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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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We went to Pizza 712 for a work lunch and all ten of us were very, very disappointed with the service there. The food was fine and the atmosphere good, but the hostess and waitress seemed absolutely put off that we were there. Bad experience for us. Our secretary even called back to complain!

Blue Lemon

The Blue Lemon *****

Very good food and nice quiet atmosphere.

@Anothernonymous 9:48

omg, you have me laughing til tears are rolling down my cheeks. . .thanks!

Former SF-er

Just moved here from SF and so wish there was good food. Not really impressed with any of this stuff. Red Iguana is fantastic. That's about it.

Spark is where it's at

Spark Restaurant Lounge should be on the list. I wouldn't call Blue Lemon or Rooster fine dining.

Tuffy Parker

I've eaten in fine restaurants all over the country - Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix, NY, etc, - often paying $250 to $350 for 4 people.

One of my favorites is a 500 sq. foot place in a strip mall near Isabella, Puerto Rico owned and run by a couple of amazingly talented chefs who landed there due to their love of surfing. Oh, and BTW, an outstanding 3 course dinner made from fresh, local ingredients will set you back about $15 - $20.

The point is that while white linen, two waiters, a sommelier, etc. certainly adds ambiance, excellent food can be had in many places, for reasonable prices - even Utah Valley. To state otherwise only becomes pedantic drivel.


Utah you have no idea what fine dining means. Step out of Utah to find out.

Re: em

i am from out of utah and have lived in oregon, california, maryland, and virginia. (sf, la, and dc) that had to be one of the most arrogant comments i have seen. there are plenty of fine restaurants here in utah. if you weren't so full of yourself you may have tried them. btw, some of the absolute best restaurants you can eat at are the ones we non utah natives call the "hole in the walls".

JoeBlow to AwesomeRon

you write

"Places to Eat should Not Be Allowed to be Open on Sunday. The Lord meant it to be a Day Of Rest for everyone Not Just you. Such establishments cause people to work on Sunday who should and would otherwise be in Church. Some times the kids go Unchurched because the parent(s) either work on Sunday or the Parent at home is either disinterested or overwhelmed or both."

So Ron, "not allowed"? Are you suggesting Govt pass laws? Not a free market kind of guy are you.

Aren't you wanting to FORCE your religious beliefs on others?

I've often wondered why the Deseret News has a Sunday edition. Is that absolutely necessary?

Anyway, I hope your post is tongue-in-cheek. If not, you scare me.


Spark Restaurant Lounge just won Best Overall Restaurant in Utah Valley Magazine and is not even mentioned?

Liz Rose

I have yet to see anyone comment on the irony of a "High End" restaurant opening when the economy is supposedly soooooooo bad that people are tight with their money when it comes to helping those that really need it. I find it pretty amazing that people in Utah can afford to shop in thier expensive stores and eat at expensive eateries like this one, yet their pockets are filled with lint when it comes to helping those in need. Hmmm, so much for being a religious state. I see nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!

re: liz rose

some people have money to spend. so since there is a recession and my husband and i are eating out we are hypocrites? your comment doesnt even make sense. did it ever occur to you that the same people that eat out help the employees that work at that restaurant? in addition to that many of us have given HUGE contributions to help others out of work and otherwise in need. how about you? what have YOU done to stimulate the economy and help your fellow man? maybe YOU are the hypocrite.


Shabu in Park City is fantastic, went there for New Year's Eve. Great atmosphere, unbelievable food (it's "Asian Freestyle" according to the menu). They vegetarian and regular dishes, some sushi, all around great experience, would definitely go again.

Chef Quint

I say hats off and congratulations to all of you that are promoting eating well. I find that there
are many people in our world (cooking world)that have had great experinces and training from many different places. When we as chefs decide to share our knowledge, you as the consumer generally benifits. I say good luck to those that are trying to make the food experience better. Keep up the good work and constantly strive to make better food. We chefs, as leaders, should realize that we are here to train those that will eventually pass us.

Amy J.

I live in LA and ate at communal a few months ago on the recommendation of a good friend. I was not disappointed at all! It was AMAZING! I can't wait to return to Utah and visit Communal!

Nicole Tracy

I used to work at Blue Lemon and I can assure you the quality and heart put into the food is 100%. I loved it there and I still drop by every now and then for a bite to eat. And as a barista: The coffee is sooo good and it's organic! :)

Love Blue Lemon

I live out of state and met friends for dinner at the Blue Lemon. LOVED it! So fresh and delicious and what a refreshing change from the predictable! And affordable to boot! I'll return for sure.

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