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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Got My Vote

Peter will make a great governor


Corroon for governor!

John S.

In the article, it says Corroon would bring Utah back to the Basics. Utah already is back to the basics. I think what Corroon is trying to say is he would like Utah to be more like California where the state is bleeding red ink. Utah is fairing much better than its neighbors due to wise fiscal policies of past leaders. Democrats - tax and spend.

Nice Try

"Trying to lead the crowd in chants" That's the equivalent of someone starting the dramatic slow clap and nobody else joining in. I'm interested to see how many "hundreds of supporters" show up outside of Salt Lake County. The mayor has an uphill battle I'm afraid.

He Might

be a good governor except he is non LDS. The mindset here is " The Church wants me to vote GOP" and maybe that is true or not but most Mormons THINK its true .The Magic "R' goes a long way in the Land of Zion

He will be a great governor

I hope he wins. He has my vote.


I can't see why some think it will be an uphill battle. I don't know anyone who doesn't like Corroon, he has my vote!

Corroon's Doom

Tax hiking, fee hinking, double taxing, energy solutions money accepting, pretending to be a Republican-lite then taking money from every lefty organization in the state, and then say you're for "back to basics"? That cover it Mr. Corroon?


So he plays conservative values, how about his liberal policies as mayor?

Herbert has done a fine job and hasn't increased taxes.


Corroon came to my my high school a few years back to give a speech. One of the students asked him about his actions on Real Salt Lake's then soon to be stadium. The very next day, he took the opposite stance during a press conference with RSL GM. He lost our votes.

@ John S. 10:43 AM

You should get your facts straight and also realize that tax and spend is not exclusive to the Democratic party. California, who as you put it, "is bleeding red ink," has had a Republican Governor since 2003.

RE: John S.

Um, John S.-

Peter Carroon IS a fiscal conservative. Anyone who says differently is a demagogue trying to flame irrational (and unsubstantiable) fears. Look at the way he has done his job at Salt Lake County. Trust me, Carroon didn't get 66% of the votes in 2008 with only Democrats voting for him!

Our state Republican leaders almost single handedly created Carroon's polularity by cramming through a soccer stadium that was NOT fiscally conservative, and in fact made no financial sense at all.

You can point out his small tax increase in his 2010 budget, but wait until the Repubs start raising taxes this session on cigarettes, maybe sales tax on food, etc. We're at the bottom of a recession! I would rather, and I think the public would agree, have a small tax increase than do catastrophic damage to public education. Carroon is a common sense man like Lane Beattie, who recognizes the need to keep funding options on the table.

As a Republican who is sick of the power party politics in Utah, Carroon has my vote!

@ John S.

Do some research on Peter Corroon before you just label him as a tax and spend Democrat...

But then again... ignorance is bliss


Vote Corroon!


I find it odd that Corroon is running a campaign based on the exact principals that Herbert already employs, and yet he's a democrat?! It's like Corroon read Herbert's inaugural speech and decided to make that his platform just so he could compete in Utah. I'd rather just keep the current Governor in place, eh?

I'm voting for him

He'll be a great Governor and someone willing to make tough choices for the best of the state.

Blake Henderson

I wonder how many of these "he's got my vote" comments are family and staff members of Corroon. I guess we'll never know until the D-News decides to require you to use your full name rather than hide behind a screen name.

Roger J.

I wonder why he wants to move to the Governor's office. Is the pay better?

He has done well in Salt Lake County, and I particularly liked the way he handled the Salt Lake soccer controversy. But why not just stay where he is and continue the good work?

Re Split

Because he AINT A MORMON!!!!! That is why .That and he is an "evil' Democrat. ITs uphill at about 89 degrees .

Tina M.

Corroon is just another Northeast liberal elite.
He sends his kids to an elite private school don't ya know!!

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