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Some in his family question move with wife still missing

Published: Sunday, Jan. 10 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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@Opinions Are Like...

"Stop being the reason why other people around the country hate people from Utah"

Please tell me again why other people around the country hate people from Utah.

I moved here from the East Coast... I moved here because I loved the people here in Utah. I love the mountains, the relatively mild weather (compared to some of the humid east-coast winters, this weather is great)

Your comment only tells the rest of us, you've got some beef. Wait, let me guess. You hate Mormons, right?

Let me guess, again. You used to be Mormon, right? You know, not everybody in Utah is Mormon. I consider myself every bit as much a Utahn as my Mormon neighbors.

In NYC there is a high concentration of Jewish families. I don't recall the people of NYC picking on that religion like I see the people attacking my Mormon friends. Whattup with that?


And what does he tell his wife shows...Sory honey I moved I would have left a forwarding but you know how it is.


Funny- I've lived in several other states all across the country and I've NEVER run across people that hate Utahns. I've also found that people are pretty much the same all over the country and if you took this case and transposed it anywhere- the reactions of neighbors and the community would be about the same as what I've heard and read here. Those of you complaining about the people of Utah have clearly not lived anywhere else and maybe you should try a new location for a while. Maybe that would help you get the chip off your shoulder about Utah!
Meanwhile, I think the police are being very careful to cross all their "t"s and dot their "i"s and I think that they know a whole lot more than they are being given credit for. I have my opinions about Josh Powell... and we'll see if they are accurate!

CBS 48 Hours Mystery Statistic

25% of all suspects convicted and then exonorated by DNA were coerced into initially confessing to the crime.

idaho bob

what would I do if my wife disappeared? I have no job?....I'd move back to where I had my family and get work there if I could. pretty simple if you ask me..


The "lie detector" test. I once took a polygraph for a job, and the results were positive on homosexuality and pot smoking. I may wear an occasional pink shirt, and smell bad, but I am neither gay, nor do I smoke weed.

You folks who are demanding a polygraph evidently don't understand why they are not admissible in court.


I just don't get it! How do you just leave?



Thank you. If Lie detectors were the answer we wouldn't need juries any more. They are unpredictable and fairly worthless in my opinion. Taking one would be a lose lose situation for Josh.

If he passed, everyone would think he magically lied his way through the test and passed. He has proved nothing by passing the test.

If he fails, he HAS to be guilty, right? Again, he is much better off (whether he did it or not) not taking such a test.


A sickening tragedy.


Cooperate with the authorities. Why wouldn't he? Is this another one of those crazy Mormon things?


...are constantly in his face. I don't know if he is guilty or innocent. He knows, and God knows, and eventually it will come out. But just looking at the camera man in the photo that accompanies this article would be enough to make me want to go somewhere else! The circumstances are very strange, no doubt. I feel bad for Josh, for Susan, and for their children and extended family. It would be helpful if he would be more forthcoming about the things he knows. But without a job to support himself and his children, I can understand why he might want to be closer to family, and away from the area where people are constantly looking at him, photographing him, etc. I hope this will be resolved soon. It is a very sad situation all around.

Marie.,,I wonder if shes Alive?

Like a few others
Shes in the Missing People report!


Susan Powell's journal is also source of information it contains description of Josh's characteristic.


These comments are funny about people from Utah being judgemental...what does that have to do with anything?! Anyone with a brain (whether they live in Utah, New York or anywhere else for that matter) knows this guy is suspicious.

Ernest T. Bass

I love the due process granted by these uber-conservatives on the comment boards.
The constitution is only partially inspired, right?

former Utahn

Did he take the swingset?


He looks like he has lost weight. I wish the media would leave the guy alone.

The law will handle this


Poor Josh! He looks like he has lost weight? Well, just what physical condition do you think Susan may be in now????

Let the guy alone??? I don't think so. Yes, the law will handle this, but this is America and we are free to state our opinions. If you do not like what is being stated here, then don't read it.

I am supportive of Susan, her precious boys, and the Cox family. No one else.

Kiirsi is going to organize a fundraiser? For what? I think she needs to go home and just shut up.

Good point Pete

His neighbors are helping him pack to get him out of their neighborhood. Good thinking, can't blame you one bit.

listen to Not In the USA @4:38

These things do happen, and they are scary.

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