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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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no! no! no! BOOOO!!!! Fire KOC!! Lazy, terrible! BOOOO!!!!

Cowboy Joe to Todd

KOC listened to you. He took your man. Now can you tell him to tank the season so we can get JOHN WALL.


Boring. Way to delay the inevitable. We don't need the Knick's pick. We will go get it ourselves.

todd from santa ana

Maybe a good move who knows. Better than the old guard, good Kevin for once....But let us see now if he can or will be given "chance to play"

He was on that Georgia team that went like 7-20 and won the Southeastern Conference Tournament, when that tornado nearly blew the building the tournament was at...


Has anyone else noticed that since trading Maynor the Jazz are 1-4 and the bench has been terrible?


Who's this guy? Should've signed Jefferson. The Jazz better make a trade soon or it's over this season for the franchise.


Who knows, maybe this Gaines kid ends up being a better player then Price. His stats are definitely impressive. He might be thrown to the fire right away if D-Will can't play.

I still think a trade(s) is in the works however before the deadline.

I love this pick up!!!!

This is too funny. The Jazz have officially hit rock bottom. Hahaha, I love it, Hahaha, I'm laighing so hard,I cannot breathe!!!

Before you know it, the Jazz will be a D-Laegue team as well. The West Valley Blues, baby!!!


wow,our season is saved!!!!!


This kid better be ready to come out and play!! not only play but play hard!! Bring some energy to the team!! good luck Gaines


6'1'' ?? Don't know who this guy is, so not going to comment on him ...but is he really better than the other guy from the flash that had some size? Looks like they just went out and got a guy who will fill the 13th player spot rather than someone that can actually help this team.

Ex-Jazz Fan

that's great! We get another player that Sloan won't play. I would bench all the starters and play the younger players. What have we got to loose. We are loosing anyway. We ought to see what they can do so we can determine if we want to keep them of get some one else. We seem to just fill up roster spots with players that won't get to play. This year is a joke. The joke will be on the Miller family when the season tickets don't sell next year. I'm not sure what needs to happen but when you do what you always do you will get the same results that you always get. Good luck Jazz. I hope you at least get the lottery pick.


Good move KOC. a ten day contract to a bench player. It buys him time to try and find something better or to do a trade later and not be locked to a season-long contract. As far as I am concerned, it didn't matter who he signed, they are not playing.

For those who don't like this move, too bad.


what the? jazz you need some help.... maynor was great!!!! good luck new guy......

10 contract

This is an audition. There may be more.

The Jazz know exactly what they have in Jefferson. There is no need to audition Jefferson for 10 days.

Gaines can shoot. He is tough. Can he play on the NBA level?

He looks like a cheap version of Price with maybe a better shot. He might solve some of the shooting problem in the short run. All it takes is 2 or 3 outside shots to open up the middle.

He buys time for Korver to heal. He has potential. If he does not work get another audition.

IF DWill can't go he is insurance at PG.

The Jazz do not need to panic into a bad trade. This kid is either a long term replacement for Price or a 10 insurance policy. He is not the solution to the Jazz offensive problems. He may be as good as Maynor in the long run.

Wait 10 days and see what you have.

In the mean time Sloan has to figure out how to win with the current players and what is left of his system.

die hard

Bandaids on a severed limb?
Make the trade, And as much as I thought I would never say it throw in AK if thats what it takes? I can't believe I really just said that???
Bottom line, Deron and Jerry deserve it so quit screwing around and do something!!


Too bad we can not "Pick up" a GM like you can a player.

I would not wish KOC on a D-League team..

KOC has done the worse job in NBA history. He has sunk the Jazz season.

What happen Greg Miller to the "I will pay the price" for the Championship"?

The Truth

The Jazz can release this kid at the end of his 10 day contract and then wait another 2 or 3 weeks before signing another player thus saving them even more cash!! Wait some breaking news, this player is 3-13 on the three point line the last 3 games, looks like more of the same Jazz fans. He has also averaged 7 TO's the last three games as well. Looks like he will fit right in with what we got, another player that can't stroke it!! Is he athletic, cause you know that's going to count against him!!

Trade somebody please

I for one, would like to see the Jazz make a huge trade, gut the team. AK and Boozer have huge contracts, so nobody wants them. Sweeten the deal. Give them anybody else they want to get rid of the dead weight. I don't care if you have to sign 12 more players from the D- League. It is time to move the dead weight and start over! Start over please! The 8th spot in the playoffs is not worth fighting for. You probably won't get it anyway. I don't care if we have to resign Greg Ostertag and go get Travis Hansen and Jaycee Carroll. I think we should have signed Jaycee Carroll. Players I would prefer getting rid of along with AK & Boozer who absolutley should go.

1. Korver- he is done anyway. Jazz brought him in to shoot the ball. Which he is not doing.

2. Fes- a project not worth doing.

3. Okur- we know what he can do, he just doesn't do it enough

4. Miles- Highlights yes, defense no.

5. Brewer- Highlights yes, shooting no.

6. Price- he will go for 30 against us.

Milsap, Williams, and new guys.


What the!!!! I hope a big trade in the future or im done with the Jazz!

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