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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake Centric

I would hardly place Salt Lake Valley dining in the same category as New York City or San Francisco.

come on now

if you thought the article was comparing salt lake restaurants to those in major cities, you were reading it too critically. it was obvious what the article was saying. that said, i won't travel to utah county for food.


got any good vegetarian places?

Ut chefs

Sounds great... how's their wine list?


Sorry folks:

Any restaurant, which features a sign that says, “order here” is hardly a candidate for an eatery that focuses on high-end presentation.

Give me the white linen tablecloths and napkins.


Communal would be to close to Commode for Me to consider eating at.

Places to Eat should Not Be Allowed to be Open on Sunday. The Lord meant it to be a Day Of Rest for everyone Not Just you. Such establishments cause people to work on Sunday who should and would otherwise be in Church. Some times the kids go Unchurched because the parent(s) either work on Sunday or the Parent at home is either disinterested or overwhelmed or both.

Prepare you Sunday meal on Saturday so you only have to reheat it.

The Idea is for everyone to Rest not the Poor Work, and the Pious be served.

Tipping the Server with a Church Tract, or BOM, does not count as a Tip. If you are going to do that, and there is nothing wrong with that, (except the assumption that the Server needs enlightenment), Double or even Triple the Tip.

I gave a kid a stock tip once and met him several years later on a Golf Course. I wish I had taken my own Tip.

I understand Police, Fire, and some Health Care Workers, some Hotel Workers, but the Rest is mostly Not Needed.

Anon 808

I like to Eat Out but Never Ever On A Sunday. If No Meal at Home is prepared, thats what a Can of Progresso and a Microwave are for.

Reheat the Calamarie and Gau Gee, I bought o Saturday.

Put the non Breaded Shrimp (Do Not Eat Breaded Shrimp if God had ment them to be Breaded he would have created them that way),in water when you Microwave them and they will turn out nice.

Chicken was ment to be Breaded the Breading replaces the Feathers and makes the Taste Better. However you do not have to Bread it, if you Bake the Chicken. Breading covers up skinney chicken.

When I eat out I do not want High End Presention. I want to stuff my face. So Ruby Tuesdays is my Favorite for American Food, and I love Asian Food.

If I have to feed the Hungry on Sunday, and that has happened I know a Buddist with an Asian Take Out.


Communal and Pizzeria 712 offer great dining! My friends and I go back and back. Both offer fresh, healthy foods in unique atmospheres. Can't be beat!

to: Ut chefs

You are right. The wine list makes the restaurant go. Here in my state it is fantastic!!


"Fine Dining" and the waitress shown is wearing a tee shirt?? "High end" restaurants don't usually have an "Order Here" sign painted on their walls, either. I think our standards are a tad low.


Any place where the waitress wears t-shirt does not count as fine dining.


You could add Sparks in Provo for another metropolitan place to eat in the area.

Please stay

note to people in Utah Valley:

please stay where you are at. the food in Salt Lake is very bad. don't even come here to try it. it is so bad it will make you run back to Utah Valley. You have the best food in the world. stay home please. people outside of Utah Valley are evil. do not take risks, please stay home! if you are here, go home.


What arrogance in some of the comments. A restaurant does not have to be fancy or waitresses bowing at your feet to be a good restaurant. The food makes the restaurant. Some of the best food can be found at a "hole in the wall" restaurant. And if you are above eating at a place with an "Order here" sign or where the waitresses wear "teeshirts" maybe you need to get off your high horse.


Any place where the waitress doesn't wear t-shirt also does not count as fine dining.

Another Anonymous

Re anonymous 9:39-- Like everything else in Utah, it is about the image and presentation (the superficial things) rather than the actual quality of the food. That is why people are making comments about t-shirts" and "order here" signs. They are just used to looking for superficial things that meet their narrow definitions of fine dining.

Is it a gimmick?

I hope the Chef is not making the dishes look fancy to justify charging higher prices.

Pizza 712

I love pizza 712. I eat in Salt Lake and Park City regularly, but 712 is my favorite. Simple, natural, and utterly amazing food! I didn't know about some of these other places. Can't wait to try them.

Thanks for the info!


Ignorance of others tastes and beliefs... alive and well in Utah!
I like hole in the wall "diners", mostly because the high horse arses don't come there!


As Jack Handey once declared, "I bet the sparrow looks at the parrot and thinks, yes, you can talk, but LISTEN TO YOURSELF!"

Just because it's possible to have a discussion on a website about what classifies a restaurant as "classy" or what tee-shirts mean when worn by a server doesn't mean that it's not a complete and utter waste of time.

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