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Published: Saturday, Jan. 9 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Exactly what I dont want to see

That shot by CJ probably wasn't going in anyway. Miles is about the last person I want to see taking the last shot.


I'm impressed with the effort the Jazz have been giving defensively in recent games (they were awful on the defensive end last season). Now if they could just get the offense back on track...

When they lose they always have 1 terrible quarter. Tonight it happened again. I wish this team had a few more veterans to settle the team down and keep a more even keel. I think Okur is the oldest player, and he's only like 30 years old. It wouldn't hurt to have a few more vets.

Great game CJ

just what I expected,Jerry why on earth would you put this clown in to take the last shot WHY? Millsap,Brewer,Price,Korver anybody but Miles.WHY? Do you want to lose Jerry?

Houdini to CL

Perfect example of what I`ve been saying all along,but you know what,CJ Miles isn`t even worth talking about anymore.This team,I`ve decided has lots of talent,but is not a good team,compared to say Houston,who really doesn`t have the same talent we have,but is a better team.I`ve seen it all now

Ak Fan

On road Sloan always being Sloan. Offensively Jazz was out of sync. Ak fought back. Last minute possessions were bad.

todd from santa ana

I would not have wanted CJ either to take the last shot, The Jazz have to do better on last shot options, the last 2 games with Price now this, got to force it into Millsap or Boozer to try and get a hoop and or foul, or set a screen for Korver.

Cj needs to be replaced. It just is not working out.


Surely Jerry is sick, how can you share the minutes of Brewer/Krover/AK/Matthews/Miles just by rotation without looking at their performance on the pitch?? Miles had a awful game again, and didn't deserve any minutes in the future.

AK surely need to go. His unhappiness maybe compensated by his big contract. But how can a player with this quality is only a bench of that D league player Miles?? It surely a insult...He played in a unfamiliar position for over 3 years. He should go for better future.

todd to houdini

It is unfortunate because I actually thought Jerry coached a great game tonight. I am sincere in that statement

The Jazz were a great team

When Matthews was starting. 11-4 with only an 8-man rotation (2-2 after Miles started playing). Now, with CJ starting, theyr'ee an abysmal 3-7. Tonight, it wasn't the last shot. It was the 0-7, lack of energy, and terrible first quarter. Matthews didn't shoot great, but his D (and Price's) were critical to the 3Q comeback.

CJ has had one good game out of 10 as a starter. Matthews got benches after one mediocre game. CU has exhausted his nine lives. It's time for this nightmare to end.


Glad I was at the Flash game. At least they played well. My son got Jefferson 's autograph. He's a stud. I think Kevin blew it. Great game CJ! I saw that coming. Nice goose egg! What's your excuse for your boy this time Miles? Looks like the Jazz have given up and are going for a high lottery pick.


IMO Okur had an OK offensive game, while Boozer was strugging. If our lovely memo finds back his clutch shooting, he deserved to be in the game in the last few minutes. At least we have someone who is confident in taking shot in closing minutes!!!


Why can't anyone (except Todd) see that CJ continue to be total bust? I rather have that WNBA player Sundiata take last shot.

This continue to be worst season ever. Hard to stomach. Makes everything seem terrible...frustrates.....hard to understand.....everything spinning out of control.

Worst week ever for Jazz. Owner feels need to declare he is real fan. David Locke and Ben Bags blindly defend their company...errr...I mean, the team. CJ Stink. DWill sits. Team play awful. Fans boo. Demand for changes from fans. It's the perfect storm......I feel ashamed to be a fan of this team that I love right now.


I actually thought the Jazz played well for the most part. They played hard, just not always smart. But that was a heck of a shot by Mayo with 5 seconds left. I say most of the time that doesn't go in.

PS... Anybody notice the hard foul by Boozer late in the game? Best foul all season. Jazz need more of that stuff.

todd from santa ana

I ache for the team.

Tonight, I am going to be fair. The reality is we always get calls against us. The foul call on Carlos was bogus.

This was a painful loss. However, I know the Sloanites will be shocked by this:

I thought Jerry coached his best game of the season. He finally coached like a "true hall of famer".

The team in losing, let us hope discovered "mentally a turning point"

They scratched, pulled together, got stops.

Sloan kept out Okur and his horrible defense in the 4th quarter, he played Fes.

He allowed the 4th quarter comeback without making dumb moves. Price, Matthews, Millsap, Boozer, AK, and Brewer.

He had 2 3 point shooters at the end. I would forced it into Millie Or Booz try and draw the foul or set a screen and have Korver curl and hit that 3.

It was smart. However, CJ did not anticipate forcing up over Gasol, it was not a good play.

It stinks. We are now 1/2 game out of 8th and go to Dallas. They won at the Spurs.

If the Jazz win tomorrow, it might be a carryover from the grit tonight.

I do not remember...

the last time the Jazz won a close game on the road. From now on, I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm just going to assume that we won't be able to make a shot in the last minute or grab a rebound, and that we'll play terrible defense and find a way to turn the ball over. So frustrating, but until something turns around, I'm just going to expect a loss when it's close and on the road. No reason to think otherwise.

Maybe I'll just stop watching altogether (any chance K.O.C. or G.M. are reading this?). Changes need to be made, and now. I understand that we have the talent, but we don't have a good team. We need new blood, and I don't care who we get rid of except for DWill. If that means unloading for financial reasons in the thought of future success, fine. If that means trying to legitimately become competitive this season, fine. But things need to change. It's becoming hard to watch. This is not the Jazz we know and love.


Re Houdini, your right. CJ is proving consistant at least at one thing. Being inconsistant and definately not someone you can depend on. A week or two ago I posted I was off the CJ bandwagon but I always seem to keep hoping. It is becoming more than frustrating and something I can't worry about. If he has a good game, good for him but you can't count on it. He definiatly isn't becoming the player I had hoped he would become. Maybe down the road and probably not with the Jazz if it does happen.
Fess is the player I would like to see get more minutes. When he is in, the game changes for the better. He definately presents a defensive presence. His offense will improve as he gets more comfortable and that will only come with playing time. Haven't looked at the box score yet to see what his +- was. While he was in in the 2nd the Jazz started their come back. He needed to be in more but like usual Sloan kept him out.

Houdini to Todd

Probably the most talented team we`ve ever had,also the most heartless.we really miss Harpring

scodyshootfight (KC)

FINALLY, the Jazz played with a lot of heart tonight. I walked away from the game satisfied even though they lost because the effort was there and they all laid it out on the floor. That's all I ask as a fan, and I'll continue to support regardless as long as that kind of heart is shown.

My second thought is about Sloan. The more I think about it, and the longer this season progresses, the more I'm convinced that his success came from #12 and #32, not the other way around. I mean, think about it. It's very reasonable to think that he was the one who ruined the career of Andrei Kirilenko. Remember Gordan Giricek? He was AMAZING when he first came to the Jazz and would have games where he would put up 30 plus and wouldn't miss a triple.

Sloan has to take a lot of the blame for this team underacheiving for the past year and a half.

todd from santa ana

Tonight I have been reading all sorts of stuff on the wire. Frankly it is turning my stomach.

The biggest problem we have in the organization is Kevin O Connor.

I am sorry, there cannot be any doubt further.

Once again, we are not rumored to make "1 deal"

While that is happening read on:

Reports tonight Houston trying to make a trade for Chris Bosh where they will take the expiring contract not have to give them Mcgrady/

They are also in the running for Caron Butler.

The Wizards may acquire Marcus Camby.

Meanwhile, the rumor next year Avery going back home to Louisiana take Over the Hornets while Bower goes back to being the GM

Sacramento would be willing to take an expiring contract just to obtain another draft pick as they want youth and rebuilding. Just maybe you could pick up a tough character player like Garcia. He seems excess.

All these moves should all depress you, because for one I am tired of the Jazz being "non-active"

todd to houdini

what is worse our rivals are all showing weaknesses even the "fakers"

Is it just me or can they be taken?

We could all regret for years a failed chance this season

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