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Published: Friday, Jan. 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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@The truth about ERA | 8:35 a.m.

What you wrote is truly pathetic, and absolutely not true. You have just proven that you are not qualified to by a U.S. Senator (or any type of representative). Please -- get a clue. You sorely need one.

@ 9:53am poster

So you state that the comments of the previous poster are untrue but do not offer one shred of evidence to support your objection. Instead you just make a personal attack on the individual.

How much credibility does that give to you? None.

If you have an argument, make it. We'll be waiting.

Balance needed Eagar says

Even without the ERA, we predicted correctly that if the feminist agenda prevailed, it would remove by piecemealed legislation special protections that women once had in the deceptive name of "equality." It was self-evident that divorce would rise through "no fault" laws accompanied by rising poverty for single mothers and children, severely damaging the family and society. And it has.
As a single mother for a short time, I do have a clue. We are blessed to live in a great land where even conservative women such as Sarah Palin can achieve their goals and dreams.
Only 17 women are in the Senate. Four are Republican. Two vote like Democrats and the other two voted for the bail-out. Voting by gender isn’t the point. A conservative woman will offset the liberal feminists who have silenced some good men on the social issues, which comprise 50% of the budget. Why was Michele Bachmann front and center? Because the majority of voters who make health care decisions are women, wives and mothers.
When a conservative woman shows up in a room of feminists, the argument is neutralized. We’re their worst nightmare.

A Patriot and Sheepdog

Phyllis Schlafly is a true Patriot and an American Hero.

Cherlyn Eager is the best candidate for the US Senate. I am not a member of the Eagle Forum (yet) but they are right on the money on most issues. With Cherilyn, it is not about womens rights but about our rights under God and the Constitution of the United States of America. She understands the issues. Vote for her, I will.

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