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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Slow down

People need to slow down at school crossings. In my neighborhood, there are signs clearly flashing 20 mph, but vehicles routinely blow past them at 30-35 mph. Unfortunately, there are NEVER any cops out during this time.

re: Slow Down

You are absolutely right and it would be nice if a police officerw were assigned to school crossings. Too often I can see them driving around and around, not really pursuing anyone or anything and it would be such a service if they presented a high profile near schools during times that children are crossing streets. It would be money well-spent.

Pulic Safety is No. 1

Great idea,
but Cops can't do that!

They're far too busy out looking for burglars at 8:00 a.m. in the morning.


I beleive that if you apprace the Police Dept. in the right manner they would put some crusier in the trouble area. My heart goes out the the girl's family and hope and pray that she fully recovers. I beleive that people don't relizes that when you drive that fast in a school crossing area you are playing with someone's life.How did they pass their driver's test or the class in school.


I have notice where there are speed zones of 25 mph people drive 55 mph. It is crazy.


The driver was probably on the phone.


I grew up in that area and it is very rural. There are no school crossings and there is a hill right there that is hard to see over. I have almost been hit by cars there several times when I was just walking down the road because it is so bad. I feel bad that this has happened, but I am not surprised.

Not a school zone

This was at a bus stop, not in a school zone. She is my daughter-in-law's niece. Sad situation. We don't know many details at this time. I have been a bus aide, and I know that drivers don't always watch. However, sometimes kids run across the street without looking, too. I do hope she recovers, but when cars and people collide, the car usually wins. Our prayers are with her and her family, and also with the lady driving the car. It's hard for her, too.


Seriously, accidents happen, and lets just hope that's what it was and not someone who was just being an idiot. It's a bad situation all around. I feel sorrow for a lot of people here, including the children on the bus who had to witness this.


her name is ashley


btw, it happened tuesday, not monday! Apparently there were other accidents too and other kids hit, I think a lot of people are getting the stories confused! I pray for Ashley and her family as they are very close friends. My thoughts are also with the others that may have been invovled in accidents yesterday morning.


We pray for Ashley and her family My daughter was on the bus at the time the bus came to the stop and sits by her on the bus what a sad thing accidents happen and its still dark at this time its hard to see but we just need to slow down and be a little more assertive.....


A woman that I work with, it's her daughter's step-sister.. We are defnitely praying for a speedy recovery and for the family, and for all the ones traveling to see her.

Nancy, I live in NEW MEXICO

I will be praying for both parties,Especialy Ashley's family,I understand Ashley did not make it.So we all just have to pray for them, for the loss of their child,there could not be any worse than losing a child.
My Heart Goes Out To The Family I Will Be Praying For You.

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