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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Todd I think you are right to root for Memphis or any team who plays Jazz right now. Until this team show fans they care, we will show our displeasure by turning our backs to them.

Some may ask, "But Fedor, your faith in RSL never waivered!!" Yes, this is true. But Jazz own this city and the hearts of every Jazz fan out there. They have been around forever. They have lot of money....corner on the fans hard earned dollar. So they deserve our most critique....our harshest words....why? Because we love them. This is how it goes for those who have true passion for their teams. Now, RSL, yes, at times they make Fedor very angry, but they are young, young coach and are working on something bigger. They don't get paid with 15 million dollar per year contracts.

Anyway, Todd, keep putting the BP in his place. His claims are outrageous and I know my friend that he could never match your passion for this team.

Let's hope the Jazz come out of funk. You never know in this NBA.


You have 1/2 of it right. If you got a good traditional C and a shooting wing you would have a team that would be 4th or maybe 3rd in the West.

However, please do not pretend that changing players will fix all of the problems with the Sloan offense.

The offense is rapidly becoming outdated by changes in the defenses of many NBA teams.

If you were lucky enough to get the right players you would still be stuck will all of Sloan's quirks that insure the Jazz will NEVER sniff a championship.

You can continue the charade for a few more years until Sloan retires IF you get the right players but it is still a charade that is harder to maintain.

Why is Sloan so indispensible to the Jazz? What do the Jazz have to lose by replacing him? What do the Jazz have to gain?

On balance the Jazz have a better chance with the right new coach.

Sloan's coaching experience is a negative at this point. He has 18 years of losing road records and now he is losing at home.


And changing coaches won't make Okur any faster or Boozer play better defense, or make the Jazz more athletic and longer. It's obvious the problem lies with the team makeup and other than Williams, the Jazz should look into getting some new blood in town (not talking about the 3rd string pg).

Don't worry

Don't worry. The Jazz will pull out of this slump. It happens every year. A new player to spark would help if we didn't have to sacrifice to much.


They need to think about trading Sloan, his time has come its the same old story every year. Yes he's a good coach but he needs to retire and move on let some new blood in and change things. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Solution is simple

Make the following trades:

Brewer for Wade
CJ for LeBron
Boozer for Bosh
OKur for Howard
Sloan for Popovich

KOC, make it happen!

I Miss Larry

big time......if Larry were around...he would fire Greg Miller!

C'mon Greg...trade booz, brewer, okur, ak and go after josh smith, kevin martin, iguodala, granger....get it done!

Good thing you don't run the jaz

The Jazz are struggling, but it definately could be worse if all you people were the G.M.'s, presidents, owners, and coaches. oooohhh, don't even want to think about that, The jazz would be done for after the first game, Deron's the best point guard in the NBA, Coach Sloan is the best Coach, and quit running our twenty ten player our of utah. get rid of AK, and give boozer his money, or go get chris bosh or someone over the summer.

Darin Pitt

An important thing to remember is it is difficult for the Jazz to get top flight free agents to sign in Utah without overpaying them (see Okur and Boozer.) No way any of the top free agents next summer sign in Utah (LeBron, Wade, Bosh, etc.)


To your comment, "These teams have been bad for the last decade", The Nets went to the Finals twice the last decade. You truly give basketball fans a bad name.

Please, please, please

Rid the Jazz of Memo. He ain't "Money." All he's doing is standing in the soup line, for pete's sake.

todd 847 post

I am on the floor, they are trying to revive me, please pass the Salt and a kleenex.

I cannot stop, calling Mr Magoo..

Sloan and O Connor great we would be lost after "10 minutes"

great comedy

free also, i got to say bye to Bugs Bunny


OK, maybe not nets. I forget that their current team isn't their past. To say I give b-ball fans bad name.....you pick out one thing and I give b-ball fans bad name? You give comedian bad name.


Matthew is the best young talent in the western conference! He and Wall will be our franchise players! Keep Sloan.

Idaho Fan

I really like AK as a player. He plays with energy, blocks shots and works hard at his game. The thing I don't understand though is: Why doesn't he volunteer to restructure his contract to free up some money to help the jazz get a decent player to help them win?

I think that $8 million could get a decent player and that $8 million would be enough for him to live on. I know that I could put food on my table with that amount. In addition, it would show AK in better light.

Would someone please show me the faultiness of my thinking?

country boy

I got a idea trade the coach and gm to the nets, and hire a new coach and gm....equals champenship.

Kevin in the Terrace

Why don't they ask Kirilenko to re-negotiate his contract? I guess I would not give up the 18 million either but hey they guy has not lived up to the contract.


you must be sloans cousin or coffee buddy. you must think he is a amazing from all the stories of him saying, back in my day we worked so hard and so on and so on. Get a clue.

wait a minute,

Most people's solutions for the Jazz's woes are pretty ridiculous. Sloan isn't going anywhere. Regardless of if he's at fault or not; he has earned the right to say when he leaves. The second problem we run into is who are we actually going to trade for? Even if we're just clearing out space on the payroll for next year... who's to say there will be anybody worth signing? Kevin O'Connor has consistently made smart moves that benefit the Jazz. We'll come out of the woods eventually.

As far as I'm concerned forget about Boozer. He's playing really well and can help us THIS season. If he leaves we get cap room if he stays then we get a solid player with a good attitude. Trading him is a brash move and would seem to limit possible positives.

The reason why Sloan's system isn't working is because we need the type of players who are willing to play hard. We need more Adam Keefes, Bryon Russells, Matt Harprings, WES MATTHEWS or whoever else is willing to play hard.

re apietman

agree completely

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