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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Trade for Andre Igudola.
Fire Sloan...Hire Hornancek


Actually the Jazz couldn't have signed David Lee. You can go over the salary cap to sign a player already on your team like they did with Millsap, but they couldn't have signed David Lee (a player not already on their team) because they were already over the cap. Nice try though GM. That being said, they should have let Millsap go.

Re: Mathews a Thorn!

Is today opposite day? You just said to get rid of the one guy who plays 100% all the time and overachieves. Please tell me you were being sarcastic!


You so called fans really don't have a clue.

Kirilenko probably rates as one of the top 12 players in Jazz history. So what if he's overpaid. So is everyone else in the NBA.

Millsap could put up decent numbers if he was ever allowed to play more then half the game. He showed that last season when Boozer was out of the lineup.

Taking the salary cap relief at the end of the season would probably be the smartest thing you could do with Boozer at this point since your probably not going to get equal value in a trade.

Every team with a brain SHOULD include there respective coach when adding or subtracting any players to the roster. It's only common sense.

Deron is a warrior who plays to win every game. You can see it on his face every night. Nobody wants to win more then he does on this team. Anybody who thinks otherwise is clueless. People who are blaming D-Will for the Jazz play of late need to come back to reality. I hate to think where this franchise would be right now without him.

Frank Quest

@Floyd Johnson - Thank you for finally bringing some reason to the Andrei Kirilenko argument. I was here when it was time to extend his contract, I was listening to sports radio. Jazz fans were very vocal about wanting to keep him and to sign him to that deal. This was post Malone/Stockton and pre Boozer/Williams. The Jazz had to give him that contract and if they hadn't he would have gotten it elsewhere. I get sick watching him play now and I'd love to unload him, but at the time it was absolutely the right move.


your on point. We all wanted AK when his contract was up and we payed market value. he then got moved to a new position and was not as good. AK was awesome at pf cause he can block shots and beat any pf in the league of the dribble. he is not a sf, he is a pf. so maybe once we get rid of half our team, we will put him back at pf. also, he played better then anyone else last night. so jazz fans, dont hate on ak cause he got paid.

about our team, blow it up. everyone but dwill and milsap should be on the block, but the only people that we can move are loozer, brewer, goofy koofy, okur, korver the worst, and miles. we need to do something now. there is no reason to over pay for a team that does not care at all.

Sloan, your the man but you time is up. we need a change now.

Chip Dunkington

Trade Matthews? Just wow. When Matthews is on the floor, good things happen. Do you even watch the Jazz?

Re: Floyd Johnson

Speak for yourself! I never thought he was worth the money when they signed him to the big contract. While I liked his effort years ago, I never felt he was worth the money due to his lack of offensive production and shooting ability. He is the type of player I thought he would be and that is undeserving of the money he gets...

Frank Quest

@what would larry do - they could have traded Koufos? Why would any other team want Koufos? Everyone acts like making trades is so easy and KOC is just a weenie for not making big trades, forgetting that making a big trade also requires one or more other consenting teams.


To me, getting cap relief means trading any of the following players: Brewer who doesn't make much this year (NBA relative) but will take much more to resign next year, AK who is real tough to trade given his salary this year and next (AK= big money with far less than equal output), Korver, who might be resigned for less next year (given unproductivity and injuries) but a significant and expiring contract nonetheless, Boozer for obvious reasons (like him or not). Now, Millsap is a stud but a hefty price tag. The Jazz probably won't get anything near as good in return.

I would keep young talent (potential) with a low price tag to build around. That includes Matthews, Price, Koufos, and Fez. Maynor fit that bill and I was sad to see him go. If Brewer and Korver were gone, Price (undersized) could of moved into a backup SG role to Matthews. Maynor would of stayed behind D-Will and CJ Miles could of stayed at the SF. The Jazz might not have dropped off as much as some might thimk and they would of saved cash bigtime. Granted, multiple trades are almost impossible.

If the


***team will sign guard Sundiata Gaines from the Idaho Stampede***

Cowboy Joe CAN YOU SAY

Non guaranteed contracts in the NBA. IF it were like the NFL everyone would have to perform or they don't get paid the full amount.


It's too bad we can't get the news firsthand from our local paper (Des News or SL Trib), but instead Yahoo sports. What's the point of having reporters if you just copy other people's investigating?


I agree that sloan and his system are the problem....it cannot be productive without HUSTLE and TOUGHNESS! UTAH DEM... sorry bro that whole same plays for years thing have proven to be top notch style for our hall of fame coach for lotsa years now. Our problems are chemistry, personnel, dedication, confidence,identity,and alot more but sorry, SLOAN IS NOT OUR PROBLEM! Just maybe the players don't want to play sloan style and have lost confidence and are making a point that they want him gone who knows but they definately don't have heart.

Oh no!! I just realized that my Jazz are a replica of the Yankees philosophy of spend tons of money for players with no heart. NOOOOOOOO!!!


@82games data - The Jazz need to play better team defense. Anyone who slashes to the basket a lot(usually SG and SF) do well against the Jazz because our team defense is terrible. I believe Ronnie Brewer and AK are great defenders, but we don't get enough rotation and help defense. Guys like Devin Brown scoring 30 pts is ridiculous.

Re: Michael

You have got to be on the Jazz payroll?? No one else would make such ludicrous statements... Use your real name next time.


trade ak to a team that will utilize his talent he was great until d-will decided he to freeze him out instead of sharing

Maxwell Murder

You people are hilarious.

@ what?

The Jazz and Knicks were trying to work a sign and trade involving Boozer and Lee, but could have had Lee for one year for much less money than paying Millsap for a multi-year deal. So do your homework BEFORE you post. Now go deliver those pizzas they are getting cold.........



Mathews is a thorn? The one guy on the roster who doesn't even make a million?Get rid of CJ.Since he regained his starting position we all know what has happened.And everyone do you realize Kirilenko was an allstar the year he got his contract? What psition did he play then?oh ya PF!!trade Boozer move Kirilenko back to PF where he can get his blocks,pretty hard to block 3s out on the perimeter.and i know his value would go back up

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