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Published: Thursday, Jan. 7 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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LP Fan

Great game. Congrats to Brighton. The LP team is very young with two freshman starting. This Emery freshman point guard is awesome. I would go to just watch him play. Pederson is very good as well, but they need others to step up if they are going to compete in this conference.

Bengal Fan

The comment "Welcome to Region 4" is most appropriate. Look at the scores for the other region 4 games last night. LP is a young team - but very talented and will be very good in years to come. They gave Brighton a great test last night. Congrats to the Bengals for continuing to battle and make plays down the stretch to win. Welcome to Region 4!

Congrats bengals

Definitely hurt lone peak not having Hamilton but can't take anything away from Brighton. They took advantage of the weaknesses. Welcome to region 4!!

Hamilton Out!!!

Lone Peak is missing their best post player in Hamilton. It definitely hurt them last night and I here he will be out for at least a month and maybe for the year. Lone Peak will not be a factor in the region or state without Hamilton, they are young and have no depth. Too bad Knights, catch you next year!!!

Figure it out

Emery shoots every time he touches the ball. The other players just stand around and watch. Region 4 will figure it out and stop Emery, because he won't pass. Lone Peak is finally playing the big boys and they won't dominate.

RE Figure it out

You are right about Emery. He must have put up 22 shots last night and while he was hot from the 3 point line he shot about 30% overall. No doubt he is an amazing talent but better shot selction and more passing would make him a better player.

RE: LP Fan

Lone Peak only starts one freshman...they have another one that gets some time but he does not start.

figure it out...again

Welcome to Brighton's world. Emery is your version of Corbin Miller. As soon as he crosses half court he thinks he's open. He shot Brighton out of the game the first three quarters but then picked up the 4th. When they decided to sit him for awhile, guess who they put in...little brother who is also a freshman but no near the caliber of Emery. Meanwhile, there were 3 seniors sitting on the bench who are better. Brighton's senior class is deep and they have an outstanding record over the course of their high school career and before. How on earth did they win all of those games without Brandon Miller. It's a miracle. I hope all the scouts who have come watch Brighton play this year realize that Sam Wunderli is the reason for Brighton's success.

26 points on 18 shot attempts?

I've heard a lot worse. He shot 8-18, not near 30% and not quite 22 shots. He averages 4 assists per game which is pretty good, especially when there aren't many other options for scoring besides Pedersen. Hamilton should be back for the American fork game on the 20th, and if that's the case, they will definitely be in the hunt for the region championship, and even without him, they took Brighton, who most think is the best team in the region to the wire at their place. How are they out of it?

finally playing the big boys?

thats an interesting comment considering Lone Peak has been the big boy since coming into 5A and winning half the state championships while Brighton is always the one watching from the stands come Saturday.. (anyone remember the domination LP put on them in 07, then the choke job against Bingham in 08?) Nowhere to be found last year... When games in january determine who hold the trophy in march, come find me. Cause i'll be sitting in the cheap sits with everyone else affiliated with brighton

LP dominate?

Weird how Lone Peaks first loss this year is met with comments "they wont dominate"... who expects them to? They're the youngest team in the state, lost without their only true post, and also are playing with ZERO returning starters. So i ask again, who expects them to dominate?

I dare say it'll be a different story at home with Hamilton back. Last time Quincy Lewis lost to the same team twice in one year? 2005 (which by the way is the only time in his career.) Good luck comin down to Lone Peak and winning, even though Lone Peak "wont dominate."


Everyone has an opinion. Most of these are opinion's of parents whose kids are not playing. Get over yourselves...


No doubt!! Get a job all you bloggers and please watch more hoop before commenting


wertz needs more playing time period. He's shown what he can do when given minutes.

re: wertz

Wertz and the other seniors should no doubt be playing ahead of Corbin Millers little brother. The Miller kid needs to prove himself first at the sphomore level if he does then he should get a little jv time, which is great as a freshman. At this point he just isn't big and strong enough to play at the varsity level, however Nick Emery is a different story he is a once in a lifetime player for the state of Utah. Quincy Lewis has said the Nick Emery is way ahead of Tyler Haws when Tyler was a freshman.

Looking Ahead

LP will be just fine this year. They will start their state run again next year with Emery and TJ Haws at the guard line, Hamilton in the middle. Next year LP could start one freshman, three sophmores and Hamilton. What fun for the next couple of years!!

Jordan 2-0

See you next week Brighton!

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