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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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well i think it should be open for drilling because we have one of the richest oil field areas in the U.S. and this community is centered around the oil field u take that away here and we r skrewed economically speaking

Great Compromise

If you haven't been to Nine Mile Canyon, you have no idea how fascinating the rock art is. So are the drills on the hills near Myton.

Much rock art near the road is already caked with dust. The vibration from the large tucks alone that ply that road all day land all year can't be doing the surrounding rock any good.

Vandals have also left their mark on much of the ancient art.

While the drilling should continue in controlled areas, paving and national park or monument status along the canyons would provide more protection from drilling damage and vandals, while opening the history to more people, which would garner more public support for protecting this amazing area.


Utahns will destroy anything for a buck.


TO : JJ , 12:51 PM, 1/6/10 . Your remark that prehistoric rock art is of the same value as today's
grafitti shows your lack of knowledge about Native American petroglyphs or petroglyphs . The images in Nine Mile Canyon are related to spiritual values and beliefs . They were probably created by tribal spiritual leaders to protect and perpetuate a peoples lifestyles and existance . Unlike todays
"spray paintings" , the rock art is just that - an ancient form of art - not the work of vandals like those sad youths who paint their gang symbols on other people's property !

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