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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Those of you who say just let Boozer go at the end of the season don't get it. The issue isn't the cap, it's the luxury tax! If we keep Boozer until the end of the season, we will have to pay the luxury tax. Trading him before the season will save the team a lot of money. That's why they traded Harpring and Maynor -- to save money! That trade saved the team about $10 million. Right now, for the Jazz it's not really about winning. They tried with this group, realized they won't be better than the eight seed, so they are trying to save money. That's why you'll see more trades like Harpring/Maynor. They will hurt the team basketball wise, but help them financially. You watch -- Boozer will get traded for a second round draft choice or the equivalent before the trade deadline. It's all about avoiding that luxury tax!


@saintmichaelpray: Didn't the Yankees just win another championship?

This team has just become a "Me" first team with Dwill running it.

Memo is doing nothing at the 5.

Brewer can't hit a jumpshot.

AK doesn't know what he is suppose to do.

Price shouldn't even be in the NBA

CJ doesn't have a clue what Jerry wants

Matthews is the most over-rated Jazz player in history

Boozer is playing nice because he wants to look like a team player for a fat contract next year

Millsap looks like a guy who just got a fat contract.

The answer

New coach


When was the last time the Jazz ever made a trade worth anything? Everyone needs to stop hoping and realize that status quo means the same coach for 20+ years, a 5-8 playoff seeding, and first round draft picks sitting on the bench or struggling for a few years until the Jazz get rid of them. NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE AND NO TRADE OF CONSEQUENCE WILL BE MADE. NOW GET BACK TO WORK.

todd from santa ana

If I were Sloan (anyone can do better), Who will guard Conley with DWILL out. Start tomorrow Price, put Gaines in fire right away to back Ronnie. Kid might have some good hops. Matthews Millsap ,Boozer and Fes to start. If Paul has problem with Gay then insert Brewer. Okur can come in off the bench provide much critical offense which is needed there, and maybe can get out of his fog and low clouds//

The Jazz need to...

tank this garbage season and hope for the number one draft pick (likely 'Wall' from Kentucky). After they draft 'Wall' they need to trade the soft, turnover-machine (AKA D-Will) away for other picks or a decent center; he is not a leader.

Loozer will be off the books after this year, Brewer too, 'Bum-Knee...er...Korver' also and M-16/"Free-pass" (aka AK-47) won't be far behind.

There would still be a good nucleus even without those clowns. I think it would be a shame to let Matthews get away, Milsap is serviceable at the 4 spot, Fes should start over Okur and I think there might still be hope for CJ.

Under this scenario next years' starting line-up could be:

1: Wall
2: Matthews
3: CJ
4: Milsap
5: Fesenko

Bench: Price, Koufos, AK (final year), Okur, 2nd rd. pick, extra 1st rd. pick (in lieu of D-Will trade) and a mid-level free agent.

This starting lineup is athletic, will play defense, has a potential shot-blocker and OMG have you seen 'Wall' play??? The dude is a straight-up killer and a leader! Make this happen Jazz!


Millsap's contract was front loaded. So after this year he is a good deal.

the tipping point

has arrived. jazz mgmt. must address fans. honestly. swiftly. with a specific plan to address the crisis.

otherwise this turns into a PR blunder bigger than tiger-gate.


AK should be able to play outside the system, especially on defense, Sloan has been slowing down his ability to constantly disrupt opposing offenses. Then on offense he should be used more like a point fwd when Dwill is on the bench.


Please get us a new coach. His time is up. Time to retire. Changing the players will not help with the sloan system.

The Truth

I get where Jerry is coming from, he is like what 70 years old. I wouldn't want to have to change anything at this point in the season if I was 70. That would mean more work teaching his system to new players etc. Keeping Booz on the roster will probably get you above .500 for the year and maybe the team ends up being a 7 or 8 seed and Jerry can sign a contract extension next year. Go Jerry, you got to love your pay check attitude!!

On the AK front he was paid as if he was going to be the central piece that the Jazz were going to build around, then they signed Carlos and AK hasn't been the same since. Even Carlos stated publicly that he didn't think AK and him could play on the same team because they play the same position. AK is in the wrong system with the wrong coach. I wish the trade to Phoenix would have happened for AK's sake. The bigger issue is the Jazz have overvalued their own talent that's the main reason for this mess!!

Jazz need to lose big

The problem with the Jazz is that they aren't losing enough. New Jersey has it figured out. Stop trying to win a conference and start trying to win a championship. Rebuild through losing (it is the Democratic way). What's a few years of futility. Of course, you'll have to fire Sloan since there is no way that guy loses 60+ games.

die hard

After what the Jazz have done to AK it's no wonder he isn't getting it done! Put him in the dang starting lineup and set Boozers lazy butt on the bench. Give AK 40 mins a game and put the pressure back on him. Right now he is just showing up and with the in decision about starting him and playing time from the coaches it's no wonder? They play him like they don't expect anything from him?
I never thought I would say this but if you have to trade him DO IT....OR light a fire under him!

Switch Time

When the Jazz had Fisher they make it to the Western Conference finals...

News flash Jazz we need a shooting guard who can SHOOT! and play defense.

I had a good feeling about this year when we didnt resign collins big body, but this team has problems...

About trades I am not going to even get my hopes up cause they wont change a thing have a good enough year to not get a good draft pick and lose tons of money...

The players I would trade are Boozer, Korver (sorry girls who love his pink jerseys), Fez. As for AK lets give him some playing time at PF and see what happens.

Biggest Jazz Problem--- Jerry Sloan and his 30 year old system. Drop him please

Darin Pitt

I agree with others here that KOC is working on deals, but making a legit trade in today's NBA is very difficult. How many teams actually want to take on payroll? There was maybe one - Oklahoma and that is who the Jazz have all ready made a trade with! There are various other teams that are trying to shed contracts as well, so it would be best not to make a panic trade.
Probably the most legit thing for the Jazz to do is try to use Korver's EC and Boozer or AK and trade for another huge EC like T-Mac, but that does nothing to help the Jazz this year. I also don't see why the Rockets would want either because they have very little chance of resigning Boozer and AK does the same thing that Shane Battier and Carl Landry do for cheaper.

love the utah jazz and Sloan

Sloan is an amazing coach. You need to realize that. I will always love the Utah Jazz and will always be faithful and believe in the organization. Utah's the loudest arena in the NBA and there is a reason for that. They have had a struggle, but they are working hard and will end up having an successful season. Whether you want to admit it or not, Jerry Sloan is an amazing coach, Williams and every Utah jazz player are amazing and will all be very successful. The administrators, managers and coaches know more than we or at least I do about trading, and I believe they will do the right things and help the Utah jazz reach their potential.

Darin Pitt

With the Jazz resigning Millsap for so much it is time to give him the playing time that Boozer is eating up. The trade that makes the most sense is still to trade Boozer. I understand that it is difficult to get a trade done, but if the Jazz do not trade Boozer before the trade deadline for an expiring deal, I will be dissapointed. I don't think it is as benificial to keep Boozer to just let his contract expire. We can still let that happen by trading him for someone who's contract is also expiring.

Invisible Man

What we need to do is develop a machine that can clone people, and then get the basket ball greats that have retired and still living and have them donate their DNA to the cause to get a championship for the Jazz. So we get STOCKTEN and MALONE because they know Coach Sloan, so we have our PG, PF, ready to go, so we get KAREEM at the Center, and yes we have to get MJ at the SG, and then at the SF we get yes BIRD who else, how’s that for a starting 5. Then to round it out we get BARKLEY, OLAJUWON, CLYDE THE GLIDE, BILL RUSSEL, MAGIC, WALT FRAZIER, and I have always wanted to see OSCAR ROBINSON play, so there is our twelve, but we need thirteen so let’s bring in ML CARR to fortify the towel waving to get everyone going.
So there we have it problem solved, I think these players would agree to this just to show this young group of Basketball Players how to be tough and play ball.
You might think this is farfetched; but it’s more realistic then what I have been reading on this blog


I think we should trade for Tracy MCgrady i just see something happening with him on the team +


It is so obvious that since we cut Collins loose that the team has not been the same. Bring Collins back and all will be well.

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