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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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todd to worse

good takes, but how is he going to do that? Either the Coach gets changed or certain players are to be scouted for the Draft/ Also, you cannot name players under contract that can fix problems due to "tampering"

How would Greg be specific?

This is the point---Miller does not come out and have the guts to say this

Jazz Fans: "we are hurting terribly in this economy. Our team due to marketing and social trends are not taking in the revenue other franchises might be. We have made mistakes in judgments, in regards to contracts and player personnel decisions. We can only try now and fix these problems starting immediately. We are not happy unless this community can support a team with us that can compete realistically for the NBA title.

We appreciate all Jazz Fans around the country, we need the support more than ever. We hope within 2 years to be challenging again for conference and title honors.

In the meantime, some decisions with costs and tough decisions will have to be made. We will make each decision carefully. In the interim, we will try and remain competitive and always have the best fans in mind.

who to trade

This team does not have many players that other teams need. Besides Williams, Boozer, or Kirilenko(to a team that would use him correctly), who is really attractive to another team?


you people that want fes/kk to get more minutes should reassess your thinking...as whose expense minutes wise do they come...keep in mind the biggest problem the jazz have right now (among many others) is scoring points...do they play for booz, your best scorer---no...okur, maybe, but he's still even in a slump a scoring upgrade over fes/kk..how about ak..neither are better offensively than ak and neither fes nor kk can guard a 4....give them milsaps minutes...i don't think so, see reasons above on ak...it just doesn't make sense to playe either except in spot duty....

Jazz Cop

Along with what boozer said, he pretty much covered everything, except he forgot the point that the jazz need to score to win. minor details, putting the ball in the basket.


I would start Fes and get him 25-30 minutes,mostly from Memo and see what he has,and I mean start him for a few games not just today,what are we afraid of, what he might do,we`re gonna lose anyways

Sokol to Houdini

I agree..Fesenko needs more time...

Chuck Nunn

Fesenko needs to be Okur's primary backup. How that takes minutes away from Millsap, who ought to be Boozer's primary backup, is beyond me, other than it would bring to an end the disastrous practice of running Boozer at center, which has been a problem for Utah every single game. Plus, if the Jazz had a real deadeye shooter from the perimeter who can spread the floor, that opens things up for more inside scoring. Okur's in a slump, Miles is sporadic, D-Will is suffering, Korver has been out and is just getting back on the floor, Kirilenko is inconsistent. If you can't generate the offense you need, you have to be even tougher defensively, and Utah's been outscored in the paint the last three games and it will likely happen again tonight unless Fesenko gets minutes and the Jazz stop going small. Oh, and as a matter of fact, Koufos IS capable of guarding the 4.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!


The Jazz have been wise investors! Look at the league's big spenders: Knicks, Cavs, Mavericks, and Blazers. None of these guys have done anything. The Lakers are big spenders but they will make up that money easy with their big market and a guaranteed long playoff run. Two ways to win in the NBA lucky draft (Duncan, Shaq, Olajawon) or assemble assests and make a smart move ('09 Lakers, '08 Celtics, '06 Heat, '04 Pistons). The Jazz are playing style 2 which means they could steel a title but a dynasty comes through the draft!

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