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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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needs; shot blocking center, 2 who can shoot the 3 and play defense.
Dump Brewer, Okur, Miles, AK, and KK for a 2 guard as described above.
Keep Boozer and expiring contract, DWill, play Fes....he can't be worse than Ostertag and he's cheap, and Matthews.
If we keep losing we have two lottery picks to deal and if we win great, we've got two cheap contracts, a lottery pick, and cap space in a down market in the off-season.

todd to love the jazz and coach


Do not waste our times, go back watching old reruns-please spare us. Next time i see that type of text I will just move on to the next post

todd from santa ana

BY the way in case you did not hear.. Sloan stinks.'


The problem is that AK's worth will only serve the Jazz next year. If we can entice a team to take him now, I am afraid we'll have to give up the Knicks' pick in the process. Is it worth it?

Lo Porto

This message is for KOC - the fans are so tired of this team that some are starting to turn on our franchise player Deron. If you don't do something soon, you're going to lose fans and the remaining fans will start questioning every player on the roster. The next thing you know, we'll be the Knicks.

A trade has to be done. I'm fine trading away anybody but Deron, Price, Matthews and Millsap. I like how those guys play for the contracts they make.

I like AK But...

I like AK, but his contract is killing the Jazz. I would say you trade CJ, AK, and Kyle Korver for T-Mac. This would be a real gamble this season, but it would pay off next season. At the end of the season win or lose Boozer's and T-Macs contracts would come off the books. This would give Utah a huge amount of cap room to go and spend in a very good free agent market.

I also wouldn't be against moving the Knicks pick and Boozer for Chris Bosh. This would give us the bird rights to Bosh, meaning we could give him more money to stay in Utah and play with D-Will.

Also keep....

Millsap, Matthews, Brewer. Trade anyone else.

Blow it up!

The Jazz should keep Williams, Okur, Millsap and Brewer. Anyone else can go. Boozer is playing well and the Jazz should trade him while they can before he gets injured again.


You guys that keep complaining about milsaps contract need to remember that it was front loaded by the trailblazers... after this year we have him for 6m/year for 3 years.. a good deal after this year.

Trade boozer already so milsap can get the playing time he needs. Its clear that boozer lacks heart and only plays halfhearted basketball, he is content with just earning his paycheck.. i hope the reason he is logging so much playing time, is because they are trying to showcase him an trade him. We were playing good basketball last year with this same team untill boozer game back.

As for you people blaming Dwill you all are living in a dream world. He is one of the best point guards in the NBA period! Yes he has struggled some lately with turnovers, but perhaps he is trying to hard. If he could get anyone on this team to make a layup or able to shoot and make a basket from 1-2 feet from the basket we would be just fine. Last nights game was a perfect example.. guys were throwing brick after brick from under the basket. Was hard to watch!

lets trade

for the lakers

Real Problem

The real problem with the Jazz is the same one we've seen for the last few years. 1)The Jazz have no big man who can play defense and 2) they lack a shooter(if Korver ever returns to his early 2008 form then that problem may be solved).

That's the bottom line. The problem isn't Sloan or Williams. I would almost welcome (gulp) Ostertag back if it helped the Jazz play better defense.



as long as Okur patrols the paint under the hoop the jazz will go nowhere. as of today it looks like that will be the lottery. The ideal situation is to trade Kirilenko, Boozer and Okur. We can most likely get something for them expiring contract etc. bring Fes and Koufos in to play the minutes at center. Both can defend, both are big and both have offensive ability. I think Miles has to go. I watched him stand there as Chris Paul scored to basically put the game away. He did not help or rotate and that is the problem with this team. Miles can score but so can Matthews and he can play D.


Unload some people for McGrady.

It's time to blow it all up.

Call me when there's been a change.

Hugh G. Hater

I love how sloan totally spun the situation: "When you loose a couple of games . . ."

No coach, when you have a pathetic playoff/road record that starts becoming a pathetic home record you have problems.

Fact: The coach has stayed the same for 22 years. Players have come and gone. No championship. What makes you think more player shuffling will help at this point?


People are funny. If you critique team you are "so called fan." That is fans job...wouldn't be a fan if we didn't have some takes on how they could be better. Right or wrong.

Fes and Kuf lovers stop. Your suggestions hurt my reading eyes. We can't "Blow up team" either. This is lost year my friends. If we play addition by subtraction (get something for Boozer or finally get rid of AK, worst contract ever) we'll get a couple young draft picks and hope for best.

Remember this Jazz fan.....we aren't the Knicks, the Nets, the Bucks, the Warriors. These teams, with a few exceptions, have been awful for a decade. We had two "transition" years and were back in it. KOC is good. Greg Miller is learning ropes. If young players won't play for Jerry, that reputation will carry with them all over NBA. Jerry has most respect along with Phil and Popp. This is good/bad for Jazz.

Best way to extend your displeasure is to take away dollars. Don't buy seats, don't buy merchandise, turn off the TV. Jazz will hear that.


The Jazz could trade for Lee's expiring contract. They could package expiring contracts for Lee but NY would want something back.

Lee can be bought next summer if he is the right solution. I think he is good but will not take the Jazz to a championship. He could replace Boozer for 2 mill less.


You are right the interior D is poor. However improving that requires trading Okur and/or Boozer. That would have already been done if the right trade were feasible.

The Jazz do not get back quick on D. That is also the bigs not getting back quick.

However, the D is slightly better than last year. The offense has tanked this year.

You either have to dramatically improve the D or the O. Dramatically improving the D requires trades at PF/C and I do not expect the Jazz to be willing to do that unless they get a great trade for Boozer.

It is much easier for Sloan to change the offense. Which has has many times in the past (most people just did not realize he made changes).

How many pick and rolls have the Jazz run this year? Very few. Why?

Most NBA defenses can now stop the Jazz pick and roll. The Stockton Malone offense is far different from the Jazz offense of today.


Lots of ideas and some had merit and others flat out did not.

I think Hornaceks mother wrote one asking the Jazz to replace Sloan with Hornny. I think he is sole responsible for AK's shooting or lack thereof. Last season AK made 10% of his shots and somebody wants Hornny to coach the entire team. Let get Malone back to be the pr guy.

Jazz are in a tough place and playing really well is the best way out of the current situation.

I begin to doubt that Jerry is the coach to do it though. He did take the team to the finals twice or did he take 2 players and some wannabes to the finals?

Would Phil Jackson have conceivable won even one more title had he stayed in Chicago? I think the same is true for Jerry. He is not being listened to and so he is not able to direct or coach or deal with the players level of confusion. To let him continue is to hope for a better crop than you planted. Not going to happen.


Sorry I do not buy it. Sloan is an above average coach who won at home enough to make the playoffs consistently. That was adequate for LHM who loved to have a team and a full stadium.

Utah has out grown that phase of the Jazz. Now Sloan can win on the road or at home and the stands are not full. Plus the salaries are out of whack. Worse the fans realize that the Jazz have the same weaknesses year after year and are getting worse while management insists on not fixing the problems.

It is time for a change. You can't rebuild and move forward without a new coach and approach to the game. Sloan will never win a title from here, even a Western Conf title.

Sloan For Westphal

Thats as ridiculous as about 75% of the trades purposed by you fans. I do believe however that this team has quit Sloan. Like it or not it's the truth. Now what are they going to do? Well the Miller family better sit down fast and think about their investment because I will tell you for sure the fans will leave. I remember when the Jazz first moved here, I went to alot of games after deciding at work to go. Seats were available all over the stadium. That might just happen again what with this economy and the price of these tickets today. You had better think about this Millers and quick!

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