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Published: Thursday, Jan. 7 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I thought the mission of the Deseret News was to be a competitive and competent daily metro newspaper (and online presence of news). Why the need to integrate and infuse religiosity and other feel-good flavor-of-the-month rhetoric? Doesn't the newspaper have it's own mission statement? Did the city, state, region and world change so much that every DMC company's mission statement is so arcane and archaic that they all need to be homogenized into one? What's so wrong with just being a really great daily metro newspaper? KSL, just be a local NBC-affiliate that produces quality work. Leave the "search for truth and light" to the Ensign and to Music and the Spoken Word. For those of us Gentiles that appreciate what the Deseret News and KSL have to offer outside the Church lines, don't change it one bit. Please. Leave your new Articles of Faith in Sunday School, not the front page or top of the hour newscasts.


I'm hoping this may lead to a more conservative staff and personalities at KSL, especially radio.


As a non-LDS person, allow me to say, these are amazing values.

People can say what they want about the LDS people, most of which is nothing but bitterness, but they certainly lead the way when it comes to values, hard work and good common sense.


These are pretty bold. With so much of media focused on negativity, this is a great step forward. Best wishes.

chevy chase

Here we go, the secularization of the LDS church. Eventually it would happen like it does to all religious groups over time who wish to survive economically. The church can no longer "hold" its investments. It must get out there and make a buck to keep this dream alive into the future, but in so doing, in seeking profit, it will go the road of all capitalistic organizations, the ambitious virtue-less, do whatever-it-takes to succeed mentality will creep into church businesses and from there eventually influence the church itself. The naivete of LDS members in the 80s, 90s, and 00s is drawing to a close and we are starting to see that all the promises were symbolic, that the devil rules in this current age, and no good person or profession will remain when an entire society dies economically and culturally.


I think Awesome is a Mormon posing as a non Mormon to spread warm and fuzzy feelings.


The church needs to shed light on its historicity and acknowledge aspects that are true but perhaps not the facts the leadership want to be exposed. Historians have a leg up on this and the internet has the information readily available.


Willes says "There's no requirement that employees of the various companies be LDS...If there is not diversity in your organization, you cannot succeed. ... If we don't have people from different backgrounds, from different points of view, from different religions and different places, we won't succeed."

What utter nonsense. Religious diversity is needed for the organization to succeed? Really? Willes, you better call Uncle Tom and tell him the Church won't succeed without employing people of different religions. Call BYU and tell them the same thing.

To be honest, I broke out in loud laughter when I read the mission statement. A lot of "light and truth" comes out of KSL's programming? Maybe at Conference time.


...me with a inscribed spoon of religosity overkill... news is news; pews are pews. and never should the twain meet.

Richard Davis

I applaud the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for setting a new standard for the use of media to uplift and inspire people. Too much of media content today, particularly in the coverage of politics, features incivility, disrespect for others, and ad hominem attacks.

It is not that the Church's media should be more conservative or more liberal. Rather, it should be thoughtful (as well as thought-provoking), respectful, civil, inclusive, and balanced in presentation.

I can see definite changes in some of the current content on Church-owned facilities, which would be good for our community.

Some people in the current audience will complain if their favorite hosts are no longer heard on the air. (Those are the hosts who clearly don't fit this mission statement.) They'll complain because they think such polarizing, uncivil, demeaning political talk is sanctioned by the Church. This change will tell them that is not the case.

What a welcome change from where we've gone as a nation politically and in terms of the role of the media! Thank you!


I just hope this is reflected in their "products". All too often I find that KSL and DN tend to bend to popular liberal media bias. Hopefully they will look at their values and get back to basic consertative principles.


Hey, this is cool. Good luck in trying to be better.


People are going to poke at you for this, but I think it is smart and needed. Thank you.


How about balance, not thinking that all truth comes from the right. The op eds could use some balancing out. How about returning to really good investigative reporting like in the old days, instead of killing it off so as to not offend the perpetrators? How about reporting on controversial issues that may sometimes not be favorable to the Church, if proper reporting and verification take place? Even the Church, with its human staffed bureaucracy, needs sunlight to be effective and honest. The Des News is a good paper, it really is, but it has to be more. Be leaders, not Pravda West.


Wow! What a bunch of bitter, small people we have on this comment board. It must be a very sad existence to constantly be negative about most everything and, of course, EVERYTHING LDS.

Johnny S.

I have to say, as a member of the LDS church, the phrase "for profit" makes me cringe. Why on earth are we turning this way? I think I read something somewhere (like maybe the Bible and the Book of Mormon?) that seeking the things of this world (i.e. money) weren't compatible with gospel principles. So has that changed?

Also, in reply to Anonymous, I think you've got good points about objectivity in journalism. Lots of LDS people/leaders have been wrong in the past about certain things. Just because someone believes in the gospel doesn't give them some special access to worldly truths. Good reporting, skeptical inquiry, hard work and an ability to report as true things which might go against your personal beliefs are all hallmarks of good reporting. Also, since the Desert Management Corporation believes in civility, light and truth, I assume they're going to condemn both Fox News and MSNBC with equal vigor?

I'd be curious to get the thoughts of other LDS folks out there.


"Hopefully they will look at their values and get back to basic consertative principles."

But then you would not have light and knowledge.


With civility on the list, does this mean the end of the daily Sean Hannity non-civil rant?

Is this hubris?

Civility? Light? Truth? And KSL Radio will still broadcast Sean Hannity? Deseret Book will still sell Glenn Beck's books?

KSL could become a conservative NPR and Deseret Book could stock great literature and the Deseret News/KSL could begin to do some investigative reporting if there really was a desire to follow through on this mission statement, but I suspect the finanacial bottom line is really what will rule the day.

Civility. light and truth will have to be the goals of individuals, not some sort of mission statement of corporations who are more worried about profits.


I am a non Mormon. But I know that Deseret Management Corporation is true.

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