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Some in his family question move with wife still missing

Published: Sunday, Jan. 10 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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No evidence

Sure, there's no evidence like a notebook with statements saying that if Susan ever goes missing to look at Josh first, or the ridiculous behavior that only a guilty person would exhibit, or the lack of concern for finding Susan as if to scream, "She's dead, why should I look?".

Nope, not a shred of evidence.


How can anyone help this guy?


Whathappenedto... 11:43

"There is not a shred of evidence that says he had anything to do with his wife disappearance."

There is some circumstantial evidence... refusal to take the police to the campsite, refusal to tell the police where he took the rental car.

"To the neighbors who helped Mr. Powell move this morning, you are a fine example of non-judgmental people."

I'd be willing to help the move if and only if he would come clean on the exact location of the camp trip and he car rental trips.


It's a pretty short trip to the border once you make it to Washington. I hope the boys stay with the grandparents when he makes a midnight camping expedition into Vancouver.


Let's all go camping in the desert tonight!

Remember, you have to have s'mores for breakfast...so that you have two little kids covered in sticky chocolate and marshmallows.

Wow lack of compassion

wrz | 1:18 p.m.

So using yours constitutional rights is now considered circumstantial evidence?

Wow. Its people like you who makes lawyers rich.


If he was my neighbor, I would be the first one to help him get out of my neighborhood. Do you think all his neighbors are saints for helping? Or what? I personally think they are saying good riddance before something else bad happens.


Even Mark Hacking would consider Josh Powell's behavior suspicious.


And people like you make English teachers exasperated...


Goes camping at midnight in freezing conditions with a 2 and 4 year old? Buys a phone a pre-paid phone? Rents a car with cash and drives hundreds of unexplained miles? Has an industrial dryer drying carpet in the living room? Left the state for Christmas vacation? Moving out of state? Yes, he will be extremely close to the border. I can tell he misses his wife. Get real 'Club Members'.

Keep looking!

It is good that these neighbors are helping him move...Maybe they will see something the police didn't!


Faith without work is dead. You need to insert effort in finding Susan you cannot just sit there and wait for something to come. Unless he knew where Susan was.

Opinions are like.....

I wonder where people in Utah learned how to be so Judgmental? I personally think Josh may have done something horrific but its not my job to play Judge and Jury on a comment board so it creates more of a circus that in turn makes a prime suspect move away so it makes it more difficult for the authority's to do their job. The only place my opinion really matters is in a voting booth. Not in church or a school or a comment string that will be removed tomorrow. If all you people focus on judging yourself rather than others you would see a dramatic change in your own life. Stop being the reason why other people around the country hate people from Utah.


Von boyage!


If my wife were missing, I'd stay as close to the last place i saw her as possible and spend every waking moment of my life searching.

Re Opinions

Your voice does not count in school or church ? Why would you go to a school or a church that does not value your and others opinions? I could care less if people from other states have a negative view of Utah . Maybe they wont come here in the hoardes they are now that overtax everthing from the water supply to the school district. Let em hate us . Good.If Josh does move to Washington how does that impeade the investigation? He can be quiet in Seattle just like he is in Utah. If he is arrested then he can be interrogated just as well in jail there until he is extradited back to Utah. Gotta go now, my kids are waiting and excited for our yearly camping trip to Aragonite.

To: Opinions are like....

Ive lived in Utah my whole life, the people in Utah are VERY VERY Judgmental its pathetic.


Okay, you are right don't be judgmental.He had nothing to do with her disappearance. He is nice man.

Re To:Op

If you have lived in Utah your "whole life" how do you know if people in Utah are more or less of anyting if you have nothing to compare it to? So people in California were not judgement of Scott Peterson before he was arrested ? If Utah is so bad as far as judgemental people what keeps you here?


Hey Josh, I know you're smart. Please do write a book that explains how you're innocent. You need money, and I need to understand, for the sake of my own daughter in a similar situation to that of your wife, what happened. You can explain for the rest of us all the things those mean police detectives would twist around and not understand. You can help us to see a way to divert our attention away from you and toward what else might have happened to your wife. You deserve a chance to tell all! If you wait until those who have already decided do put you behind bars to claim your innocence, not too many people will want to hear it.

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