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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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todd from santa ana

Maybe no one should show tomorrow at the Arena. I do not care if they win or not, that will not mean Jerry should get 5 more years

trade um

do it now as fast as you possibly can!


"that's what happens when you lose a game or two... Or sixteen... Out of 34... And don't make any changes in the rotation... And all the players look like they wish they were on another team..."


After the way they've been playing lately i dont think that statement of "everyone but Dwill is trade-worthy" is really a rumor. the writer at yahoo hasn't made any ground-breaking discoveries, pretty much everyone knows that info.

On one hand, i sympathize for KOC because I know he's trying everything he can to mix up our roster and get better players. but on the other hand, its his own fault in the first place because if he hadn't signed them all for millions more than they're worth, it would be easy to make trades. he really shot himself in the foot with all of these ridiculous contracts.

Bring Tmac to the Promised Land

It's time we face it Jazz fans, as much as I hated Tmac I say we bring him on.

The tade
Tmac and Battier for Ak, Milsap, and CJ

The plus side for the Jazz
By picking up Tmac and starting him we finally open up the offense forcing teams to respect our perimiter. Secondly Tmacs contract expires at the end of the season, chances are if things are good we could resign him. Third by bringing in Battier we add a tough vet who is defensive minded and can score. Fourth we get out from under AKs ridiculous contract. Finally if this all blows up at the end of the season we let Tmac go and Boozer go which leaves us with plenty of cap room to make some plays for the free agents this off season.

Jazz negative
we loose milsap who we all like but frankly it's either him or DWill and I'd rather loose milsap.


todd on houston trade

And Rick Adelman and the Rocket Fans would nearly riot if that trade was made.

Never ever will happen

Apreciate the thoughts and the ideas, keep em coming good job.

However, will not happen. the Rocket fans love workers, Landry, Battier and Chuck Hayes are among the post popular players they have.

An Asian Perspective

I wanna see AK play at power forward. He got the max contract playing mainly PF (and some SF interchangeably with Harpring who could play both positions). Why do you expect a PF to block as many shots when you force him to play out of natural position? Can Birdman of Denver block as many shots if he plays SF? I don't think so. Signing Boozer and converting AK to SF was a mistake that nobody seems to be aware of perhaps because AK is so versatile that he can play any positions at an OK level. From the way championship teams play defense in recent seasons, it's crazy to believe Booz and Memo can do the same. Jazz's problem has always been inside defense. Boozer not getting better defensively is coaches' responsibility, but I don't care anymore. Trade Boozer and let AK play more minutes at PF. We have one of the best shot blocker in the league. Why don't we utilize him? AK was supposed to be the cornerstone of the team and he's forced to play out of natural position to accommodate a guy like Boozer? What a joke.

Okur vs KK

Didn't Okur sign an extension for $9 million this last summer? Who's bright idea was that?

When are the Jazz going to play Kufos and Fez to determine if they can play in this league? Okur has no post up game or defense, Boozer has his bags packed, Millsap can't play big men, and AK 47 has been firing blanks for a while now.

Mavs or Rockets

1. Boozer to Mavs for Dampier and Thomas.

2. Boozer & AK to Rockets for Scola & T-Mac


16.4 million a year and 18 million for the 2010-2011 season for Andre.... WOW! That is unbelievable, excuse me a moment, I have to pick up my jaw. I guess someone believed Kirilenko was the next Larry Bird instead of the next.... Andre Kirilenko. That is a huge amount of money for a average to below average player. Does O'Conner know what he's doing or is he just guessing? As for Coach Sloan, 22 years and 0 championships, the record speaks for itself. Even Bill Cowher won a Super Bowl after 14 years.


It is clear that this team as currently constructed will be no better than a 7 or 8 seed. Moves need to be made. I agree AK has been terribly misused. He is a 4. He is wasted chasing three point shooters around who are faster than him and keep him 20 ft from the basket. Same on offense. He needs to be around the basket. This falls on Sloan. He has had plenty of time to figure this out. Use him right or trade him. No need for Boozer and Milsap on the same team. Not enough minutes. Trade one of these three and let the other two play the 4. If you have Okur you need a defensive big man to alternate with him. Find out if Fez and Koufas can play & or trade for a big man. Get rid of Miles, he is taking playing time from better players. Get a combo gaurd that can play the 2 and back up Dwill. Price is a last resort, not a back up point.


Play Brewer at the 3 were he can run the baseline and use his ability to get on top of the rim. Trades? Kirlinko and Miles for Maggette, Turiaf and Claxton maybe have to add small parts to make salaries work. NO trade Okur and something for Okafor or Boozer for Okafor.


umm....Sorry Jazzfans, umm....Were not going to make any trades before the deadline umm.....We want so see how well Kyle does when he is fully recovered umm.....We are just looking to dump more salary if we do make a trade umm...This team can still compete for a 2nd spot in the west umm.....

Trade Sloan....

Trade Jerry and half your problems are solved.

Jazz and before that Stars Fan

There is only one thing that will change the Jazz. Sloan has demanded that the team plays his O & D that has been used since he was arrived. Everything has changed but him. It may help if a timeout was used from time to time.

Trade Sloan First

I agree, Sloan is the first one that needs to go. All these years in the league and no championship. Claims he is tough and teams should defend, yet Jazz players are just the opposite. I don't think we see the real side of him, just the fake on game day.

Why write about it?

Why do people care about trade rumors? This Jazz management team will never pull off a major trade, just like the Jazz players, all talk, no action. Thank you Jazz management for saving me money this year.


AK at the 4...are you kidding me? Yeah, maybe he'd block 1-2 shots. But the rest of the time he'd get pushed right under the basket and regular POWER forwards would score easy layups. AK is too thin to play PF. He'd be behind the bench in a suit within a week sporting a shoulder or back injury.

AK COULD play backup PF against most teams. But at $18M, his contract needs to go. Won't happen until next year. No team has money to take on his contract until it's an expiring one.

AS for other roster moves, Jazz need to trade Boozer for a starter. Carlos is gone this summer, so Utah needs to get something in return. But they won't. Greg Miller is just like his daddy: too cheap to put together a contender. Nope, any additional trades will involve money-saving transaction.

And if no deals can be made, then the Jazz will just let Boozer walk, make a choice between re-signing Korver or matching an offer for Ronnie B., get some cap relief from trading AK's contract, and voila - Utah is under the luxury tax level.


Matching CJ was a mistake. Matching Milsap was a mistake. These deals may have made sense if they were our #1 options at their position (and maybe we thought they would be), but CJ is too eratic to be that option and Milsap is not as good as Boozer and probably not as good as Andre at the 4 (if he got to play it). We showed we are willing to spend money, but I don't think we got better by doing it. I think we lack discipline and real "intent" with our trades and signings. Seems more like my kid playing Pokemon -- "Gotta Keep 'em all".


KOC spent his money and tried to get TMac for AK but Houston said no. We should get over that trade.

We have a talented coach, we have talented players but we have too many losses. Something is not working. If Jerry cannot coach these players for whatever reason the players or the coach has to change. ..... Too bad for the players.

It would be great to trade AK and get a high caliber player that would help Boozer stay around. Boozer knows he needs a great pg in order to keep his numbers high in the NBA. Very few teams have the high caliber pg that is willing to pass the ball. If we unloaded AK and got somebody of real value that could team with Boozer and DWill for a run at the title he may be convinced to stay.

Millsap at that position will not cut it for us. Bringing AK to that position is silly as he loses the ball every time he dribbles it in the key.

Talk about playing Loufous and Fez to see what we got is not smart. That is what practice is for.

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