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Sore wrist doesn't slow Williams down at all in The Big D

Published: Sunday, Jan. 10 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Way to go, Deron. Glad to see you not allowing your injury to keep you on the bench for long. Hope you continue to heal but we do need your talent on the floor. If Kobe can play with a fractured finger on his shooting hand, you can play with a sore wrist. Even if you're not shooting much, we still need your brain on the floor to run the offense. You're smart to know what you can and cannot do. Good luck tonight! As of right now you're shooting 2 for 2. Good stuff!


Why can't they show this effort and play like this every night.

Just makes being a Jazz fan that more frustrating!

one thing i have observed lately

The Jazz seem to play better defense on the road than they do at home. Is this just a lack of focus problem when they are at home, or is it the fact that they think they can just go out and outscore teams?


This is the most unpredictable team the Jazz has ever fielded. Who knows what they're going to do on any given night?

Am surprised that Deron was able to play that well with his injured wrist. Matthews also solid, Booz came on late, Korver was perfect. Memo was pooped, Miles ineffective, Jerry sat both in second half. No wonder the man can't find a permanent, stable combination.


Today they showed they can be a champion team, another day they will show they are going into the lottery pick!!!!!

Anyway, good job tonight, as we always said: "keep it up" Though they never listened.


Where is the Jazz cop and other negative writers saying the Jazz do not have a good team, we need to play Fez more and Boozer has to go?

Great game guys as in enjoyable to see you do well. String a few of these together and it will be much more fun to read these columns.


I keep saying this in most of my posts, but the Jazz are playing much better defense this year then last season (even in games where they lose like against Memphis the night before). I think defense is the key. Offensively, before tonight they had struggled a bit, but long term I don't see scoring points being a problem. When the Jazz pass the ball around on offense and play unselfishly they play so much better.

The Heat have owned the Jazz though...they are a tough, physical team. The Jazz had better come looking to match there defensive intensity.


Saw the game, and Utah looked very impressive..DWill lead the team, the players hustled, hit shots

But..Dallas is a team that Utah plays very, very well..teams with penetrating guards, players who really attack the basket, and Utah's soft interior defense can beat make things very hard on the Jazz...very hard


What an exciting game to watch! Just kept wondering when the Mavs would make their move. Jazz kept it going in the 4th quarter thanks in part to Korver who was rested in the lst half. Wow! Shots right on. What a beautiful sight. He has the smoothest shot going! Can't get any better than Korver tonight. Makes one wonder what Korver could have done had he played more! Williams gave his all and AK finally got some good minutes and showed why he needs to start. Keep it going Jazz!

Who's the man?

As Boozer says, move the ball around and good things happen. If one guy holds on too long bad things happen. Thank Goodness D Will listens! Go Jazz!

todd from santa ana

I will admit I am stunned. Never would have expected this based on history the last 2 years, especially a back to back on the road yet.

Last night, I did say, maybe that loss will bring the club together if they could show the same grit tonight.

Shocking. Dallas came off a huge win in Spur Land.

Jason Kidd being allowed to go 3-3 on "3s" in the first quarter worrisome, but luckily the Mavs went away from that.

Matthews and Korver, Kirilenko, Millsap all pretty good off the bench. I was not able to see much of the game, but Korver is getting his stroke back and it is opening nore things up. Brewer, Millsap among others seemed to have theyr'e way in the paint.

Ok CIty won as expected, so this was critical to stay tied for 8th.

Korver and Matthews need to continue and take the minutes from CJ at this point.

I am glad Kyle has come on, because when he hits the outside jumpersm things open up and do not need Boozer to score 20 plus. He struggled a lot tonight and we won, so good sign...

Sundy Gaines

Is Sundiata Gaines a legit PG ? haven't seen him play. What are the odds that he will stick with the Jazz after the 10-day contract expires ?
Sundiata? interesting name. origin?

Fan Forever

Like all of you, I too am excited about this win. However, I will wait to see what they do from here before I get the parade started. One good game does not make the season a success. There is a lot of basketball left and they have to have more games like tonight to give me something to really get excited about. Having said that, win or loose, I will always be a Jazz fan!!!!! Remember, if it wasn't for sports, there would be "No next year"!


Good things happen when dwill doesn't turn the ball over more than 5 times...tonight he looked like an all star, moved the ball quickly and took care of it. These are the only things need to improve on. However, Miles will always be Miles(still don't like him) and I will always cheer for Matthews, even when he has an off night(not tonight) cause he's a good player. Things didn't change, just dwill improved...

Chuck Nunn

Well, Doug, don't think we're not out here, and don't think one game changes the facts. I just happen to have a life away from basketball, but I'm here now. It was a good win tonight, no question, but the Mavericks are a team that likes to go small, so the usual small lineups Sloan goes with actually worked tonight. But against about 28 other teams in this league, we need Fesenko to be in there as Okur's backup.

It was great to see AK and Korver play as well as they did. When Andrei is active and gets a good amount of touches on the ball, he and the Jazz do well, so no surprise there.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!

todd from santa ana

I hate to say this but maybe DWIL resting for the last 2 games taking a break from the pressure of the losing anf negativity was the best thing.

He seemed rejuvenated. The ball moved and was not stagnant.

Doug, Boozer is better than Millsap. We know that. When I talk trade, I always mention Okur first. Far as Fes, I did not expect him to play much in this game. The Mavs shoot a lot of jumpers.

Still Fes needs to be in the rotation.

Further I am "CJ"D OUT"

Let us get "sloan and the sloanaholics" to put Matthews back in the starting lineup to set a defensive mindset. Wes is capable of offense just lacks consistency.

In closing, wishing all of you a good night. However, I can say, we have made "some road progress this season" we have only 7 wins but it is better, and some of those such as at SPurs, and tonight.

The problem is the home court.

Monday, we play a team I feel with average talent -Wade and Beasley and an overrated, average coach, who I rate "behind SLoan"

Traditionally, we struggle hard to beat them home or away

todd to houdini

I want you to still send the letter along with others to Greg. These are the moments why Greg gets away with the status quo. Do not be fooled. When they do this all the time (like the talent is capable of) we at worst should be a #4 seed with 1st round home court advantage, then the criticism will lessen.

I am not cynical. I am of course happy to win. It will mean nothing if we lay an egg to the Miami Heat.

They seem to intimidate us. We played scared against them.

They do not have Shaq. We need to go in theyr'e face and get a 10 point lead and not let up until the final buzzer ticks off.

The Jazz Won

and it's Sloan's fault.


In regards to Gaines : The Jazz need 13 players on the roster, so if the like how he has played and how he practices they will probably keep him.
So far I like what I see, he plays good D, pushes the ball up the floor, hit his shot tonight and it looked good (nervous and rushing first couple of games) scored like 23.9 in the D league, he can score. Looks strong, quick, & tough. Play maker and assist man yet to be determined. So far he looks pretty good.


Re Chuck: Pretty much right on.

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