earthquake to hit Haiti, as it has also been damaged by Hurricanes.

What plans are there to reforest this nation?


While this is terrible, one should always try to turn a bad situation into an opportunity.

i.e. Well, I didn't LIKE that wall anyway! What color should we make the new one??

LuVpacifica, ,CheckPulseBodyBag

Now what else is thier to do..Prayers we give for those who pray.
As America is always Helping for Aid Emergency to other Countries.Those poor people are far more inpatient!!
The roads are in ruins For reason were running out of time to get to them.Those people are not turning AFTER To Be A more VIOLENT persons with SWORDS!!!

Its so scary now what to do with all those dead Bodies more BODYBAGS needed.

UNREAL.,EQ Damage!

Mother nature can be good.
This is Another World wide Panic!
(GodBless You All)


Its sad and devastating no matter what,but while pouring money into Haiti is like pouring sand down a gopher hole. Material aid is the best method to achieving bringing relief to these unfortunate people. If people have been paying attention over the past15-20 they would notice that the billions of dollars given to Haiti during these years has the people remaining poor. Why! Mostly graft greed, thuggery and mis management on the part of the US and Hatian goverments. Yesterday when Obama promised 100 million dollars and more to come, who will be there to see if the money goes where it is needed? Has Obama with his supposed brilliance and leadership never read History?

Re: anonymous @ 10:48

Aid to those countries suffering from natural disasters do not take the form of currency; money does little good when there is no one to provide services and goods. As for history, I would suggest looking at the role of France and the U.S. in shaping the current state of Haitian poverty, by far the greater impact than the supposed "pact with the devil".

SaltySeaShells=Sweep Away,EVIL

Donations we give but please
Drop your Violence..
Prayers stress and Pain
Saving the people with our time
from this tragic "EarthQuake"

John Pack Lambert

To the 2:11 commentor,
Many well built buildings collapsed. A 7.0 earthquake is quite destructive. It is true is the buildings in Port-au-Prince had been better built there would have been less destruction, but even the best built buildings will collapse under some circumstances.

utahns for Hatians

Has any one who has commented on this story actually been there? Haiti may have been a forsaken place, but as Obama said, we will not forget the people there who have suffered so much already and need our help. I worked there in 2001 and saw the USAID food sold in the streets, but now is not the time for pointing fingers or slapping hands, the poverty there has choked so many well intentioned organizations, but HHFH has perservered with a very strong work ethic. Their clinic was a safe haven, the only place many haitians ever received health care. I commend Jeff and his many volunteers for all that they have done. Now, THIS is the time for grassroots organization, as much good as the Red Cross and Navy will do, lets unite as Utahns to sustain organizations like HHFH to rebuild and get things done. I just co-founded Utahns United for Hatian Earthquake Relief, a group anyone can join to spread the word and donate, not to us, but link to sustainable, credible non-profits with Utah connections working in Haiti. We all need to help!


What a disaster. I served HHFH as interpreter briefly in 2003. My daughter went too as a note-taker for the doctors. We were very impressed with the impact of the clinic, fitting prosthetic legs to one-legged peasants, treating all sorts of poor patients, our visits to orphanages to treat sick children, etc. I hope that this work can be continued. The Mormons have done this work for many years now, and it has made a difference.

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