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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Everyone always claims Greg Ostertag's long deal with the Jazz was the worst ever, but it doesn't compare to AK's. He's the most overpaid worthless player in the league. His contract alone is why the Jazz are in trouble because he's not a Top 100 player and hold the Jazz back from getting the pieces needed to compete. He will go down in history and the biggest dead weight in Jazz history.


miles should be at the top of the "to trade" list,with all that "potential and upside" he should be easy to unload

Please make a trade

I'm tired of watching this Jazz team struggle.


If the Jazz don't do anything, and just gets some garbage D-Leaguer, I'm done with them for the year. Maybe next year...

What would Larry do

Why do the Jazz always sit on their hands and never make these rumors a reality?!?! Each year since D-Fish has left, we have been in a steady decline without making any effort to upgrade. But we will trade Maynor to a division rival (to cut cost) when they could've traded Koufus to them instead and keep Maynor. Since Larry would be flipping out right now and we would not see this roster if he was still around.

I agree with Sloan

If everybody on the Utah Jazz's roster not named Deron Williams is potential trade bait, as a new "Yahoo! Sports" report suggests, that is certainly news to the team's coach."

I agree--Deron should be on the list too--with all his pathetic turnover!!

He is piling up his stats to make the allstar game for himself meanwhile his own team and team mates are floundering around him and not improving their games.

Is that what a leader is supposed to do?

Deron has most of the same talent except they are supposedly a few years better and less injuries than last year and yet where is Deron leading them?

Deron our supposed untouchable leader has them on pace to LOSE MORE GAMES THAN LAST YEAR!!




They should get rid of Kiralinko. HE doesnt do anything productive. The sad part is that nobody wants him because he doesnt do anything. Hopefully the jazz can make ti through this year...and get rid of Boozer...then next year...and get rid of Kirelinko, and then finally we will have some money to spend on players that are a little more productive.

tell sloan

to trade KOC and greg miller places since apparently any trades that happen he must be made aware of.

dont bother to trade boozer....

i would just take the salary cap relief at the end of the year. As far as AK goes, if there is anyway we could get Tmacs expiring contract and throw in a CJ and Kfes to make it match, I would do it in a heartbeat.


It's true, AK has been awful this year. If anyone will take him off of our hands for an exp. deal, by all means PLEASE do it!



And I used to hate fans that said stuff like that.

I'll still be a fan, I love the Jazz, but its just not worth my time to watch the games anymore. I'm really sad about it.

Mistakes have been made

The Jazz made a huge mistake in signing AK to his huge contract, now they can't unload him. Boozer is overpaid a little as well, so we can't get rid of him. So here is the reality. We have to give up alot of potential such as Miles, Matthews,Price, Brewer, Fez or Koufous to unload AK or Boozer. So if the Jazz make a deal, it will appear very lopsided. In the long run they need to get a trade done and hope that taking chances on some younger guys works out.


"You lose a couple of games..." Sloan says this in the final paragraph of this article. He is oversimplyfing this. I believe I speak for a large number of Jazz fans when I say we know that the Jazz will lose games. It is how you "pick your poison." The effort is awful and the urgency non-existent. I was there on Saturday. I was happy with one player: Ronnie Price. He showed guts and determination. He was on the floor half the time he was out there. The last, say ten games, have been awful to watch. Jerry Sloan is too stuck in his ways, but the players are cancer. Get rid of all but the following: Williams, Price, Matthews. Could care less about anyone else.


The Jazz also overpaid for Millsap and could have had David Lee (who is much better BTW) for the same price. One mistake after another.


Um Jerry, it's not just a few games that are causing everyone to consider trades... It's been the play of your team over the past 3 years. In case you haven't noticed, your team has regressed. In case you haven't noticed, you have the highest payroll in the entire league. In case you haven't noticed, you're currently one game out of the playoffs and only one game out of being in 11th place.

Why would Greg Miller pay the Luxury Tax for a lottery team?

Utah Dem

MADRYBEG - can we add Jerry Sloan to the 'get rid of' list?

You cannot be successful when you use the same plays for years.

82games data

indicate the following net points by position. PG +4.0, SG -2.0, SF -2.5, PF + 2.0, C +.4.

Compared to the output of the teams the Jazz have played so far the SG and SF positions are getting fewer points than they are allowing.

The strength of the team is the PG and PF positions. That is by design. The Jazz need bigger net from those positions or they need better shooting/defense from the wings (SG/SF).

The Jazz are supposed to be an inside team but the percentage of shots taken inside is almost identical to opponents. The inside offense is not working but at this point the Jazz are not an inside team.

The other stat that stands out is TOs from bad passes. That is really high. The Sloan motion offense is disrupted in the passing.

More NBA teams are changing defenses to ones that are more effective against inside (used to be) teams like the Jazz.

The Jazz have to become better at outside shooting or get the inside offense to work.

Getting a wing or 2 who can shoot would fix some problems.

Change the offense to eliminate TOs.

Floyd Johnson

Andrei Kirlenko

Unless you became a fan of the Utah Jazz in the last three years, do not complain about the Andrei Kirlenko contract. Andrei had a phenomenal year the last year of his previous contract, and every Utah fan wanted him on the team. Utah paid no more than market value for him at that time.

Complain about his lack of effort or his hair style if you like, but we were all in favor of signing him to a new contract.

Matthews a thorn!

Get rid of Matthews! He's the cancer that started the team to go bezerk!


I think its about time to let O'connor go. He is one of a few that are still with the Jazz and we are still not a top-notch franchise. He makes a lot of the decisions and paychecks and we need some fresh faves.

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