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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Please, for the love of your fans, make some changes to this team! I'm so tired of watching 4-5 minutes of defense per game. The Jazz come out and go through the motions until the very last part of the game. Then they finally play like they want to win. The Jazz win games against teams that are also just going through the motions. Then they lose to any team that plays hard. Pathetic!!!!

Darin Pitt

This move will have zero affect on the Jazz. This Gaines kid will only play for the last minutes of blow outs. No need to waste any other space on covering this story.


This is the move? Why haven't we traded our soft euros? Why do we have players on our roster that fail to get better? They should do a complete overhaul and start from scratch, even if that means trading D-will. This current roster can't compete for the playoffs. I say trade whatever we can for the 1st pick so we can get Mr. Wall. Then build around him and get some defensive minded players in here.

Epic Fail Jazz!

why didnt we pick up mikki moore! a hard-playing veteran back up center that we NEED! we dont need a 3rd point guard. AK, brewer, and miles can all run the point if we absolutely needed something there temporarily. we need defense in the paint. wow, cant believe this. what a lazy move.


Hooray! He's the missing piece to the puzzle! Utah Jazz 2010 NBA championship!

Gaines is an outstanding

athelete and player. If given a chance he would stick!

But that must only be the beginning for these Jazz changes!


Well this should save the season. I bet he can get all the lazy overpaid bums to gel and start earning their paychecks. I know he'll at least get them to play some defense. The season is saved!!! Go ahead and pencil us in as the 2010 NBA Champions!!!


Whew! Now I don't have to make a trade.

So What?

So What?


What the heck are you thinking KOC? I make a vote: for every day that is wasted with the same core of this worthless team, KOC has to reimburse the fans tickets from his own wallet. That will get his butt up off the couch and moving.


D-league is just the D-league. It's like double A ball because any decent talent is actually overseas. You say his stats are impressive? Look at Morris Almond. He is ripping it up down there in the D-league, 28.9 pts and 5.5 rebs a game, but still isn't good enough to be on any NBA team. It's just a move to get to 13 players is all. Jazz have a lot of season left to play. I still support the team, I just hope they figure it out soon before it is too late.


The Jazz are playing awful and I would rather have a lottery pick than the 8 seed in the playoffs. Trade Boozer, Okur, and Korver for Jermaine O'Neal and a draft pick. They save 3 million and aren't stuck with Okur's contract extension, which was stupid. Then they actually have an excuse for losing.


don't fret the small stuff. we will get the number on pick from NJ for AK and get john wall the best point guard to be drafted in years and have the best one two point guards in the league.
stay glad we have a major team its the only game in town. thanks miller, we will suppot ya.


KOC and Sloan have got to go out the door, followed by everybody except D-Will, Matthews, Millsap and the trainer.


I saw Gaines play against the Flash - he was so much quicker than anything the Flash had. So, in head-to-head with Jefferson, I think Gaines wins.

BP @ KK and Miles

Sensible comments. I agree. This move was either:

1) to buy time to make a different move

2) or to simply have enough players

Either way, it is inconsequential. But this kid is pretty good. He is better than Maynor and has more experience. I love Price, but I still think we need a backup PG and let Price come in when we need a defensive or offensive explosion for a few minutes. Maybe the Jazz got rid of Maynor, knowing that this kid and others were attainable. Pretty hard to keep Maynor when you can replace him and still save $13Million. I liked Maynor, but he wasn't great on defense, not a pure shooter, and needed to get bigger. All things he can master, and probably will master, but when? We have enough guys with potential.

Chuck Nunn

I would have liked to see Jefferson get the nod, but I like Gaines too, and I look for him to stick with the Jazz for the rest of the season barring some kind of trade for a veteran NBA guard. But to the guy who say's Fesenko isn't a project worth doing and is calling for Jaycee Carroll, man, that's just nuts. I'm sorry, but when you have an athletic, well-muscled 7-footer wasting away on the bench, that's a big problem, and the Jazz have won a better percentage of games with him than without him. Carroll can shoot the ball and has a lot of heart, but he's a lot better off in Europe, as I have my doubts that he can defend in the NBA.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!

Buying time

This move buys time and saves money.

If the Jazz could trade AK for some combination of Brooks Lopez, Courtney Lee and Rafer Alston plus parts that would really help the Jazz.

Alston is not a great shooter but he can run a team and has a lot of playoff experience. Lopez would make Boozer expendable as Okur could rotate at PF with Millsap.

Courtney Lee is a wing who can shoot.

The salaries would be hard to match up but if NJ wanted AK bad enough they could find a way.

The 10 day contract give the Jazz a lot of flex while they get a good look at Gaines. In the mean time Jefferson is learning the system with the Flash.

Gains could eventually replace Price for a lot less.

Darin Pitt

Why would the Nets want AK to be the main player of the team when he showed he couldn't be the main player of our team?

Tank the season

Do It! Do It! Do It!

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