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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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todd from santa ana

Rah Rah

Go Same ol roster, Go O Connor


The Jazz did two things to hurt their chemestry: Trade Maynor and bench Mathews. Trading your first round draft pick for money is giving up on your future. Bad "carma" I know he only played 14 minutes a game but he was consistenly in the plus column and ran the team well in Williams absence. Did you notice the Thunders 5 game win streak.
Mathews has done everything asked of him and was benched to make veteran players happy. If it aint broke don't fix it. Currently there are no defenders in the starting lineup.

Chuck Nunn

Memphis is in town, fresh from beating Portland at Portland. Gasol, Gay, Randolph, with Thabeet coming off the bench. The same old stuff isn't going to work this time around. Utah HAS to go big, and that means Fesenko backing up Okur for at least 12 minutes, and it also means not running Boozer at center. Boozer and Millsap need to spell each other at PF with a true center on the floor. Make it happen, Coach!

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!

David Decker

Add "Chemestry" and "Chuck Nunn's" comment together; and I can't say much except to repeat "If the bigs aren't ready to play by playoff time, then we're out quickly. No one ever won a title without a big guy in the middle. Please wake up, coach.


Maynor was traded so the Jazz could save $10M. Don't blame that one on O'Connor. He had a directive from Greggy boy to cut payroll.

Greg Miller is just like daddy. Both too cheap to put together a contender. Jazz have Boozer's expiring, they now have a trade exception from the Maynor/Harpring deal. But I'll bet none of those assets will be used at the deadline when some good players will be sold for 70 cents on the dollar by cash-strapped franchises.

Millers have made money on the Jazz hand-over-fist the last 25 years. It has always been run as a profit-first business. So why not use some of that profit to finally go after a title. I bet that was one of Larry H's regrets. He had 2 of the greatest players EVER, but he was always to cheap to extend payroll and bring in that one additional star or strengthen the bench - moves that could have/should have brought the Jazz a title.

Instead, the Millers will rely on you sheep to keep going to games, keep buying merchandise. Keep giving them profit for a marginally competitive team.


I believe in being patient, but CJ's progress is frustrating and I'm most frustrated with Sloan not doing something to fix the interior Defense. Sloan needs to play Fes and give him enough minutes to see if he is going to be the answer to the Jazz's defensive problems.


Dear chemistry,

I don't know if you understand b-ball but Maynor was not going to save the season. Now blame Greg Miller for saving 10 million by trading away a back up. As you mention the Jazz are over the cap. That means to most people the Millers have done their job. We have talented players (even without Maynor), we have a proven coach. Millers have put together what the fans asked for. The coach and players are not jelling and time has a way of working that out. Time should help you as you try to grasp the concepts of b-ball as well.

David needs to go to school as well. He gives the coach blame for the bigs not being ready. Koudous played Ukrainian ball for 4 season and Koufos hungering for the big bucks gave up 3 years of college ball. They are not ready for the NBA in any way except they are taller than most.

Our bigs would get beat in most church halls in Utah and there is not much the coach can do except let them practice and practice and practice...and try not to listen to the fans


@Chemistry: Miller's are too cheap to put together a contender? We have the 3rd highest payroll in the NBA. Where did you go to school? Did they teach math when you were there?

The Jazz are already in the luxury tax zone and you want them to go buy more contracts? I hope you don't own your own business and have employees who rely on you to pay their bills.

Never thought I'd say this but..

I am so glad Boozer is still here.

Offensively this team the last 10 games has tanked. One of the few players on this roster that has not declined offensively and is ACTUALLY STILL GETTING BETTER YEAR OVER YEAR IS BOOZER!!

This team would be so far under .500 if he was gone. You think it is bad now--you can't even appreciate how bad it would have been without him.

He is playing better defense this season and his offense is even better.

I have always said that I don't this team can win with both Booz and Okur together and I still believe it. It would not break my heart if Millsap was traded and Boozer stayed at seasons end. Offensively Boozers stats are simply top tier in the NBA.

We should unload some of our talented pieces for a big Center to plug the middle. The problem always is who would trade their good Center? The answer is most of the time the same...if the team is willing to trade him then 9 times out of 10 there is a reason.

Point? Okafor. New Orleans was shopping him soon after they signed him.


Do you think things are desperate enough yet for Sloan to brush his ego aside and play Fes? I guess I'll believe it IF we see it.

Hang in there!

There is no doubt this is a talented team. I think that we all forget that the players for the most part are still kids. Early twenties for the most to upper twenties. As a fifty something adult I stop and look back at how immature I was at 20 - 30 years of age. These guys I'm sure are getting down on their selves and getting into a funk! They just need to grab themselves by the shoe strings and pull themselves back up. Sloan needs to step up as the wise father figure and give these kids the encouragement they need to have confidence in themselves. GO JAZZ!

Your All Kidding Yourselves

There is no practice time now. Your losing games with who your playing, why not play Koufus and Fess? Last year Koufus got lots of playing time the first half of the season when we needed bigs. Why does he not get NOTHING NOW? His numbers last year were good also, as for Fess all of the ex-players and basketball people associated with this team not on the coaching staff have stated very publicly numerous times about the potential and athletic abilities of Fess. If you look at these 2 players logically why are they not getting minutes during this non existent play by many players who are not performing for us now? This is just crazy! Blame Jerry totally because of his veteran player bias.

todd to canuck fan

You should be used to it. Your teams always choke every single year and the 20,000 sheep go to GM Place to watch a very talented team with maybe the best goalie always choke.

Sorry "sloanaholic"

todd to nunn

My post was deleted. Last night I discussed Memphis

Be afraid..
Be very afraid.

What could save Sloan and his legion, is they are playing back to back and have a weak bench.

Memphis starting 5 is a handful.

Although what I saw of the game last night, Marc Gasol plays like the typical Eastern Euro Type and plays no d. He looked like Okur standing and watching like Freddie Gwynne of the Muensters.

He can score and is a low post threat

Gay, and Mayo are incredible, Randolph is in better shape and scored 25 last night.

They combine point play with Mike Conley the young man from Ohio State and veteran backup formerly with Indiana Jammal Tinsley.

They combined for 11 assists last night.

Who is going to guard OJ CJ?


Matthews should be starting

However, the Miller rhetoric notwithstanding and "state of the union address" Predictions:

Another sellout tonight

Starters DWIL, CJ, Brewer,Boozie and Okur

Lots of change ey?

Reason/ Insanity

The only logical reason that Jerry doesn't play Fes and Koufos is because he knows that if they do good it will make him look bad for not playing them before now. It's obvious he is trying to keep them stashed. This is insane.

Guy's are getting lots of playing time in the paint who do not defend.( Boozer, Okur ) Jerry what happened to the commitment you made at the start of the season to defense. You said you were going to bench the guy's who don't defend. Well Boozer and Okur are still logging plenty of minutes. They still do not defend and we are LOSING. Fesenko and Koufos are still glued to the bench. Two 7 footers who do defend Jerry are sitting right on your bench while the team goes down the drain.


Whatever happened to Andre 'Darko Milicic' Kirilenko?

Please someone tell Miles to not throw up 15 bad shots a night..It seems like Miles and Kirilenko constantly throw up a shot everytime they touch the ball...

I think they ought to bring up the entire D League team.....AND OF COURSE FIRE SLOAN AND KOC.

todd from santa ana


BP, and JBRA might take offense and the other "sloanaholics"

What a great post-right on the money...

There is something behind this more than not be "good enough" in practice

So if they are that bad, why are they on the roster

After all, maybe better practice players would be Barney Rubble and Freddie Flinstone


I think Sloan has had enough of miles,I say he puts Matthews back in,miles slips to 13th man behind the new guy from I-da-hoe


If DWill is hurt or out things will get worse. The offense will run worse.

I would cut Greg some slack. The Jazz have made money directly or indirectly for the empire in the past. However, the cash flow for the whole empire has to be hurting badly right now.

I do not think you can blame him for cutting his lux tax bill on a continuity team that is clearly not a contender.

I do think it is fair that he provide a 2 year road map for fixing the problems that are consistent patterns with the Jazz.

1. The Sloan inside offense is broken.
2. The inside defense has never existed.
3. The outside shooting is poor.
4. 2 decades of losing road records.
5. Poor first round draft selection.

I do not think broad vague PR proclamations are going to cut it. He needs to make some specific indications of how the above are going to be addressed in hopes of becoming a contender.

todd to houdini

I love that B52s reference, dude that is classic....Great to see you back after a few days off...

I agree, LOOK Matthews is not perfect with his offense.

Having his D mindset is more important.

CJ is "planet Idaho"

He is to guard OJ?

I am on the floor laughing so hard, I am crying. I need to revive myself out...

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