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Some in his family question move with wife still missing

Published: Sunday, Jan. 10 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Joe Moe

Please, not a gazillion more tired statements about the situation. There's nothing new. The "brilliant insights" people have about the situation that no one (especially police investigators) can see but them....well, do yourself a favor and just go read a good book.

What happened to ...

innocent until proven guilty?

There is not a shred of evidence that says he had anything to do with his wife disappearance. If there was the police would have him locked up now.

This man can't keep a job because of the media circus surrounding this case. He probably can't support his young children and pay for his home. What choice does he have but to sell his house and move on?

It amazes me how quick we all were (myself included) to convict him in the court of public opinion.

Leave the man alone until you have any proof that he did it!

I hope Susan is found someday, alive would be better of course. But has anyone considered that maybe she left and abandoned her family? I know everyone says she would never do that, but has this possibility even been looked into by police?

To the neighbors who helped Mr. Powell move this morning, you are a fine example of non-judgmental people. The world would be a better place with more of you around.


He can't afford the home. What should he be doing? Just pray Susan will be found.


Innocent until proved guilty only exists in a court of law. No further progress is likely until her body is found. At that point, he's in deep doodoo.


So....how's that investigation coming?

A suggestion

"He can't afford the home. What should he be doing?"

How about finding a smaller home or apartment nearby so that he can stay close to the people investigating his wife's disappearance, and near the family quoted in this article?


"What happened to ... | 11:43 a.m. Jan. 9, 2010
innocent until proven guilty?"

Yeah, we also get the 1st amendment to express our opinion.

He has no been convicted but we can express how we feel about his actions. He isn't looking for her because he knows she is not alive.


"To the neighbors who helped Mr. Powell move this morning, you are a fine example of non-judgmental people. The world would be a better place with more of you around."

LOL, I am sure every one of them is think what people are thinking here, they are helping him anyway.


"in to help him back his belongings"

Spell check fail.

Pizza for the movers

I hope Josh provided Pizza for the Elders' Quorum who are moving him. That is a nice little way to say thank you.


Would she really abandon her family without her purse and cellphone and clothes and car? And special keepsakes from childhood? If she was considering divorce she wouldn't have just left.


I find it interesting that his neighbors are showing more compassion to him than he is showing to his missing wife. If he seemed a bit more concerned about staying in the area and finding his wife, I'm sure the community would also come together to help him out with a place to stay.

It shows to me that he has a reason to no longer be concerned for her condition.

Shred of Evidence

Well i'm going camping tonight in the west desert with my 2 and 4 year old, anybody want to come along?


to the sister. . . I understand he "was" talkative before, but what do you expect from him now. His wife is missing and he has the woes of a whole family to deal with, not to mention the added stress of not having a job in the most depressed economic time for 60 years. That would make me less likely to talk my self.

To the neighbors who did help, you are true examples of second mile saints. To those who are already convicting him, it isn't your responsibility to ensure he is worthy of his temple recommend!


You can't run from the truth... not even to Washington.

Boy Oh Boy

Are some of these folks delusinal or what . Saying Josh is "hurting" The only reason this guy might be hurting is the thought of being locked up for the rest of his days


Thanks Josh.This wil give all of us do-gooders something to do this winter besides twiddling our thumbs.We'll go ahead and look for your wife and you go ahead and leave town.You've probably got something more important to do anyway.So long,we'll let you know if we see her.


Is this really news? Slow day...

RE: previous comments

We don't know there isn't any evidence against him; there may be some, but not enough to convict. And again, he may be innocent. I sincerely hope so. But for him to not cooperate with the police doesn't make him sympathetic to thinking people.

It's funny now how the comments are in defense of him, whereas before they were pretty much against him. I'm hanging tough; I still think he knows something he's not telling. I have no respect for him at all, even if he is innocent. He's pretty wimpy.

Re: what would you do

There is not one shred of evidence that says he didn't do it. EVERYTHING points directly at him, mark hacking was more convincing.

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