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Some in his family question move with wife still missing

Published: Sunday, Jan. 10 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I'd like to know what he did with all of Susan's belongings?? Did he pack them up to take with him 'incase' Susan is found alive (which I doubt)? Or......did he dump all her belongings explaining he 'thinks she is gone and will never come back'??? If he did the latter: HUGE RED FLAG............HUGE!!

At least he

is still taking care of the kids. Susan appears to have abandoned the family. But then again, Mexico is nice this time of year. She needs to be found so that she is forced to pay child support and alimony.

Jean Magann

The only thing we're accomplishing here is a guaranteed change of venue if Mr. Powell is ever charged with anything.
Frankly, I'm shocked at the whole "grap a rope" mentality on display here. Where's your respect for law enforcement and the judicial system?
There are so many opinions expressed here regarding guilty behavior. How many of these people expressing their opinion on that subject are trained professionals?
The fact is this: None of us knows squat on this subject.

Do the right thing

I hope Josh's father in Washington can convince Josh that telling the truth is the most important advice he gets, This is your son, do the right thing. Don't be a pawn of a unreasonable story.
Do the right thing.


I agree that he is innocent until proven guilty. His behavior is odd, but I have no idea how I would act if my wife were missing and I was out of work.
I wonder if he would even get a fair trial?

There is a similar story about Janet Abaroa. Her husband left the state and the case has never been solved.

Not in the USA

My attorney told me, a few years ago when I was accused of something terrible that I didn't do, "This is America, you are guilty until proven innocent. Only those with money can afford a good defense." I spent 6 months thinking that I'd be arrested daily. I spent my life savings. I hired one of the world's top polygraph examiners to examine me sinse the police will lie to you and tell you that you failed even if you pass in an attempt to coerce a confession. I hope this man gets a fair process that results in freedom if innocent and life if guilty. Fact is: the police, district attorneys, etc. do not attempt to find truth. But rather, pursue conviction with ignorance and without consideration of the lives they will ruin. I now live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and await the day when I feel truly free. Sadly, this process will not change when much of the populace is quick to support ARREST, CONVICT, LET HIM FRY IN A CHAIR with no evidence, only histeria, and ignorance. Learn to think!

To wild_turkey

I agree. If I was in the same situation and I was 100% innocent, I would not care what other people thought. I would stay and be as much help as possible for the police. But then....

Time will tell

"Oh sorry honey, I thought you were never coming back, so I moved".


Did he take a polygraph yet???? He's quiet because he is hiding the truth. Doesn't anyone get it? When the police went into the home, the fans were blowing on a spot in the living room. Wake up people. I can't wait until the forensics are in. Who takes a 2 and 4 yr old out camping at 12 midnight in sub-freezing temps. UGH

When will the police update us?

While Josh's behavior has been very strange, that doesn't mean he killed his wife. So far I've heard of no evidence that Josh is responsible. If there were evidence the police would make the arrest. I can think of many explanations that don't involve Josh killing Susan.

It's impossible to say what you would do in a similar situation.

And his stories are so unbelievable they almost have to be true. There are dozens of better alibi's that you could come up with in a short period of time.

I wouldn't be surprised if he were exonerated and I wouldn't be surprised he was found guilty.


Of course, he being the caring husband would be the first to take a polygraph, especially to rule himself out as a suspect or person of interest so the police can focus on the person who took her just at the time he decided to go camping at midnight in sub-freezing temps. Of course, he must have taken a polygraph! right, sure, didn't happen


Where was the swingset neighbor?


I said it earlier and I'll say it again. Regardless of what happens at this point in time--he will ultimetley answer to a Higher Court. You can't run from yourslf---no matter where you go---there you are!


If he did do this, the authorities will find out, and if they don't, he will have to one day pay for his crime, if he did it.

I have to admit that his behavior is very strange, like he knew what he would do once she was gone. When my husband was dying, I knew what I was going to do, I thought it out all the time. He died from a disease, so he didn't just suddenly disappear, but I went through things in my head over and over again.

I have no doubt that there is a lot of evidence that has been gathered and that since he is a person of interest, he will be under constant watch. I am not sure, but it seems like both of their families are from Washington, maybe this move is to help his boys to get closer to grandparents, maybe he knows that they will be raising these boys.


Of course he doesn't have a job. He "forgot" to go to work on Monday.

SaltySeaShells,Josh isHiding

More to What he knows Another ScottPeterson ACT of
I dont remember on what I Done Or What Day it was?
Someday soon The Crime will catch him in the mystery

+If it was California Law it would be Three Strikes+


It's just possible Susan made a choice most of her friends and family won't consider. Josh knows and is letting her off the hook cuz he still loves her. It's possible Susan wrote comments in the notebook cuz she hates him that badly and would cast doubt on him. Has anyone checked to see if any funds were embezzled where she worked?

We have a long-standing tradition in this state of "the nicest people" making off with other people's money.

to Saltyt SeaShells

If it were California Law, no killer would be found and he'd be golfing in Florida until he was arrested in Las Vegas for battering a pawn shop owner.


The police must have nothing on this guy,it's to quite on their part.We may all think he did it but until they have just cause he can do anything he damn well pleases.His action are a bit strange to all but this guy is also a control freak so it looks like he has decided to move on with his life because he knows she's not coming back.I really think what ever was done with her body he knows they are'nt going to find it. This might be the perfect murder.This seems like a well planned crime. She wanted a divorce and he wasn't going to lose those kids, thats what this is all about. This has been planned a long time no doubt.You don't just forget to call off work I"m sorry.You don't run fans in the dead of winter either. Another killer wouldn't of cared if the place was tidy and the door was locked. And if she left him she would of taken her purse a woman never leaves her purse.


Mary, if the forensic aren't in by now, they aren't coming in.

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